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  1. AC 3 is the most boring game with one of the most boring and grindy trophy list in a Assassin's Creed game if they eliminate Perfectionist, An extraordinary man, A complete set, Original gamer, Completionist, Multitasking and Head in the Cloud then the game could be more enjoyable to platinum...
  2. Thanks for the information mate, I also unlocked more characters this past weekend and Im getting more confident that it is possible to unlock them all but I was also trying to get the locket from supply drops and of 16 times I opened up a box just 2 times I received the locket and with no shotguns near me. I think they also must include a shotgun in those boxes when the locket is inside.
  3. II really hate the RNG in this mode, even with the supposed increase of the item drop rate is still very rare to obtain some items, but others are in the same location such as the juggernog bottle or the letter from emperor are not trouble at all.They should never use RNG in those trophies, instead make people grind for those characters for example: To unlock Alex Mason you need to win 20 blackout games or to unlock Battery get 20 kills with cluster grenades. In that way everytime you get a win or a kill you're getting closer to unlock a character. Yesterday for the first time I found the tainted t-shirt for Alex Mason, I ended up winning the match with my team but I can't reach array because it was outside the circle. I wish they change how to unlock the characters somehow and not just give us for free, is not fair for players that already got them with a lot of effort, time invested and luck, and Im afraid that sooner or later they will end giving the other characters for free.
  4. I'm not saying that I deserve it, Im saying that I'm happy that I get the trophy. Should I be proud for that? I'm not. Should you be mad about this low blow by Treyarch? Of course you should because you and many others were screwed because you dedicated to a lot of time in unlocking the characters. I do not know why people are mad at other players for this when it is clearly that we never asked for this. If any player who got this via the easy way feels proud they just fooling themselves.
  5. that's correct and I understand them, is not fair that some people put a lot of time trying to unlock the characters while others like me just obtain them by starting a match. I said this was poorly handled by Treyarch and from the beginning they should made the unlock requirements not tied to a RNG that gives you at the beginning so little chance to find the item you needed. In my opinion they shoulld have used grind to be the main form of unlocking the characters for example to unlock Alex Mason you needed to win 20 blackout games. Is difficult yes but every win will get you closer to the prize at the end.
  6. Is ok mate, I don't agree with this move from Treyarch I just wanted increased drop rate for the items, also they need to better compensate players that already unlocked the specialist with something more than just skins.
  7. Why I can't have the trophy for free?,it was a decision from Treyarch not mine, I complain yes because the spawn rate of some items was way too low and that's it and Im sorry for you if you have to struggle to obtain them but I also congratulate you for getting them legit, but coming here insulting other players because they're happy they get the trophy for free doesn't make you special, only makes you look like a complete fool...
  8. That's correct because at the beginning of the launch of the game this was possible and they can hear me saying what I get (yeah my fault) then I quit to finish other games and I came back and since past weekend I was able to unlock 2 characters.
  9. Well, maybe is my fault that I get killed 3 times by my own teammates just because they wanted the character item, maybe is my fault too that I arrive in places where the item spawn just to the get killed because other 80 players decided to arrive to the same place as me or maybe is because I don't have much time like others players so I can't earn 100 platinums per year. This is really confusing to me.
  10. I understand the frustration but like I said in previous post, after 1 month of playing blackout I only found character items 5 times in which I successfully completed 2 specialist characters, the other 3 times I got killed by my own teammate just because they wanted the item, I don't know if this happened to other players but I don't think this will be the reason why they did this, maybe the reason is just plain the money, lets face it they aren't dumb and are aware there are a lot of trophy hunters out there and giving the hardest trophies for free could help to boost the sales of the game.
  11. Can someone explain me what is the problem of getting specialist super fan trophy for free?
  12. I don't have any complains, is still the easiest of the 3 character trophies IMO. They said that players that already unlocked those characters will obtain free skins so you can brag online how dedicated you are, I wished they increase the spawn rate of the character items because I have more than 60 hours in Blackout mode and I only found 5 character items and only unlocked 2 specialist which in my opinion are the easiest ones. A better option was as soon you find the specific character item the challenges remains active until you unlocked that character, in that way the challenge is still there but still will make you work for it. Oh and did I mention that the other 3 times I found the character items the partners killed me just because they wanted the item too?
  13. Sorry but I think I will give a hard pass if the price is 10 dollars per character, that insanely absurd. I think the challenge for unlocking the characters is fun but the idea of first relying on luck in getting the item and then complete the challenge in the same round is just plain stupid, for me the better options are 1. Unlock the character as soon you get the specific item or 2. as soon you get the item the challenge remains active until you complete it regardless of how many matches took it to complete it.
  14. Crazy huh? we just got the online trophies hahahah...
  15. I just bought the game (US version) weeks ago and you can redeem the online pass, but the EU version you can't redeem it since it looks like they remove it from the store. This is confirmed from a friend that has the EU version of the game.