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  1. When following a guide to get all the story trophies, be careful not to quit right after you get one of those trophies that happen in the middle of the playthrough. If you get a trophy and your guide tells you to reload a previous save, do the following: After you get the trophy, don't quit yet. Let the story continue until the game presents you with another choice. Then press square and go to the main menu. The game will save its system file. Now you can reload and continue with the guide. Why is that important? Because when you quit too soon (or the wrong way) you miss scenes, pictures and tips, preventing you from getting 3 gold trophies. Nobody wants to miss gold trophies, right!? Hope it helps, guys! See ya!
  2. First of all, I'm not a pro at this game. My 100% came with repetition, patience... and cheating the save button a little bit! So, here are 12 tips that I hope can help you guys: 1) Cheat the save button. Use it, enter the elevator (or the entrance to a secret chamber), let the game go back to the title screen and quit. Copy your save file (upload, without automatic upload active, or use a pendrive). Go back and play the game. Did you die? Did you not like the items you got? Didn't kill the boss without taking damage? That damn npc didn't show up? Think you could've got more money and keys? Then quit, use your copied file, and try again... and again, and again... 2) Winchester games. They are hard to ace, and you need to do it 3 times (not necessarily on the same playthrough) to get a trophy. As soon as you get an item that lets you fly, cheat the save button. Keep repeating the next chamber until Winchester shows up. 3) Stealing. You need to steal 10 items from vendors (not necessarily on the same playthrough) to get a trophy. When you get an item or weapon that gives you the ability to steal (Aged Bell, Box, Chaff Grenade, Charm Horn, Decoy, Directional Pad, Explosive Decoy, Grappling Hook, Grey Mauser, Smoke Bomb or Ring of Ethereal Form), steal the regular vendor from the chamber you're in, BUT ONLY ONCE. Reason: you're garanteed to steal the first time, but the next one will have a 50% chance to get caught, and then 25%, etc. Those chances don't reset when you change chambers. If you get caught, no more regular vendor dude for the rest of the run. "But how about the random vendors?", you ask. They're fair game! They can show up again on other chambers like you never stole them (100% first try, 50%, 25%, etc). So, next chamber after you got your stealing item you'll cheat the save button. You can either try to steal the regular vendor again (50% chance) or repeat the chamber until a random vendor shows up. If you're REALLY PATIENT, and feeling lucky, you can keep retrying a chamber until you steal the regular vendor for the second time AND a random vendor 1 or 2 times. Your call! 4) Hunting mimics. Use the elevator to the boss rush (you unlock it by unlocking the 5th chamber shortcut). The 10th boss, Door Lord, is a mimic (he can show up on a normal run, but he's rare as balls. I've never found him.) 5) Resource management. Don't get keys on the floor until you go to a shop, that way the vendor will always have a key for sale. And don't rely on the Muncher. Wait to sell weak weapons to the sewer weirdo that sometimes appears at the shop. 6) The Resourceful Rat won't steal health, keys, blanks, and hegemony credits. Anything else will be gone if you let it on the floor. 7) Did you find an active item, but don't have room for it? Is the shop close enough? Is the sewer weirdo there? Great! Than keep getting those active items and walking towards the shop. You'll sell the one you don't want. 8) The 2 guaranteed chests on each chamber are always an item chest and a weapon chest. Keep that in mind. 9) Don't open brown chests, unless you're sure they'll give you an item (see tip 8). Why? Because weapons from brown chests are not worth it. They suck huge expanses of ass. 10) If you won't open a chest, destroy it. You can trade junk for armor on a Ser Junkan shrine, or even get Ser Junkan himself! 11) If you get Ser Junkan to accompany you on the early chambers, he'll be your priority. He's the best item in the game, in my opinion. He starts weak, but powers up with each extra junk you get. You need 7 junks to get maximum power. He'll simply win the game for you. 12) The first secret chamber is always worth visiting. More money, items, possibly keys, etc. Ignore the second secret chamber though. The Old King is the hardest boss in the game (I only killed him once, when I got the Clone item that lets you restart the game without losing items and weapons. So I powered up, got to the fifth chamber, killed myself, started from the first chamber already strong, and only got stronger. That old bastard didn't stand a chance).
  3. Really, @DrBloodmoney!? That's interesting! I'm pretty passionate about how much I don't like Matterfall! lol But of course, I respect you opinion. @steel6burgh, would you care to tell us what you think if/when you buy the game? I'm curious if I'm on the minority. Anyway, have a good week, guys!
  4. Thanks for the shout-out, @DrBloodmoney @steel6burgh If I can give you an advice, don't buy Matterfall. It's a bad game. Generic and clunky. And I'm a huge Housemarque fan. Think that their last arcade title was Nex Machina. You'll be a happier person.
  5. This game is short, bland, clunky to play and has load time issues. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. This is an all-time low for Housemarque. I LOVE Super Stardust HD, Resogun and Nex Machina. I liked Dead Nation a lot. Outland didn't grab me, but it's a good game. Alienation is beautiful, but felt uninspired. It got boring and repetitive after a few hours. Matterfall is straight up shitty. That's just my opinion, of course.
  6. Got the platinum! No way in hell I'm staying to beat the secret boss though! lol Onto the next game! Obs: if anyone's having trouble with the Architect (on Veteran he's tougher than the Supreme AI, in my opinion), here goes some tips... Prepatation: > Get to the boss with all power ups and the rocket launcher. If you don't have at least triple dash and the rocket, don't even try it. > The more lives, the better, of course. Phase 1: > Focus your attacks and missiles on the top-left drone. Destroy it. > Then destroy the top-right drone. > As soon as they resurrect, destroy them again. > When you're not destroying the top drones, you're shooting at the boss (and don't be shy with the Rocket Launcher. Spam it, all phases! You'll just use your regular shots while your rocket is recharging!) Phase 2: > Destroy the top-right drone first, cause from now on it'll have the laser that can't be evaded by your dash. > Then destroy the top-left drone. > When they're not around, you're shooting at the boss. Phase 3: > Same thing, destroy the top-right drone first. > The top-left drone won't resurrect, so your main problem will be the skulls. Keep placing yourself on a better position, and don't stop shooting! You'll probably lose lives, but if you're not playing too bad, the boss will die first! "Wellzis, what about placing myself on a better position!? When the top-left drone is active, it kicks my ass with all those bullets!" Here comes the secret! Bait the top-left drone shots to the right or left edge and stay there for a bit. When you feel like you can't dodge them anymore (with your normal movement, not your dash), use 2 dashes to the opposite side! The top-left drone will take some time to readjust, giving you plenty of space to shoot whatever the hell you need to! Your last dash will be used when the shots get near you again! You'll then dash to the middle and keep walking for 1 or 2 seconds while your dashes recharge! Repeat! This dash strategy won't be perfect against the skulls from phase 3, but the good news is that their shots are less tight than the top-left drone. You can free flow with your dashes when you're feeling overwhelmed! As I said, you'll probably lose lives here, but don't suck too hard and the boss will die first!
  7. I can't thank you enough, guys! =D I'm gonna try it soon enough!
  8. Hey, guys! Can someone explain to me how do I avoid the Supreme A.I.'s targeting attack? But please, write like I'm a PRETTY DUMB person! I've read about it ("just dash!"), but still can't escape certain death! =(
  9. Housemarque needs to pursue lucrative projects, but I don't think they should abandon arcade-style games altogether. Maybe less focus on graphical awesomeness so they can sell these smaller titles for a cheaper price? Anyway... already feeling like an orfan here! =(
  10. How about creating just 1 topic to show your videos, man? You probably had good intentions and your videos are really helpful, but this is looking a little bit spammy, don't you think?
  11. Okay, got it as well! lol In case someone else shows up here: don't worry, those brown ostriches are not what you need to kill. The "chocobo looking bird" is purple, and it only appears later on the level. Just keep playing!
  12. Those brown ostriches? After some damage, I can't hit, only ride them. Can you help?
  13. This game is a poor man's Dragon's Crown. I gave it 2 stars out of 5 on PSN. Only playing for the free trophies. In my opinion, a bad game. If you only want to spend your gaming time with quality titles, skip this one.
  14. I'm pass 32 miles, and still no trophy. Should I be worried about this recent autumn update? It happened in the middle of my grind.