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  1. I'm missing 2 points for the final ability. Found the 19 hidden location and I have 29 completed mission. Boy sure what i missed. Found an easier way. Charge endgame mission. Had 6 points left. Ive upgrade one ability and the trophy unlocked even if I didnt had everything max. Looks like the game is calculating the number of times you upgrade something.
  2. I got another glitch on this circle. New wave where starting before the previous wave finished. So last wave of round 5 finished before the boss appear.
  3. Trying to platinum the game for years, but i cant never get an I staff (Only weapon Missing for filling the book). Are they weapons Only appearing in some dugeons or should get anything un the sky palace? If so, i have bad luck since 2014.
  4. Anyone know how to get this trophy? I've talked to the doctor and made a pact to share divinity with him. At the end boss, i beat braccus rex and the doctor didn't appereared. Not sure what went wrong. From what i read, he is supposed to appear after braccus die .