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  1. I just picked this up in the Indie sale on the PS store but can’t find any information online at all in regards to trophies. I’m going in blind so I was just wondering if anything is missable like the quick rescue trophy, is that story related? Also if anyone has the plat how would you rate time taken and difficulty? Just wanted a bit of context before I start
  2. Apologies if somebody already mentioned this but devils pit still works providing you don’t kill all the enemies. I completely cleared the area and realised the enemies wouldn’t respawn regardless of what I tried so I reloaded an older save from before I cleared it and just killed the first 5 or 6 enemies then left and fast travelled to skellige and back. I think it’s fine so long as you leave one or two enemies alive (this was 2 days ago on the new patch)
  3. Due to the length of the game and the multiple playthroughs required I‘ve been waiting for an in depth trophy guide / walkthrough similar to the one I used for P5 that had a day by day planner making it very hard to miss anything. I’m planning to do P3P, P4G then P5R back to back this year, I just want it to be as stress free as possible
  4. The rumour is that Bluepoint are currently working on a sequel to Bloodborne, Sony own the rights to Bloodborne and apparently approached Fromsoftware about working on the sequel as a ps5 launch title, fromsoft declined due to being busy with Elden ring and other projects so this later turned into Bluepoint making the demon souls remake
  5. I think it was Stardew Valley for me, I played it on the switch a couple of years ago and couldn’t put it down, I decided to download it on my ps4 last year and had the same experience, I think it might be my favourite indie title ever
  6. Complete transparency, I didn’t even realise that it was possible to hide trophies, I’ve just read through a couple of posts in this thread to get some context. It’s probably not something I’d consider doing to be honest, none of the reasons that anyone else has mentioned would apply to me. It’s pretty easy to do your research before you buy a game thanks to the internet, it would be incredibly unlikely for me to start playing a game and then realise I don’t like it
  7. Just one, I’ve only been on PlayStation for about 3 years I used to have an Xbox account and it was a scary thought to lose my modern gaming history and start over from scratch but I’m glad I made the jump
  8. I’m obviously in the extreme minority here but I’m looking forward to this much more than God of War this week
  9. Both the Nights of Azure games are on ps plus extra, you could in theory sign up for a month play both games and then cancel it. I did the same thing to play them and also Returnal and a few others because I didn’t want to pay full price
  10. He said the fishing was his final one when it did not unlock, and then mentioned trying a different final stardrop. my question is which stardrop was the final one the second time when it did unlock
  11. Sorry for the late reply, but could I ask which stardrop was the last one you collected when the trophy popped for you? I’ve been reading about other people having this issue, it’s apparently a glitch where the game doesn’t register the stardrop for getting to floor 100 in the mines
  12. Just want to leave this here as a warning in case any one else has this problem. I’ve encountered an issue where I can’t pick up any ammo for assault rifles, any time I pick up a Scarab or other assault rifle it just has a single clip in the gun and is flashing red saying the gun has no ammo immediately. I’ve tried re loading my game, quitting out and closing the game etc. The glitch started on the 3rd level, I’ve just moved over to the 4th and the glitch is still happening, I’m doing a super soldier run and it’s my first play through, I’m having to get by with a pistol and a sniper so it’s really frustrating not having options. I’ve googled this already of course and found one or two posts from 9 years ago about it so It looks like it wasn’t fixed for the remaster and I can’t see anything about a solution. *edit* I wasn’t able to fix the issue and just ended up finishing my playthrough without using assault rifles
  13. Couple of recent commissions, (hopefully these are visible)
  14. I don’t know wether this helps, (hopefully you made multiple saves) but I didn’t need to upgrade Adri’s weapon for the trophy, you can’t have everyone’s weapons at level 5 before the coliseum so I left JKR at level 4 until after it. I then upgraded Crisbell to lvl 6 before JKR,s weapon, that’s when it popped for me
  15. I just wanted to give some advice for anyone struggling with this, I remapped R2 and circle after reading this thread so I was holding R2 the whole time and jumping with X, I actually did it on my second attempt. I don’t think anyone has mentioned the mechanics here but you basically just want to go as fast as possible and get every pickup, it doesn’t matter if you don’t hit them dead on as long as you absorb them. When the pickups are first dropped they are set at 100 points and this decreases the longer they are out without being picked up, so just focus on getting them quickly, and don’t worry about hitting them dead centre so long as you are following the general line.