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  1. I'm going through and playing/hearting the people that still need it. Please also play/ heart my levels and me.
  2. Please sign me up under "You earned my respect". Tales from the Borderlands (PS4) The Walking Dead (PS3) The Wolf Among Us (PS3) Until Dawn
  3. I now have them all completed. Can you please update my rank.
  4. Please sign me up under Blitzball Chamption. I'm currently missing XIV and VII.
  5. Please add me, I believe I'm just missing Ascension.
  6. Please sign me up, I already have all of the plats listed (PS3 versions of the original 3)
  7. Please sign me up. I currently have OlliOlli 2 completed.
  8. By the end of the year I want to meet the following trophy related goals Hit 75% completion rate 100 Platinums Get to top 1,000 in USA leaderboards
  9. Rayman Origins for Vita