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  1. Crazy huh? we just got the online trophies hahahah...
  2. I just bought the game (US version) weeks ago and you can redeem the online pass, but the EU version you can't redeem it since it looks like they remove it from the store. This is confirmed from a friend that has the EU version of the game.
  3. Congratulations on achieving Platinum on Apache Air Assault 😇, that was a hard game for me. Did you get friends to play with you on the co-op missions?

  4. If the "cheat Zico" and zone zeus exploits are available, the only trophy that you need to worry about will be the elite campaign legend and at this moment Im pretty being kicked in my arse in PS3. Is a very good list but I believe I will pass (unless all the hard trophies have any exploit or glitch =D )
  5. False, I got the platinum on october 30th. The platinum is still obtainable, what is complicated is to find good partners for the co-op trophies.
  6. Every souls veterans will say those games aren't hard but challenging, that's because they learn from their mistakes and understood that despite the game being very punishing at the end (of every boss) there is a awesome feeling of joy also with some nice rewards from those slayed bosses but if you're new in these games like every other veteran was you will feel the game is hard as hell but ai bet when you will conquer that 1st boss in bloodborne you will feel that every defeat against this boss worth it. For a tip against this boss I can only say when I fight against giant bosses I try not to use lock on because it will limit your movement and big bosses have a lot of reach, instead I don't use lock on and I can move faster behind them and use the camera as my lock on device. Hope this advice helps you , if not ask another hunters to help you out .
  7. I have a lot of bad games in my platinum cabinet the worst of all was Mind Jack, the history, the mechanics, graphics, I mean everything in this game just plain sucks and is boring af. One of the worst and most memorable part of this game almost in the ending part of the game the girl who follows you tells you that if you know that you can mind jack or mind slave persons . Right now Im with LA Cops and Im having a bad time with this due to the awful aim mechanic in this game
  8. I can tolerate a lot of grinding if is for offline trophies. For online trophies I get tired quickly because there are different factors that affect my experience for example not finding enough players or matching against players who aren't interested in boosting.
  9. Best MP = MW2 Best co-op= BO1 zombies Best history= BO1