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  1. Oh ok I understand. Then you're right, "somewhere on the internet" becomes an issue.. I'll try to think about it and let you know. Thanks for the answer!
  2. Thanks everyone for your answers!
  3. For those of you who have played/platinum the JP version, is it possible to use another language than Japanese ? English would be perfect of course. Thank you.
  4. What I have in mind is users using their own online storage, like private web server or git repository and so on.
  5. I quickly took a look at the JSON file used to save everything, it looks like the only private data is the API key of platprices. If I'm right, would it be possible to use a read-only JSON uploaded somewhere on the Internet which does not contain this data ? Then, one could use several computer/browser and always have an up-to-date PSNP+ configuration (except for the API key of course). What I've in my mind is the possibility to export PSNP+ configuration normally (like now) and also in a "public" mode where only the API key is missing. Then, the file can be exported/uploaded. In the PSNP+ configuration, you could import a configuration from a file or from an URL.
  6. I did not have any issue two weeks ago with subs enabled.
  7. 1, 2 - IIRC, black cards are foil cards (to be confirm). 3 - Foil is just a color indicating the rarity of the card. Foil is the rarest. Permanent cards means that you can use the card for an unlimited number of games. Conversely, a non permanent card can only be used once and is deleted of your deck once your game is over, whatever the result. 4 - Permanent cards have a golden border. You can also see which card is permanent in the card selection menu before starting a new game. 5 - OP should give you an idea, my understanding when I did it was (worst to best) : bronze, silver, gold, blue, black/foil. 6 - For Toxicty, I've never had a permanent one. For Tomb Raider, I'm pretty sure I had one. Can anyone can confirm that black cards are foil cards ? I played the game few month ago I can't remember.
  8. FYI the trophy did not glitch for me but I had a shadow pop. I would advise to double check your trophy list if you are 100% sure that you've all collectibles.
  9. Still working with patch 1.08, thank you for sharing !
  10. Yep, I had to delete my save. The last trophy except this one was the hard run so it was not a big deal to restart from zero.
  11. If you are referring to the flood scene at the beginning of the game, there is an hidden checkpoint here. If you are referring to the scene at the end of the game, there's also an hidden checkpoint. I've never experienced the first one since I've managed to do the first chapter of the game without dying, but the second one saved me 30 minutes.
  12. In my case it's 49.51GB with version 1.12
  13. Adding the price can be achieved by: 1/ Installing PSNP+, an awesome script by @HusKy 2/ Creating an account on https://platprices.com another awesome work by @NathanielJohn 3/ Linking your platprices account with PNSP+, as described here 4/ Sending hugs to @HusKy and @NathanielJohn
  14. One thing that could be done is to update every user that has not been updated for at least one/two year(s). That would improve a lot all stats on game owners, trophies and so on. I would be curious to know how many users it represents.
  15. Oh sure it's boring as hell, but 100% manageable with dedication. Plus there is a glitch to avoid material collection, which speeds up the level boosting. My bad, sometimes it's 4 players you're right. However, match rules can be adapted with very fast objectives to reach. CTF for example can be done in 5 minutes (for 2 players, requires another 5 minutes for all the team). Just to be clear, when I said it can be boosted in one full day, I refer to the level 60 trophy ;-)