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  1. @Oakniir Yes, the leaderboards are still online as I just got the trophy myself 🏆 Me too! Have all their games, on all platforms - just wish there were more of them. Edit: Just added their upcoming game, 'Nobody Saves The World' to my Steam wishlist. Hopefully comes to PS as well, although it only says PC/XB.
  2. Necromancer! You foretold the death of the PS3 and revived this 5 year dead thread 😂
  3. Yes, it can. It does not require credit card check. Just bought it there myself.
  4. Apologies, this was a phantom post and I've no idea how to delete it. I was viewing this thread on my mobile, put the mobile into pocket to go do something else, and was greeted by this wonderfully useful necro. Sorry 😔
  5. The season pass is the game. It includes all 5 episodes and costs $14.99. The episodes can be also bought individually for $4.99 each (I think the 1st episode is free though).
  6. Hi. Yes, it is available digitally. I checked the UK and US PSN stores, and the season pass was available for purchase on both (£11.99 and $14.99 respectively). It's also available physically, as I am currently playing through the season pass on disc.