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  1. Come on Sony, just it again at the store. I want an easy plat 😎
  2. Getting cool in every song, the only hard trophy (not only hard, extremely hard). Happy to see a plat
  3. Ok dude, thanks for the reply. I'm feel so bad because i looove THPS 2,3 and 4.
  4. The game is 19.79, what should i do? The game is fixed? I need some counseling guys
  5. The game is awesome. Period.
  6. Downloading, thanks OP
  7. Awesome surprise!!! Like you say, shame there's no plat but i'll buy it anyways
  8. Yeah, right now only Vita games but in a few moments we'll see the rest
  9. Doesnt count the wins that i need for the item. We need a patch right now to fix this problems
  10. Still no signs of the painted and certified ones T_T
  11. The Lord of The Rings War in the North. Disgunting game
  12. Great work dude
  13. Great work dude
  14. English, please.
  15. There's a new patch coming today, it works?