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  1. Just goes how to show why the whole R* idolizing is dumb, considering they're all multi-millionaire companies whose bottom line is profit. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ People need to realize that big companies aren't "friendly" or "evil", no matter how much they seem to be - they're all after the same thing, some just know how to hide it better than others. EDIT: Also, R* going bankrupt anytime soon? Jeez. People really underestimate the casuals, don't they?
  2. Oh, no! Black women in my videogames! Game is borderline unplayable now. But seriously, why are you (and others) so obsessed with derailing every single interesting thread there's to be had in this forum as of late? You're being just as annoying as the "woke" people you hate so much. Also, spoilers: if you're that angry with Angrboða, imagine when you discover that Kratos is black.
  3. Good read as always. Might I ask for God of War, considering the sequel is bound to have some more information on PlayStation Showcase and you were just mentioning how it's not on the list yet?
  4. No, I get where the guy was trying to get at... it's just that it was completely out of left field, LOL.
  5. ...what the hell even is that analogy? Like, I agree with the overall message that 1 hard plat is better than 10 EZPZ (even though the people trying to convince others to stop playing these games are just being annoying)... but why?
  6. OK, so I said this on the previous thread, but didn't realize there was already a new one for Level 2 and everyone had migrated to it, so basically: yes, these games are pure trophy bait and I don't think anyone is denying that, but there's no use in trying to forcefully convince people to stop playing these - if they're OK with what they're doing, let them be. You're not changing their mind, they're not gonna change yours, and you're just gonna keep mud-slinging forever. Those are games that only a very, very specific subset of gamers even care about. They're not gonna "kill the industry" or whatever, else EA games and the likes would already have done so a long time ago.
  7. Simple answer: it doesn't. Odyssey is supposed to be a game more focused on the Isu lore, and thus it's set in a time period which allows for that to be explored further, at the sacrifice of having no Assassins whatsoever - there's something that comes close, but that's on the DLC. At least, that's what the developers have said. In truth, the series is slowly abandoning the Assassin vs. Templar war and starting to merely become historical RPGs - which is not necessarily a bad thing, especially considering how many people I've seen that absolutely hate the present-day sections with every fiber of their soul, but yeah, you get where I'm getting at.
  8. ZJ the Ball more like ZJ the Absolute Baller Jokes aside, I don't like these games making it to the PS Store as much as the next person, but some people are really blowing this out of proportion/gatekeeping/both. The videogame market is completely different now than it was during the Atari period - there won't be a decline in PlayStation's sales numbers, much less a videogame crash, just because there are some crap games being released every week, and I bet Sony (and 99% of the playerbase) doesn't even care in the slightest. It's a very niche hobby after all. Likewise, I agree that a person whose profile contains plats like Max Payne 3 (since that's often used as an example) is much better than someone who gets every Breakthrough... but why not just let the latter be? They're happy doing their own thing, with their own money (hopefully ), and let's face it - you're not changing their opinion, as well as they won't change yours. Just to clarify, I'm not saying that merely cracking a few (OK, maybe more than a few) jokes is bad, since it's just for the banter... but there are people who, at this point, are basically almost lunging at throats through their screens over some random games. Oh, well. I still like the idea of the rarity leaderboard, and it could help settle bickerings like this one (even though I think capping it at 50% wouldn't be a good idea, since it's a low cutoff point nowadays and not representative of the real EZPZ, and I would personally go for a 75% cap... but that's for another thread). One can hope.
  9. Did the guy seriously make a post basically restating what he'd already said in the opening post to bump his thread... and it worked? That's what I call a 1000IQ move.
  10. Yes, we can, Eagle from the past. Now I will claim this milestone for myself, thank you very much. Anyways... anyone else hoping for a My Name Is Mayo 3?
  11. My team name is Oko-Flexing... but considering I don't go by my real name on FPL, you probably figured that out already. Jokes aside, this is something we've been talking about for a while on Discord. Hope it goes well, and I'm excited to see what this season brings!
  12. Platinum #11 - Resident Evil A really innovative game for its time period, basically pioneering the survival horror genre and giving birth to a really successful and loved franchise. Still a fun and scary experience today, but its date shows in some places (like the damn fixed camera angles) and 6 playthroughs for the plat did get a bit tiring. Full review here. NEXT UP: Just Cause 3
  13. Hello, folks. I'm back. Y'all missed me? Game #12 - Resident Evil Story Despite laying the foundation for the games to come, the story is actually very simple, and most of the details are told through text files (and they're actually fewer than you'd expect). Which is not bad, per se - after all, not every game needs to have a super-complex story, but I'll admit I expected a bit more. But, as I've said before and I'll say again: I'm a strong gameplay > story advocate. Gameplay First off: as I said in AC2's review, I hate fixed camera angles. So you can imagine how well I fared with a game based solely on fixed angles, especially when they seem to switch at the worst times possible. Yes, I get its purpose, but I really don't like it, and it's by far one of my biggest gripes with the game. Anyway... now that I got that off of my system, the gameplay's actually more fluid than I'd expect from a 2002 game. Sure, it can be kinda clunky and weird in some situations, but the movement's not tanky (even though you can opt to use the D-pad if you want those tank controls, and it can even help sometimes when precise movements are needed) like I thought it would be - of course, it's nowhere near the level of fluidity of modern games, but again, it's a 2002 game and I'll judge it as such. Side content It's a linear game, so there's not much side content apart from collecting every item. Not what I usually like to see, but whatevs. Ambientation In my humble opinion, they nailed it with this one. It perfectly describes what I would call a "psychological horror" game: instead of trying to spook the player like most so-called horror games nowadays like FNaF (and no, I don't like it, sue me), it actually tries to scare them - it has some jumpscares here and there, sure, but doesn't rely solely on them. With the limited resources, relatively frail character, creative sceneries and scenarios, not being afraid to punish you if you make mistakes and whatnot, it always makes you anxious when entering a room, trying to think of what could come next. Then again, it's kinda to be expected for a game that was basically the pioneer of an entire genre (yes, I know there were horror games before this one - you get what I mean by "pioneer"). Soundtrack A big part of what makes this game so terrifying. No track in particular stands out, but each of them (apart from contributing to the fear factor, of course), gives an unique feel to the place they play at, so that they end up being even more memorable. Bugs Apart from those damn chimeras, no bugs whatsoever, at least in my experience. Completely smooth gameplay (besides the friggin' camera angles... but that's not a bug, so eh). Miscellaneous ramblings The optimal number of playthroughs for a noob like me is 6... which I suppose isn't that bad considering it's a short game (and yes, I know I took 3 months to finish it... the price you pay when you have quite a few interests at the same time, I guess), but it still gets a bit tiring after a while, considering there's not much change from one to another. However, I went for a playthrough order different than what the guide suggests: First, two casual playthroughs as Chris and Jill, both on Normal, to get a feel for the game and all. I struggled quite a bit at the beginning, but got used to it later on, which certainly helped me get through the later runs. Then, a knife-only playthrough as Chris on Very Easy. Actually easier than I expected - only enemies that gave me trouble were the Crimson Head Prototype (sturdy and agile) and Plant 42 (kept stunlocking me with its damn acid or whatever the hell it keeps spitting). Another playthrough as Chris on Very Easy, this time on Invisible Enemy mode. Again, easier than I expected, especially since Very Easy gives you a ton of resources anyway. I decided to mix the Real Survival run with the speedrun, since you're focusing on minimizing engagement with enemies and carefully managing your items on both of them. Followed a TrueAchievements guide and got it with quite some time to spare. So smug. Last but not least, the no-save run. Not difficult when you have the infinite rocket launcher, but some moments like Lisa Trevor's fight and refilling the fuel capsule (where you cannot run, else you'll explode) had me really tense. Verdict I think that if I analyzed this game based on what it tries to achieve (being a survival horror experience), this would be easily a 10/10. However, let's face the truth: I enjoyed the game, but I'm not the biggest horror fan around and I hated things like the fixed camera. So, I'll give this an 8/10. Difficulty is a 4/10, since it gets significantly easier when you get used to how the game mechanics work, although it does take a bit more skill than what a game usually requires. Now, for my next game, I'll aim for my first UR plat with Just Cause 3, which I got recently as a birthday gift and looks exactly like my kind of game. I've heard it was very buggy at launch and that made many people end up disliking it, but I tested it for a few hours on my alt account and had no problems whatsoever. But hey, I'll never know for certain until I actually go through the whole ride. See you in a few months, at the rate I'm going. Oh, well. At least, I can say I got something done in my one-month break before school comes back on the next monday.
  14. I've posted in here before, but now that I have 10 slots available through premium, I decided to scrap the idea I had previously and make a themed profile instead. So, to fit with my name, I decided to go for trophies which have birds or feathers in the image (excluding stuff like a trophy from GoW which has a valkyrie on the image - theoretically, there's feathers dropping from it, but it's not related to the specific thing I'm after)... still didn't fit the 10 slots, but I'll work on it over time. If I get to more than 10, maybe I'll exclude feathers and leave only full birds - or do something else entirely. IDK. Let's see what the future brings.
  15. Wrong game, pal. This is an Odyssey thread, not Valhalla.