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  1. You seriously haven't heard of the Fall Guys, Hollow Knight or Cuphead exploits? ... Props to you, dude. Maybe the trophy community still has some salvation after all.
  2. Is the reason for both games "edited timestamps"? If so, if you want to dispute them, unhide both of them and wait for a CRT member to chime in. If the reports are wrong, they'll be lifted. Or you can simply keep them hidden, but you won't be disputing them, so both flags will stick regardless, and, if you get a third one, you're off for good, so I suggest you hide any other games with anything of the sort if you take this approach.
  3. I mean, it could work, but it would certainly bring a lot of arguments in some cases. This probably isn't the best example, but let's take Assassin's Creed II and Odyssey. AC2, on the Animus section, is set on the Renaissance, whereas Odyssey is set on Ancient Greece, which would mean Odyssey comes first. However, on the present-day section, Odyssey is way ahead of AC2, so the former comes first. Which one would you accept? Whereas, with release date, you just put Odyssey ahead of 2 and you're set.
  4. Not stating the reason for the flag, stating "I don't know how to use hacks", let me guess (and I know this is a wild one)... Edited timestamps? If so, yeah, wait for a CRT member to answer.
  5. Indeed, the leaderboards are the only thing affected. You can still use everything else the site has to offer, be it sessions or anything else.
  6. I prefer release date, because canonicity is something that has to be analyzed case by case (meaning more work to the staff); lots of series have no real canonicity or it's a complete mess; and would bring lots of arguments from people who are too defensive about their favorite games, I'm sure. Release date is way simpler - sure, there might be a few weird cases here and there, but they will be much minor in number.
  7. Correcting the atrocious writing: "This guy must be very skilled, a real speedrunner. It says that he took 4 days to beat the Cotton Alley, but you can see here (link in question) that he spent 46 minutes, and this is a really short time to get it, besides the other games he played between the Girl and Boy. He basically completed the game in 3 hours, unlocking the Kid, that is super-hard to unlock, beating 10 warp zones and collecting 50 bandages. This is very suspicious and I believe he cheated." Now, I don't know how true this is, but I hope this helps anyone else who doesn't speak in hieroglyphs.
  8. You are the one who has to state the reason for the flag, because us regular users can't see it to help in your dispute. Although, if you mention "timestamps", I'd bet it's CFW usage.
  9. Post the reason for the flag stated in your profile, so that we know what you were flagged for.
  10. Edited timestamps? Yikes. Best not to let either your friend or your brother do stuff on your account, from now on. So yeah, you're probably not returning to the leaderboards. But you can still use everything else on the site.
  11. Presuming there's no more cheated games, yep, you can hide this one and you'll be back on the leaderboards after getting a trophy on another game and updating your profile. Be careful in the future, though, as if you get 2 more flags, you're off for good.
  12. No offense, dude, but you should really work on your grammar. I (and I bet other people too) can't understand anything of what you say, which does make it kinda difficult to defend you, as nobody can comprehend your arguments and, thus, debate about them. Also, making multiple posts in a row won't make people in the CRT answer faster, jsyk. Better just wait for them to be done analyzing your profile, and then they will give the final verdict.
  13. Could you please post the reason for the flag stated in your profile, so that people here can help you further?
  14. Hey, are you still accepting? If so, I would please like to enter, team name is "Mayo FC". Don't live in the US, but I really don't pretend to win anyway, so whatever.
  15. Thanks for the support, and thanks for the luck! I know about the Turkish store being cheaper, but, as you said, no way I'm gonna convince my parents to open a Turkey account for games. But thanks for the support, I really appreciate it. Already working on the remaining reviews, so keep an eye out.