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  1. I think servers might be down, every time I try to start any expedition or mission, the loading screen goes up 3/4 ways then restarts and gets stuck at 1/5 of the ways. I have waited for it to just start for 30 mins, 2 times and it has never started, is anyone having the same issue, and if it can be fixed, please tell me! Thanks.
  2. The Witness: "Challenge" trophy (complete the final challenge at the bottom of the mountain, before the music stops) I have tried to do this trophy far too many times but I could never get the hang of it and I found a possible exploit to use but it had already been patched, all that time for nothing. 12 out of 14 trophies😭
  3. Oh wow, i didn't know about that, if that is true, i think it'll be very interesting and fun, some trophies may even be added
  4. So apperently multiplayer/Co-op is coming to Watch Dogs legion on March 9th. I saw this on either playstation's or Ubisoft's website, im not sure if it's fully confirmed but thats what i've heard, hopefully it makes things a little more fun and exciting!
  5. What about multi tasking, is that possible?
  6. Wow thats a hell of a lot of work and so much can go wrong, but yeah the way you put it, its seems relatively possible to do so withenough dedication and loyalty fromm friends. Yeah the worst thing about this game has always been the luck or (RNG) factor which makes everything harder when you're really trying, thanks.
  7. Ha cool, how do people do it, when i was playing it, i thought the idea of boosting this was impossible, guess not lol.
  8. Hey all, lately i have been seeing people post this as their most recent platinum etc, and heard that some people were saying that they had to boost a lobby with 20 other people just to get the infallible trophy? My question is, is that even possible? Are people seriously trying to get this trophy by trying to get several people on the same page as them, to get in a lobby together so they can help someone get 5 wins in a row? I'm really intrigued by this and would like to know if anyone was considering trying to do this, or have actually done it, please if you have, let me know how you did it, and how hard it was, thanks!
  9. Im pretty sure they said in the blog that the servers will stay open until further notice right? am i mistaken?, I personelly really liked Anthem the only thing i didnt like was the loot aspect and the goddamn collectables, still have to get around to getting those buggers! nearly 300 of 'em!
  10. Awesome, thanks, hope it stays like this for a while!
  11. Hey there,i see hitman 2 is on an 80% deal again which is great, and hopefully i can pick it up but i know there was a buzz of confusion when Hitman 3 came out, that the hitman 2 servers (multiplayers) would close or shutdown. its been like a month now and havent seen anything on forums, but has anyone seen/heard from the devs about anything regarding this subject, thank you!
  12. You bought the hitman 2 gold edition, so you got all hitman 2 levels, including the additional expansion, and if you bought hitman 1 then you have all those games too! 😉
  13. Aw i have had AC Odyssey for a good while now, and while i enjoyed what i played last year, it turned into backlog, so seeing this forum here now, makes me remember how good it was and how bad i wanted the DLC so i really want to buy it now, getting basically 3 games for the price of one on deal, (its 20 euro over here in ireland) is amazing! I didnt even know that you get AC 3 and AC Liberation, so hearing this is AWESOME thanks for making a forum about this, will hopefully pick this up before the deal end on the 3rd of Feb!
  14. Dang sorry to hear. Yeah seems like your stuck, not quite sure how to help?
  15. Hmm? not quite sure bud. Its sounds as if you are doing it right, but check your challenges to see if theyre done again. And if yes or no just do them again to make sure!