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  1. After a blind run I've decided to make a video guide for the A+ rank on Murder Mystery Machine. It's a very cool game focused on investigations, solving cases, ect.. It gave me a sort of Sherlock Holmes vibe, especially cause of the mechanics related with evidences, like making link between them. I liked a lot the plot too! I don't want to spoiler but it's way more than just a few separated cases without any link between them. The platinum itself is not really hard, it requires to complete every episode, get A+ in every episode and get every costume. To see how to unlock them you can check the locker. Are all very easy, you just need to eat a certain amount of donuts, examine / use a lot of items and furniture in the office, get all the collectibles (are just 1 for each episode, so 8 in total. Are highlighted with a sparkle, not easy to miss. I just suggest to move the camera a lot to check from every possible view) and get the A+ rank in every episode. Since it's the most complicated part for the platinum, in the guide i focused only on A+ rank. It's very easy to follow, i would give a 2/10 of difficulty but mainly cause of the lenght of the episodes, something like 30 / 35 minutes each, even a little less if you skip the dialogues fast without reading. I made a separated video for each episode and each video has the timestamps for each scene. The choices before the end of the episodes are not important for the A+ rank, you can pick randomly without problems. If you already completed the game, you can still get the A+ ranks selecting manually the scenes that you want to play again. Episode 1: The Lamb + The Tyger Episode 2: The Forest of the Night Episode 3: The Fire of Thine Eyes Episode 4: The Sinews of thy Heart Episode 5: The Immortal Eye Episode 6: Seize the Fire Episode 7: The Hammer and the Chain Episode 8: The Tyger + The Lamb
  2. I'm making a full A+ video guide of this game. Only Episodes 7 and 8 left now, but I'll complete it soon! I'll post the playlist link when it's ready 👍