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  1. Even the "What Else Ya Got?" trophy is glitched because of the challenge bug (Dead Man Stalking Challenge) in Chapter 6. It just demotivated me and to not even bother going for the Platinum.
  2. It's just the same as the US version because I actually own both the Asia (English Version) and US version of the game because I first bought the Asia version then there was a sale for the steelbook edition so I bought it again and sold off my Asia copy. It's good to know that it actually uses the same save files so I didn't need to start over and the DLC are compatible too because my main account is US and the free DLCs worked on the Asia version of the game. I think the version of P5 you need to get if you want to double platinum has to be the Japanese version
  3. And I thought I loved Killzone
  4. Notice me... Be noticed by a lot of senpais.
  5. The Value of Time Give a trophy about time with a trophy card of Spider-Man from different timelines.
  6. Titan Food Yup, you're not gonna last with those kinds of moves...
  7. Orange Mocha Frappuccino! To wake you up before you go go!
  8. Rick Grimes, CEO ...of Stuff and Thangs, Inc.
  9. I just got home from work and decided for no reason to challenge the Chocobo Trainer before heading to Mt. Gagazette and in just 30 minutes I actually beat him and here I thought it would take days, weeks, months even.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Xerapher


      Yup gonna go back there once I get the Airship.

    3. Captain_Cutscene


      Chocobo training was rage inducing - gonna start the lightning bolts asap *shudder*

    4. DarkPirate2007


      Good luck with the lightning bolts in the near future. :)

  10. I can't seem to add them on the download queue and the ones I purchased from the site aren't even on the download list so I have no idea on how to download them now.
  11. I wonder is anybody experiencing problems with downloading the DLCs? I purchased them in the website to make it easier on me and when I go to the PSN store I can't download them even though it says it's already purchased. Anyone got any ideas on what's wrong?
  12. Gold is just not enough Currently located in a Diamond Mine
  13. Classy Be a Premium Member with a classy mustache.
  14. Mutual Separation Have a Creeper as an Avatar while Steve in your Trophy Card.
  15. OBJECTION! Ohh wait, wrong game.