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  1. Except for Pressure Cooker which is not related to "The Final Reich", one gameplay is enough, but it's purely a theory. You can miss these one: - Lurking Around: Dr Straub appears randomly on the map - Undertaker, Strike! and Red Mist require to kill zombie in a specific manner - White Knuckles : you will likely fail this one on your first playthrough, especially if you do the secret ending which involves a trap and a lot of Pest No specific order for these one. These trophies cannot be missed if you finish the secret ending: - Lightning Handler and Dark Arts are related to Tesla guns - Fireworks and Dark Reunion for finishing 1) the normal ending and 2) the secret ending The order is as presented.
  2. @NitroMaybe it's an easy one for you, but if this trophy is one of the rarest of the game I think it's for a reason. You have to learn how to train zombies, the spawn points, their speed , how to use stairs without getting hit, etc. It's definitely doable, but it's one of the hardest ;-)
  3. Update: we did it yesterday, everything is fine there's no glitch.
  4. Maybe it's related to the region, games may not be compatible ? At least for trophies in your case. Most of recent games with limitations on region prevent this situation by always selecting a partner from the same region than yours. You should try with someone in region 2 (USA and Canada mostly).
  5. According to the latest achievers list for this trophy, it's not buggy. I've read a lot about the game before starting it, and no one has ever mention an impossible trophy. Do you play with someone in the same region than yours ? Do you have a physical/digital copy of the game ? And your friend ? Does any of you two use the PS Now service (idk if the game is on PS Now) ? EDIT: did you complete each match before starting a new one ?
  6. FYI, this strategy works perfectly, I did it at my first attempt, while I was trying for ~1 week with another strat. The main point is to be patient. Even if you only kill one or two zombies at the top of the stair, stay calm, let them almost catch you while you're between the main room and the corridor behind the kitchen, then run into the stairs, shoot, restart. Only one "Jack-in-the-Box" was really necessary due to a small mistake, the other was just to secure the trophy. My 2 cents.
  7. Based on your profile, you unlocked the trophy on 23rd June 2020, 5:58 PM. Maybe there was no notification, but the trophy is definitely there.
  8. Hi there, I finally got the trophy after days and days of unsuccessful attempts... Like you, I tried the salt mine technique at early waves, it did not work even when more than 10 zombies were killed (I'm 100% positive on this claim). On this French forum I found a guy mentioning that after de-installing / re-installing the game, he obtained the trophy at his first attempt. Well, it definitely works. Here's what happened in my case : - I played with Jefferson - I was at the central place around the flame trap - The bomb was on the ground just in front of the Type 100 - No shellshock or other capacity - Wave 7 or 8 or 9 (can't remember, but I think it's 8) - No joker box While I was circling around the trap, I quickly shot zombies at the legs to inflict minor damages to be sure that the explosion would kill them. Then, when my group was ready, I used the technique of Property_Damage mentioned earlier in this topic: jump on the top of the bomb, shoot and pray. Works like a charm at my first try. My hypothesis on this bug (YES, this trophy is buggy IMO): the first time I unlocked the trophy, I was on a multiplayer game (my first zombie game with WWII actually). Maybe if you successfully kill 10 zombies with one bomb explosion during a multiplayer game without having the trophy before, it's blocked until you reset the full game. If someone has encountered the same issue with solo/multi and fix it with de-install/re-install, please take 5 minutes to share, it would help the community to understand why this trophy is so hard to obtain. Hope that helps, Cheers.