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  1. sheesh those are alot of games i going to upgrade it to extra not premium
  2. i am planning on doing that also how many games are there for ps plus extra because i have read that there are more then 100 games on ps4 and ps5
  3. who did a ps plus upgrade ?on their psn account ?
  4. i play most games but not only cod like dead island and other games that requires online
  5. thanks for now i stay with essential
  6. i played on pc years ago but then i moved onto ps4 and i stayed with ps4 but i dident know that there are alot of games on ps4 until that i played back on ps4 and that i can hunt for trophies i learned the english language from world of warcraft it was continuesily in english and i started to understand i can write and speak english
  7. thanks alot i going to take extra ps plus i hope its on sale by then on black friday
  8. i got also free ps plus games what is going to happen with it once my ps plus expires ?
  9. i finish the most of my games first and if my ps plus expires it expires in august i think to finish then al my ofline games first because i want to buy a ps plus with black friday then it is on sale mostly every year i bought ps plus always at full price but i want buy it when they are doing a big sale on it wich ps plus is better for essential ore extra ps plus?
  10. I going to take extra ps plus i have already a good amount of games so but then i dotnt need games are they putting other games aswell if they are leaving ps plus extra just like shadow warrior 3 ?,
  11. how can i unlock those last trophies lets bounce and playing coop for 3 hours
  12. i do not have a ps5 yet but i hope i can get 1 soon how can i see they are avalaible
  13. thanks is it easy to find other players for coop i dont have saints row gat out of hell coop trophie and dead island etc and other online trophies from the games i have
  14. i play ofline is online different then ofline because i never touched the online part of the games