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  1. I’d go with Monster Hunter world, that’s pure dedication! or maybe Persona 4 Golden, wanted to play it for years but I don’t have a Vita unfortunately
  2. Easiest - Undertale hardest - probably Disgaea 5, actually I take that back, the solosseum slog dlc for ni no kuni 2 was really difficult I only bought a PS4 around 6 months ago, wish I could carry my Xbox achievements over because I had a couple of genuinely difficult 100% games on there like divinity original sin and vanquish
  3. Based on what I’ve read on other forums it seems that most of the EU players are on PC due to bad marketing and a release date controversy? I found it so difficult to find other players online, not sure if this is the case in other regions. I’m not really a competitive fighting game player so I was just looking to get all the online trophies out of the way so I can concentrate on enjoying the rest of the game and not have to worry about those. It took me around an hour waiting to get into a ranked match and luckily I managed to win the first one for the trophy. The RPG mode coop trophies were much worse, I had to leave a help request on standby for just over 6 hours last night before someone finally joined, I’m just relieved that I managed to get them done. When a game has been out for a couple of years I usually expect the online playerbase to be dwindling and it sometimes will turn me away from playing a game but it’s a shame that this is the case with GBFvs as the game was only released around 4 months ago.
  4. That looks like a really easy and quick platinum at first glance, I was hoping for a list similar to skate 3 with a lot more variety
  5. Orphan of Kos for me, no amount of practice can make that fight any less difficult
  6. Depends entirely on what type of games you enjoy but I’d go with Bloodborne, I think that’s the game I’d regret missing the most out of your shortlist
  7. I was exclusively an Xbox gamer for the last 6 years, losing my gamer score and starting fresh on PlayStation was the only thing stopping me to be honest but I finally made the switch recently and haven’t looked back. I much prefer the difficulty rating system with trophies (bronze, silver gold). If I’m giving a completely unbiased opinion, the only thing I think Microsoft do better than Sony with the achievements is that most games have a tracker built in so you can see how close you are to unlocking something. For example if you have to headshot 100 enemies and you have 50 then the achievement will show up as 50% completed with a progress bar
  8. I would definitely recommend using a sage as your main damage dealer, you will want to max out all classes on the sage before you start to reincarnate and always make sure you hit max level (9999) before reincarnating. The stat boosts you gain from reincarnation are based on maxing out your classes
  9. I’m grinding for my final 4 weapon orbs at the moment, currently at around 10 hours total for the other weapon orbs and items. I’ve definitely played games with worse drop rates that required a bigger time investment but I feel like secret of mana feels really bad because the game itself is quite short for a jrpg so the time spent waiting for item drops feels a lot longer in comparison to similar games
  10. Phoenix Wright: Ace attorney trilogy, played the whole series on the 3ds and I’d love to revisit them on the PS4 in the future