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  1. Ah, a new dose of drama. As is to be expected. Sony's doing a genius move with this and most people don't even realize it. They get more people to buy their (now old) games, while also giving them the push they possibly needed to buy a console (they have already confirmed they'll be investing even more on exclusives for the foreseeable future, so they need those sales), by basically saying: "Hey, sport! You liked these games? Well... if you acquire my console, you'll have much more of where that came from." It's a very profitable decision for both sides (Sony and Valve), and yet people insist on partaking in this "console war," while being oblivious to the bigger picture... that is, one in which all these big companies are happy to coexist, since they're all making truckloads of money anyway. For the millionth time, companies aren't your friends - if they see an opportunity to make bank, they'll go after it. Also... people are really pretending Uncharted multiplayer is relevant? I literally couldn't name one person that bought any of the Uncharted games for the multiplayer if I tried.
  2. When you spend 5 years creating a superteam with 1 billion euros and lose to a team with Timo Werner playing upfront:



  3. Top 10 photos taken moments before disaster



  4. As I said, I recognize its flaws, but still, they're actively trying to fix it and, by this point, anyone who's thinking of getting it probably already knows what they're getting into. This game in particular is just an example; I know there's much worse, like Ascendshaft, Gilson B. Pontes games, Our Church and Halloween RPG, etc. But there's certainly something weird when these kinds of games get the greenlight and yet CP doesn't. Back on topic, though: I think the answer to the title - "How is this actually a game?" - has already been answered by the previous posters, LOL.
  5. Meanwhile, Cyberpunk 2077 is still not back in the PS Store. Nah, but seriously. There's shovelware like this every day of the week, and yet, a game that - despite all its shortcomings - is an actual game, still isn't allowed up to this date. Boggles my mind, but eh.
  6. With the 5 big leagues of European football coming to an end today, I must say I'm pretty sad for what happened in the Premier League and in the Serie A. Leicester, which is a team that I sympathize a lot with, not only because of their miraculous title, but for managing to keep the consistency over the following years and fighting with the big ones, lost to Tottenham and thus, lost a spot in the Champions League. Napoli also bottled their game, thus giving Juventus a completely undeserved spot in the CL.


    But PSG lost the french league, so who the hell cares? Words cannot express how much that makes me happy.

    1. GraniteSnake


      PSG players act like a bunch of spoilt children when things don’t go their way. I was so happy to see them get knocked out of the Champions League

  7. Platinum #10 - Far Cry 5 Using the free multiplayer weekend from the Days of Play event, I managed to snag this plat. Singleplayer is fun and has lots of stuff to do, but the story suffers from being basically a kidnap simulator, although the ending was really good and unexpected. ARCADE's solo maps were really awesome, and I already miss them. ARCADE's multiplayer trophies can go die in a pit, though - I'd rather watch paint dry over doing them again. All in all, has its flaws, but I like it, and plan to come back yet again when I obtain the DLCs. More of my inane ramblings here, as is the norm for these posts of mine.
  8. Another weird update, I know, but I have also obtained the plat for Far Cry 5, taking advantage of yet another free multiplayer weekend, courtesy of the Days of Play event. We Always Had Faith in You I have already talked about the story mode before, so let's not dwell on that for the sake of brevity. But then, you might be asking, how was my experience with Far Cry ARCADE? Well... wonderful and horrendous at the same time. You'll soon see why. ARCADE is divided into two parts: solo/co-op and multiplayer. In solo/co-op, you need to succesfully complete 10 featured maps and play the ARCADE Hero mode 5 times; in multiplayer, you need to win 10 featured maps and get 100 kills - while also getting level 20 across both of them. Sounds easy enough, right... and well, actually, you could reasonably say it is, since, y'know, only took me a weekend. But it certainly wasn't as easy as I imagined, taking me ~10 hours, which I think is about the same time I spent platting The Order: 1886. Solo/co-op was really fun. The maps were longer than I expected, but the community did a really great job with the Featured maps, so I didn't have any issue going through them, and to be honest, I kinda miss them already. ARCADE Hero was a bit more lame, but it comes with its nature, plus you don't even have to complete the maps if you just wanna rush it. Level 20 also came naturally throughout the entire process, since it's fairly easy to achieve as well. So, that was the wonderful part, done and dusted. The horrendous part? The multiplayer. All the fun I had with the solo maps was completely thrown out the window when I had to endure the snorefest that was Shovel Dodgers, just throwing shovels at your boosting partner (speaking of which, first time using a boosting session, hooray - thanks so much for the bajillionth time, @IsaacDK503 and @rene_gustavo for enduring this with me) until you get 10 map wins or you die of sheer boredom, whichever comes first. Why, then, didn't you do it the legit way? Because multiplayer's deader than my grandpa. I ask forgiveness for the morbid joke, but seriously, it's a game from 2018 and I didn't find a single person when searching in the lobby. I think I could find decade-old games that still have some players from time to time. Oh, well. It's all done now. Going back to Resident Evil, which I had to neglect for a bit because, besides the sidetrack I just mentioned, school's being a pain in the butt, my TV stopped working for a while and it's a difficult game, alas, one that I have to be focused to play, which doesn't happen as often as I would like to. But such is life.
  9. Thanks for the review! I think you can figure out that I love this game (after all, I wouldn't ask for it otherwise ), being one of the main responsibles for getting me into gaming... ...but yeah, it's a really divisive one, even between hardcore fans of the franchise. They really took an 180 with this entry in comparison to their previous games, marking their foray into more realistic games (reaching a really high note, or so I've heard, with RDR2, which I'm yet to play), which some hate and others love. I personally could spend hours just messing around with the physics of the game, but I understand it might be a hard game for some to enjoy, and I do recognize its flaws. I do appreciate the honest analysis, though, and will certainly continue to read this thread in the future.
  10. Hello, my humble Doctor, I have come to request some medicine. A really severe ache ails me, one that can only be cured by... bowling. Lots and lots of bowling. Preferably with a cousin, for some good company. And maybe some yellow cars too, if that can be arranged. Jokes aside, really neat idea and will be keeping an eye out for this. Also, if anyone doesn't know what I'm talking about, I'm referring to GTA IV. Admittedly, haven't checked the thread to see if it's been suggested before, but if it has, consider my suggestion as yet another person in need for some bowling in their life.
  11. So, while I was attending my online classes due to this awful pandemic, I had a spontaneous thought... what if I find a game good looking at it from an objective point of view, but don't enjoy it? "Quality" doesn't make sense then, just as "enjoyment" didn't before, as I might like a game I find objectively bad. So, I changed terminology again to "rating," which is more neutral, to try and find a balance between these two. While I'm here, might as well talk about what I'm currently playing. I'm only at the beginning of my first playthrough, but I can already tell it's vastly different from what I'm used to in terms of gameplay... but I'm getting used to it, and slowly learning new tips and tricks. I like it, but I definitely have to be in a focused mindset in order to play well, which is why I'm not playing it as constantly as I'd want to (also because of school, but that's not the point). Let's see if my opinion changes when I get further into the game.
  12. LOL. I genuinely don't know if that's a crazier or saner theory. First, why do you even care so much about reputation? It literally gives you a full plate of nothing, with diddly-squat on the side and zero for dessert. Second, if you do care that much about rep, maybe try not begging for it or post a lot in threads like Most Recent Platinum, but that's beside the point. Also, I'm not a big fan of DLCs, but damn, some people in here act like DLCs made them run a marathon and the floor they had to run on was full of Legos.
  13. Guy is seriously implying everyone here is somebody's alt created solely to upvote each other's comments? LMAO. That Seymour Skinner meme about being out of touch has never felt so relatable until now. But yeah, I just knew this was gonna become a shitshow from the moment it was moved to somewhere where more people would see it. Too predictable... oh, well.
  14. This thread got moved to the "Site help" section? ...oh, no. Anyway, if you truly care about completion percentage, you must do whatever it takes to keep it - after all, you resigned yourself to that task. If it's too draining for you, you can choose simply to leave it aside and do things you enjoy more with the time you've been spending going after 100%. Or you can carefully pick and choose games without DLC to add to your profile... which is totally valid, if you like it, but I think you can see when that would start to feel like a chore. (SPOILER: probably really fast.)
  15. The last two games I have played on this account (so that's excluding tests in my alt account) are Resident Evil and Assassin's Creed: Revelations... so, Resident Evil: Revelations then? Now I wonder how a stealth game with zombies would be like. Better copyright that idea before someone takes it.