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  1. Still working with patch 1.08, thank you for sharing !
  2. Yep, I had to delete my save. The last trophy except this one was the hard run so it was not a big deal to restart from zero.
  3. If you are referring to the flood scene at the beginning of the game, there is an hidden checkpoint here. If you are referring to the scene at the end of the game, there's also an hidden checkpoint. I've never experienced the first one since I've managed to do the first chapter of the game without dying, but the second one saved me 30 minutes.
  4. In my case it's 49.51GB with version 1.12
  5. Adding the price can be achieved by: 1/ Installing PSNP+, an awesome script by @HusKy 2/ Creating an account on https://platprices.com another awesome work by @NathanielJohn 3/ Linking your platprices account with PNSP+, as described here 4/ Sending hugs to @HusKy and @NathanielJohn
  6. One thing that could be done is to update every user that has not been updated for at least one/two year(s). That would improve a lot all stats on game owners, trophies and so on. I would be curious to know how many users it represents.
  7. Oh sure it's boring as hell, but 100% manageable with dedication. Plus there is a glitch to avoid material collection, which speeds up the level boosting. My bad, sometimes it's 4 players you're right. However, match rules can be adapted with very fast objectives to reach. CTF for example can be done in 5 minutes (for 2 players, requires another 5 minutes for all the team). Just to be clear, when I said it can be boosted in one full day, I refer to the level 60 trophy ;-)
  8. I don't understand why so many people complain about multiplayer trophies. Only one of them is grindy, and with two partners it can be boosted in one full day for all the team.
  9. Your answer is here, except if you suffer OCD. Gaming should be enjoyment first, then challenge.
  10. Alright, I'll prepare myself for another burnout then, I have The Witcher 3 in my games list 😁
  11. ^ this. Many thanks to you @HusKy and @NathanielJohn, you're doing an amazing job for this site and this community.
  12. I'm currently in a "burnout". I don't want to play, I don't know what game to play, I even don't want to power-on my PS4. I did it yesterday for a stream on Twitch, I don't know why but it was painful. All of this started last week, after my platinum on Alekhine's Gun. This game is awful and I guess spending my Friday night and my entire Saturday to finish that game hurt me. Why so much ? No idea.. To feel better, I tried Death Stranding on Sunday. I was really expecting something from this one, and I was really disappointed. Finally, I tried Hitman2 during the week, no real enjoyment because I had to redo some trophies from Hitman. This situation happened to me last summer but for different reasons. For personal reasons, my lockdown in France was longer than the average. When it was finally over, I just wanted to spend a lot of time outside and enjoy. Looking at my trophy log, I didn't play from 6th August to 30th October, that's 1/4 of a year !
  13. This has not yet happened but looking at your profile, congratulations for this hard platinum !
  14. I used to hide 106 trophies from the following games: Super Weekend Mode Midnight Deluxe Metagal Zeroptian Invasion Inksplosion Daggerhood Jack N'Jill DX Slyde When I discovered the trophy system one year ago, I quickly jump on those Ratalaika games for easy platinum and fast level-up, saying to myself "haha I'll be at level X so easily and I'll improve my ranking on the leaderboard!". Then, I realized that was a stupid move to artificially boost my ego over other profiles, so I hid them to have a more accurate profile. Finally, I changed my mind again. I realized that my profile, or should I said, a profile, is only personal and the large majority of people doesn't care about your ranking, how many platinum do you have and so on. Plus, I consider that a profile should be representative of what you were/are at a given time. For me, when I discovered the hunting community, I was a "hungry" hunter who only saw platinum and PSN points, not enjoyment. Now, I don't care and I accept that those games are here to stay.
  15. Hitman 2 Gold Edition, that's all. https://store.playstation.com/fr-fr/product/EP3969-CUSA12414_00-HITMANGOLDBUNDLE EDIT: French link, you should be redirected. EDIT2: I completely forgot the Legacy Pack, thanks @TugaSonic for correcting this.