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  1. And yes, I know this is a weird thread to be posting this in – but considering the thread that was supposed to host this kind of thing in the first place unfortunately had to be closed for very unfortunate reasons innit, not to mention I can see people were doing similar stuff before me, I imagined this would be the best place to post. IMO, this character/weapon/vehicle/etc. customization is looking really nice. Just a pity most of the discussion around the game is less about the game itself but more about the title, the graphics apparently being outdated or something (I have never been the graphics guy, so I have no idea if everything that's called "PS3 graphics" nowadays does actually look bad or not – maybe it does and I'm just not critical enough, genuinely don't know) or the very unfortunate reasons mentioned earlier.
  2. There's still a lot of good stuff if you look past the mainstream – saying gaming in general is heading towards ruin because of the profit-driven big companies with their AAAs and ignoring the bigger picture is just a really rose-tinted way to look towards things, considering there were still plenty of bad actions done by big companies back in the day (as much as I agree it's far easier for them to adopt predatory mechanics now, and the rampant increase in the gaming market has made that significantly more profitable). This I can fully agree with, however. Jokes aside, the things considered as censorship by the "East rules West drools" crowd get increasingly laughable by the day. I take a look at the "censored" games thread every now and then to see what's the latest outrage in that circle and get a few good laughs out of it, and I see stuff like EA removing Mason Greenwood (a sexual and physical abuser) from FIFA being labeled as "censorship" by them. Like... even ignoring what the guy has done and the implications that dismissing that as "SJW snowflake pandering insert other trending buzzwords here" has, how does that fit into the definition of the word in any way? I swear I try my hardest to avoid bashing on these people, but they just keep choosing the worst hills to die on.
  3. Now, I technically haven't finished the game yet, but I just couldn't wait to make this write-up and I'm halfway through my Brutal playthrough, so I know I'll definitely have this finished soon... so, without further ado, here's: Game #14 – Uncharted: Drake's Fortune Story Uncharted is known for being a heavily cinematic franchise with many big setpieces and places where the gameplay slows down to allow for characters to both connect to the player and build relationships between themselves, but this is surprisingly not much of a thing in the first game. From what I've read, this was supposed to be a "playable action game" of sorts, which means more focus on the bang-bang and less focus on character interactions, heavily scripted moments, and whatnot. And I'd personally say they succeeded on achieving what they were aiming for, but I still prefer the balance between bang-bang and slow moments of 2 and 3 (from what I've played of 4, it tips the scales too heavily on the other side and makes it so that most of the game is slow-burns and setpieces, but I'll analyze further when I actually get to it). Why am I saying this in the story section? Because the "playable action game" they had in mind made it so that, while Nate/Sully/Elena are still very good characters (and would only get improved in the games to come), the rest of the characters are "eh" and the plot itself is pretty basic, as it's merely an excuse to get you from one shootout to the other. For that reason, Sully is absent for a big chunk of the game, Elena decides to split up and rejoin you at the most random of moments (so you wouldn't have help all the time), the villains are as one-dimensional as they come and show up twice or thrice before their demise, etc. Nate's character makes up for all these shortcomings, though – Nolan North truly did an excellent job there. Is he a bit of a Gary Stu? Perhaps. But you can't deny he's absurdly charismatic, even if he doesn't get as much opportunities to do his quips and bantering here as he would in further games (which also show his more serious side when appropriate, of course). Gameplay The gameplay basically is made up of two aspects: parkour and combat, but mostly combat. Puzzles are few and far between and are as easy as they come, and there's not much exploration to be done for the treasures (will be discussed further in the "Secondary content" section). Both of them really surprised me... one for the better and the other for the worse. The good stuff first. Combat is much tighter than I was expecting from such an old game (even considering that it got the remaster treatment), which is good as it's the main chunk of the game – if it was bad, let's just say the only chapter that doesn't feature it is chapter 2 (some other chapters have combat sections, even if it's not present throughout the whole thing)... although the vehicle chapters have a different form of combat, but more on that afterwards. Sure, the weapon variety is lesser than in the sequels and there's no denying that the big setpieces can be good if done in the right way, so it's an aspect that still has room for improvement. But you can tell they made it the whole focus of the game for a reason – it works, and works well. Can't quite say the same for the parkour. The franchise as a whole tends to have some janky parkour at times, but this one somehow manages to be even more jankier, mainly because of two reasons: the first being that this game over-relies on collapsing objects, so you have to always be moving quickly; which wouldn't be an issue if it wasn't for the second reason, which is Nate most of the time not looking towards objects you can hold to, so you're never sure whether you can actually jump to somewhere or if you'll just leap to your death--oh time's over, whoops guess I'd better do the whole thing again. Once you memorize where do you need to go to, it's not that big of an issue, but it does make for a frustrating experience until that happens. Chapters 7 and 12 (and a relatively small section of 8) are unique, however, as they are vehicle chapters – the former being an on-rails shooter where you're on a jeep's mounted turret as Elena drives and has to shoot the pursuing enemies, and the latter being a jetski section where you head upriver to reach a monastery while avoiding barrels and enemies positioned along the way. I know there are a lot of people who hate them, and while I personally didn't mind them all that much, I can definitely see why. They're abrupt and end up messing with the pacing as a result, not to mention that the mechanics sometimes aren't done all that well; the turret has you completely exposed as you shoot at the enemies and it's basically a matter of RNG whether they hit you before you can even react or simply don't engage with you at all (obviously much more of an issue in higher difficulties than in lower ones, but still), and the jetski's handling is a bit wonky, not to mention that the damage from the barrels is inconsistent and using to drive can take a while to get used to at first. Secondary content The only secondary content here is the treasures. They're fun little collectables that can be obtained quite easily with a guide (and you could definitely go without using one, as well; would take a little more time, sure, but they're usually not that out of the way and the areas tend to be on the smaller side) and offer a few cool skins for Nate, but they're not all that special otherwise and most of them are reskins of each other. Ambientation This is another aspect where the franchise has always shined in. Soundtrack's amazing, as always (especially Nate's theme – no wonder they used it for all the other games), and the different areas you go to, while relatively simple, are well-done and set themselves apart from each other, and the game does a great job in setting up suspense by having colorful and vibrant sceneries as you traverse through the jungle slowly changed by dark and bleak buildings, which fits perfectly with the narrative's progression, especially as the more mythical elements start to be introduced. Technical aspects If you play through the game normally, you are very unlikely to find any issue whatsoever – loading times have been drastically reduced by the remaster, consistent frames, no bugs/freezes/crashes, etc. It's a very polished experience, through and through. You can find all sorts of easily-replicable glitches that allow you to completely bork the game to your advantage, though. Recommend reading up on them for a better understanding of how they work, but three of them in particular are the most essential ones for Brutal: crouching wall shuffle, standing wall shuffle and the tweak exploit. There's other stuff, like the airwalking and the sky launches (which I personally didn't manage to pull off), but these three will make the mode that's supposed to give you a major headache into a breeze. Map boundaries? Who needs them, amirite? Miscellaneous ramblings Yes, I did use exploits and skips for Brutal. It's basically Crushing (which I already did legit), but the ammo pickups are tiny, which would make the experience living hell if not for the tweak exploit that gives infinite ammo. Basically inserted in the remaster just for the sake of saying "look, new difficulty!", in which case I don't mind using "cheats" at all – I'll always do legitimately things that would provide a genuinely fun challenge, though. Another thing introduced in the remaster (besides minor stuff such as leaderboards and photo mode) is a Speedrun mode, which is basically the normal game but there's a timer in the top-right corner of your screen. Pretty neato, but there's not much reason to play it other than for the trophy (which has a much tighter time than I expected, BTW). Could have made this screen slightly less basic... but eh. What's the next stop on the flight? "WAIT A MINUTE! Where's the verdict, you dolt?" Calm down, I can explain. Just wait a bit, will ya? So, I plan to finish up the collection by doing U2 (no, not the band) and then the third game afterwards... and I was thinking of doing the fourth game afterwards, but I might wanna mix it up with a game that's more along the lines of what I usually tend to enjoy more. Or not. IDK. But I'll definitely finish up the trilogy before moving on to something else. Some changes and things that happened in my life since the time of the last review (in red to differentiate it from the actual review, so you know what to skip if you don't care for this part) So, I mostly wanted to talk about two things here: how I changed up the checklist yet again, and an incident that happened in the middle of my playthrough (unrelated to the game itself). And yes, you read that right – I changed the checklist up yet again. Yes, I'm indecisive, if you couldn't tell by now. I changed the banner to the new one you can see now (which I think retains my personal identity, but is much more pleasant to the eye; I'm quite content with it for once, and don't plan on changing it for a while), removed the "Changelog" thing (I saw it in another checklist when I first created mine and liked the idea, but it just becomes too much of a pain to keep updating after a while), and, most importantly, removed the "Verdict" section and its associated scores from all updates. I find that giving numbered scores to things not only makes it so that it looks like more of a review and less of an update about what I'm currently playing, which I want to avoid at all costs, but also... I just don't think numbers can adequately describe my feelings towards a game, and I'd much rather people actually see what I have to say than just look at the score at the end. As for the incident, it happened right after I finished my initial playthrough (I did four playthroughs: casual run on Normal while collecting all the treasures, Crushing run to unlock Brutal, speedrun and, finally, the Brutal run): one day, I came home after a long day of school to play, to find out my controller wouldn't work for some reason. Tried everything I could find on the Internet, but to no avail. Had to send it to my father to get fixed, and he discovered it was a Bluetooth connectivity issue in the console that was preventing it from recognizing my controller; did manage to get it fixed, but it required a factory reser, which ended up in me losing all my saves as a result since I hadn't bothered to learn how to upload saves to my USB. Woo-hoo. Took a while to get all the settings to the way I like them again and download all the stuff I have, but it worked out on the end. Bothered to learn how to upload saves to my USB, and it's much easier than I thought it would be. The only problem now is that, if I ever get the DLCs for the games I haven't 100% completed yet, I no longer have my previous saves, which is fine and dandy for some instances (like FC5), not so much for others (like Odyssey). Didn't affect me for this game specifically, since I could just do the Crushing run like I planned to anyway, but would have been a pain if it happened in the middle of a playthrough for a bigger, non-linear game. (And no, me learning how to use USB doesn't mean the pictures will be better. Still too much of a hassle to send them to PC and then to my cellphone – yes, I did change my ol' reliable tablet I mentioned in the beginning of this checklist for a cellphone, and I've had it since the beginning of 2021 – considering how slow the household PC is, not to mention that my photos are all funny glitches/personal records for challenges anyway, as I believe you can find regular photos of the game anywhere on the Internet.) Have a good one, everyone, and I hope you're all doing well.
  4. The problem with "we" is that it's safe to assume a significant part, if not the majority, of the people in this thread (and the forums as a whole), are not and have never been for MTX – they still got popular because there's a much, much, much larger amount of people out there who don't care for Internet discourse, and those are the people that buy into them the most. This is the most important factor as to why petitions don't work, as you're basically preaching to who's already converted – the audience you would need to reach to have any significant impact is the audience you won't be able to reach with mere petitions anyway. Saying "there's nothing you can do except not to buy them" isn't defending these companies, it's simply stating the (very unfortunate) truth.
  5. I'm not really active on the forums since I mostly favor Discord for communication, but on the instances where I do end up seeing you making a snarkier post (mainly when looking at the garbage fire threads that happen from time to time), it's towards the kinds of people that honestly deserve a bit of antagonism coming their way – I'm sure you know who these kinds of people are by now. But I do understand not wanting to stoop down to their level. In any case, hope you get well soon. Take as much time as you need to recover.
  6. ...no offense, but you know online petitions are yet to have worked to solve any problem, right?
  7. Platinum #13 – Uncharted: Drake's Fortune Revisiting a game I initially played when I was younger, but now finally completing it – and getting the plat in the process, of course. As is to be expected, it's a bit jankier compared to its sequels (especially in the parkour aspect), but actually tighter than I thought it would end up being. Story is more basic than in the follow-ups since the focus on this one was clearly to make a playable action movie, if so to speak, than a more cinematic experience (which is shown by the vast majority of chapters in this one being shooting-focused whereas the others have some more exploration-based sections, particularly in the beginning) – but it's still serviceable, which is helped by Nate being so charismatic. Will be cleaning up the rest of the trophies then moving to U2 (no, not the band) next.
  8. Infinity's not being released until 2024 at the earliest, according to expectations by Jason Schreier (which is the guy that broke the news in the first place). Considering Valhalla's not likely to have a third year, this would be sort of a bridge between Valhalla and Infinity. But yeah, this project sounds an awful lot like they're just appeasing (or at least, trying to appease) people that have been complaining about RPG for the sake of getting more sales while not even having to commit to a "full-blown" thing, if so to speak. Also, correct me if I'm wrong, but not being a "massive open-world RPG" doesn't necessarily mean it won't be open-world at all – it could as well just be a smaller map. Let's see how it ends up being, I guess.
  9. Wonderful... just validates Microsoft's behavior and will generate the whole "please buy every company under the sun" thing again. Watch this thread be all praise just because it's on Sony's side now and completely disregarding the wider effect it has on the industry. Joy.
  10. Disregarding that I believe Phil Spencer's latest tweet talking about how "Sony is an important part of their industry" shows that they aren't really competing with each other and seem rather happy to co-exist (which is why the "console war" thing gets more grating by the day, but I digress)... it's not actually about how the acquisition affects Sony's influence on the western market, as we've seen by the dozens of other topics derailed by the same kind of people - it's just an excuse to rant about the "censorship" thing and how the east is so much better because they aren't "woke" or whatever.
  11. People are already derailing this into an east vs. west "debate" (AKA people somehow still reeling from the "censorship" Sony did a while ago taking any opportunity they can get to rant about it)? Jeez... it was already bad enough when all the complaints were actually on topic, but I suppose nothing's bad enough that it can't get worse.
  12. So, I know people are currently busy foaming at the mouth over the whole Activision thing, but this is the real news you need to see today: https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-news/daniel-radcliffe-weird-al-yankovic-biopic-1286492/

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      I don't need to see any more teasers, I'm watching this!

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      Kristen Danielle

      A nice casting choice. He does look a lot like him without the hair.

  13. My own take on this topic: I'm personally not a big fan of ActiBliz's game catalog anyway so the loss doesn't really affect me - however, I recognize there are people who like the games and all, so it's a sad occurence nonetheless. But the games are far from being the most worrisome part of this deal, and I really hope this doesn't get into a situation of industry monopolization (as if the gaming industry wasn't bad enough as it is currently ). Not to mention the annoying console wars and "is Microsoft buying X next? and Sony buying Y to compete??? and Valve buying Z?????" rumors popping everywhere that are bound to occur. Oh, welp. Hopefully, this at least addresses the Bobby Kotick problem, but again, knowing the current state of the industry, he'll probably be quietly moved to another position in the company once Phil Spencer assumes his role as CEO in 2023. One can hope, though.
  14. From my personal experience playing it, there are still frame drops whenever too much's happening on the screen. Now, they never bothered me too much since it's not a humongous drop and I've never really cared about frames and whatnot anyway, but they'll probably bother you depending on your tolerance towards it. Had no issues with infinite loading screens or outright crashes, although I did have two freezes - seems to randomly happen when hovering over Insula Dracon challenges in the map, as both happened under the same circumstances. Played on a base PS4, BTW. So yeah, I personally would give it a try - but it's still not a technical masterpiece by any means.
  15. Yeah, wasn't the best idea of them all (I got what you were trying to do, i.e. seeing who would be altruistic enough to help someone else win - works in theory, but not in practice)... a better option at this point would be to have people spell "Merry Christmas" and then draw one of the people who participated in the chain, or something along these lines.