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  1. lolz my bad, how that happened... haha just edited the title. Thanks for the help
  2. Does anyone know if the progress is saved or I have to pop all the bubbles during main quest in one go?
  3. Hi there, Been a pc gamer for years, but recently started to admit that playing on the couch is way more satisfying!! I have no friends in playstation though and it feels lonely. I like to start playing some online shooters on play station but I'm kinda afraid. would love a few kinda patient/kinda usual teammates. I'm a woman/33 yrs old/taken. I know english/greek/persian.. I'm an active listener, don't like to talk much. you can talk all you want or not at all! I have always loved it when people open up about their emotions or their darkest deepest hopes and fears in online games while we are killing every single moving thing we see nonstop. So yeah, more mature people, please add me if you like, really would be my pleasure. 🍻 PSN: Perixa23
  4. Death Stranding is easily in my all time top 10. I wish It had a more classic "gameplay" so more people could enjoy it. I remember I was 20 hours into game, still clueless and feeling so frustrated. But I'm glad I kept on keeping on... the magic happened and it was a beautiful experience. Almost all characters had very touching background stories and the ending blew my mind.. didn't see it coming at all!! And the world simply left me haunted. I'm done with the game now but I have some bridges and ziplines with 2k+ likes, so I login to keep them working for other porters!