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  1. Time estimates on guides here are generally wrong, because they show the time you would get the platinum if you were going through the most optimal way of doing stuff, instead of considering a regular gameplay like they should. Don't really know the game, but wouldn't really think much of it.
  2. I just have "Master Assassin" from Assassin's Creed II for the meanwhile, since it is one of my two favorite games and the first plat I ever got, back when I didn't have an account. If I ever get the Grand Theft Auto IV plat, I'd put it in there too, but yeah, otherwise, don't really have a lot of ideas of what to put in.
  3. OK, let's see. - "Oh my god! [...]" You are referring to the Catholic entity, so it is God; god is used when it's a generic term. - "There's a strong correlation between those who misspell one and three letter words [...]" Since "three-letter" is being used to describe a quality of the words, it has a hyphen. - "You used the hex-a-gone mode against me [...]" It's a title, so it should be Hex-a-Gone. - "Even if it the exact figure escalates [...]" What's that "it" doing there? Among others. Sure, you may be thinking that those are nitpicks, and you are right. But that's the point. If you really feel the need to complain about other people's writing even if it's perfectly legible, well, I expect you to be perfect yourself.
  4. OK, here I admit I was wrong. I was reading over it by skimming and interpreted it incorrectly. However, there are a few other mistakes I found by reading more closely and the whole point is that ad hominem is bad and you should avoid it if you're really trying to have a serious discussion. You still haven't said what defines an "average player."
  5. What defines an "average player," then? There are a lot of people who play this, from kids to probably elders, how are you going to define an exact average? See? That already invalidates maths, since it assumes everyone has the exact same chance of winning, with the exact same level of skill and exact same conditions applied to all of those players, which, sure, could be done on a smaller scale as an experiment of sorts, but doesn't apply to regular gameplay. (Also, I like how you try to invalidate the guy's point because he spelled "a lot" wrong, but you also use "your" where you should have used "you're". Your = possession, you're = you are. Next time you use ad hominem, at least do it right.)
  6. In this case, it is irrelevant. Not everyone has the same skill, thus they don't have the same chances of winning. Or does a 10yo kid that just picked the game up for the first time have the same chance of winning as a guy who has played since the game launched? The point is it still doesn't make sense. Again, for example, does someone who's lagging severely have the same chance of winning as someone with really smooth gameplay? As someone said above, these maths would only make sense if each player was exactly the same, under the same conditions. Which is clearly not the case.
  7. Almost infinite, if you come to think about it, but I'll list some of the most common ones: you having a team, others having a team, lagging, lots of team games being selected, mostly individual games being selected, people quitting, etc. Also, if skill is a factor, then the logic is void anyway, since not everyone has the same skill.
  8. You didn't say it, but your math only makes sense if it does. In truth, many, many, many factors can influence it, so using maths here doesn't make any sense.
  9. The Helmschmied Drachen Armor (you can get it from Ubisoft Connect, I believe). Otherwise, I prefer the regular dye.
  10. Everyone knows trophies can have their requirements changed. The problem is that, in this case, there's no reason to - it's perfectly functional. Changing this to make it easier would just open the floodgates for everyone to whine once there's a hard trophy in any game whatsoever. In Before the Storm's case, there was an oversight which didn't allow you to get the plat unless you purchased the Deluxe edition of the game. That's why it was changed.
  11. Nope (not in real life, anyway). But I do think there is a course in my city, if I do want to play it some day. Have you ever ate something that isn't edible on purpose?
  12. Just saw this video of a dude beating Sigrun in GMGoW difficulty in under 15 seconds. Mad props to the dude... but now I have to go quietly weep in the corner.



    1. Copanele


      LOL truth be told that's how the real fight would have probably gone with an angry kratos. 


  13. Well, it's currently at 1.55% rarity, but OK. And, if playerbase matters, let's take GTA V's Masterminds trophy then. 2097 people out of the 1 million total players have it. And sure, the trophies will become unobtainable after some time, but, the way it is now, you have the entire lifespan of the game to do it (and they're already adding easier ways to do it). In the other case, you don't.
  14. 2363 people isn't that little. For example, Wolfenstein 2's Mein Leben trophy has only 840 achievers (adding up the regular and the German version). Also, for "reach max fame in three separate seasons", what when they stop making new seasons a few years down the line?
  15. How are the devs "gatekeeping" if it's their game and they can literally do what they want? And the platinum isn't near impossible to obtain - it's at about 1.5% rarity last time I checked, and it's probably still gonna increase a little bit more. Also, it's ironic how you say "trophies are supposed to make it more challenging," but then you say you don't want a challenge right afterwards.