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  1. Downloaded the patch and its not fixed anything for me. Still says 0% on Intel and still no trophy. In fact it now says 0% on the story progression when it said 100% before so all i can see its done is killed another tracking feature that was working before.
  2. If they only added 2 emotes and i have 22 i should have enough emotes for the trophy then. So it is broken. The tracking for most of the trophies are completely bugged. The Emote trophy still says i'm at 0% and the Intel trophy is also at 0% I have all the intel and 22 emotes. It should be enough for those trophies but tracking doesn't acknowledge that.
  3. So is there a list somewhere of what Emotes you need for the trophy? I bought ever single emote available.
  4. I have collected 22 Emotes and for some reason the Emote trophy didn't pop for me. Is anyone else having this problem? I assume its glitched. Update: I have also found the intels trophy to be broken too. Collected all intel no trophy.
  5. So im about 25 hours into the game and from what i can gather the trophy tracking is completely fucked. Atleast half of them don't work and unsure if even obtainable. Obviously we all know about the weapons one. But Pathegon trophy, aid kit trophy and from what i can gather the consumables trophy appears to be at 0% on them. Has anyone else had this issue? Did the trophies still pop despite this? Kind of concerned i'm wasting my time here. Also do kills, consumables and XP still count even if you fail the missions? Btw sorry for the repeat posts it seems you can not delete threads after posting them. I have now locked the first thread seems like its all i can do.
  6. So i completed Chapter 15 - On the trail of the Treasure on crushing but no matter how many times i complete the chapter it won't say completed. Will this stop me from getting the trophies if i complete the game or is it just a glitch that i should ignore? I have gone through chapter select and completed it like 3 or 4 times now still the same, even tried completed it on Easy to see if that made a difference still won't complete even on that.