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  1. ive graded around 450 cards not a single 10 this shits ridiculous
  2. Anyone having any luck with 2ksupport? they said to me its a problem on my end, which its clearly not as no one has it.
  3. i think i saw one mikes twitter that theyve temperarily suspended this because of false bans, also aslong as you close your app you should be fine
  4. if you reach 10 on all pillars and it doesnt pop just sim ahead a game or 2 this caused mine to pop.
  5. please if you have anyone has any that would be great, it wouldnt be so bad but considering im using sapphires and emeralds then you go up against free agent cards or against diamonds this going to be ridiculous.
  6. Bet on women also appears to be glitched for me.
  7. i was pick 7, last years 2k was fine.
  8. well theres already a bugged trophy so thats an amazing start. Belle of the Ball is bugged.
  9. Hundreds of hours, if you havent started it i definetly wouldnt reccommend it.
  10. wait so you can basically get multiplayer trophies offline?
  11. So dumb I can’t even go to the main menu of crash
  12. Ive been trying to do gold relics in Crash 2 but everytime i either quit or close the app i lose every single relic ive done any ideas as to why? Also just checked not even the gems are saving?
  13. you just need to do everything again once dont you?
  14. even with boosting?
  15. Im trying to clean up my trophy list backlog, i have this game at the bottom of my list and was wondering if the servers are still online or if this platinum is still even possible?