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  1. Have been playing it on PS5 since update 1.2. Although theres little bugs overall which dont really affect things too much, like buttons stuck on screen, people zipping about, slow map when driving, etc, I haven't seen any big or major problems. Had no crashes, freezes, slowdown, broken missions or characters, lost items, etc. Would say its playable and fine, but there are still noticable bits and bobs in the general gameplay that youll see more frequently because theyre just that: small silly things that pop up more.
  2. yeah totally, shame more dont use it very well or at all atm. havent played this game obviously but youd think more of these trophies would have steps or counters that could be tracked. pretty sure we dont need a trophy tracker to count one thing either xD.
  3. Such a silly decision, no reason we need a re-do of the game, seems like a waste of time and effort which could be better spent elsewhere. Thought Sony said theyre not really interested in older games anyway? 8/. The whole story about Sony focusing more on bigger titles now is really super disappointing too. As if they didnt have enough things to deal with atm in other areas, making poor choices like this isnt going to help.
  4. Although i enjoyed it all, i did find it quite endless too. Vinland, both dreamy locations, and even Norway all felt very much like 4 different pieces of DLC that they had given us for free (which isnt a bad thing), but it all added to the length of the game when it didnt really need to overall, as there was still alot to get through just in England. Theres an overly generous amount of content In AC Valhalla i guess lol.
  5. i enjoy Orlog as well, theres strategy and skill involved, and a bit of chance too obviously. and it's a nice little break from other AC things. though wish the on-screen text would move as it gets in the way of seeing the dice sometimes.
  6. i didnt like how they transformed, mainly as they had no hands lol. how did they do anything without fingers, theyre just lumps of strawbs and whatever! also found it a really dark game aswell, for something thats kinda cute looking with easy-going gameplay (which suits younger players), the story was a bit heavy. though the characters and general themes of it were good to see. they should totally go all Aliens with a sequel - make it a violent bug-hunting shoot-em-up, much different than the first xD.
  7. The bigger tile looks a bit strange, but obviously if this site was made for those sizes, it wouldnt be odd. Hopefully theres a reason for it, and it isnt one of those design choices that companies make that really doesnt do anything other than 'being different', which serves no real purpose and disrupts more than it solves.
  8. not a fan of the old PS3 pop, or the ugly grey colour lol. PS4s coming in from the side was much nicer to see. also gives the impression theyre going backwards with some features. but then PS4s took a while to get colour changes/logo functions, so theres hope itll be improved :).
  9. its a fun game to play, quite atmopsheric too. think the combat could have been a little better, but its fine for what it is. the platinum can make the game slighty harder than intended, with the Pacifist/XP side of things. but as other have said, its perfectly doable.
  10. calling it AAAA is like saying review scores will now have to go up to 11, quite silly. hopefully theyre able to make some super games at this studio though, no matter the A level :).
  11. if you want to do it normally (without messing with the system) you can run through the C'thiris event fairly quickly (at least compared to waiting for normal events to pop up). this thread here helps:
  12. my friend and i have been running through this (and normal events when they pop up) for the few hours a week we play, just reached 200 and it didnt pop :(. guessing something messed up or we counted wrong lol. so gotta carry on and do more, hoping its not 200 more xD. we just drop to the bottom and 80% hes in the left door somewhere (sometimes only a few rooms away :D). if hes not found at the bottom at all then hes up top. 'left is best' when picking doors usually works too lol. having two players lets you go both ways when theres more doors which helps too.
  13. yeah, realised that after seeing the 0 stat
  14. thought i was doing well getting 7 or 8 while doing the Bomber trophy, and didn't understand why i still had 0 on the stats xD. gotta do even more now lol.
  15. Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 (0.77%) Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 (0.95%) Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare (1.24%) Call of Duty: WW2 (1.59%) Crysis 2 (1.70%) are we really sure Crysis isnt actually a CoD game too??