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  1. Yes so is finding your sister trophy, I see a few people without that, but have completed the game, so hopefully Techland recognises this issue and fixes it soon!
  2. I have only come across 1 glitched trophy so far, I haven't gotten the trophy for defending the Fish Eye from the Renegades, I'm actually about to go to the Observatory for that mission but still, after about an hour or 2 after doing the Fish Eye mission, it still hasn't popped the trophy. Has anyone else come across this problem, one of my friends has, he is on past and is missing a few story trophies, so hopefully this is resolved in a patch?
  3. I only need a social chest now have 2 of the others, cant find a chest for the life of me, my WiFi logo keeps going on and off, does that matter, and I can't connect to Ubisoft servers in the main menu or anything, does any of this matter. I just really want to get the chest!
  4. Maybe check out the guide for the "Darwin Award" trophy, no one has seemed to have a problem with it, so maybe see if the guide can resolve your problem.
  5. There is someone just about done with the Base game guide and it should be finished soon so I hear, all of questions might be asked in that guide but from what I can tell from playing the game and reading into the trophies etc. It sure as hell is going to be around 250-500 hours to plat like someone said above you have to do a total of 28 promotions, 7 for each dwarf to get to gold I, do that for all 4 dwarves will take A...LOT...OF...TIME!, We'll wait and see about the guide however!
  6. Brilliant guys, thanks for the feedback, I'll be sure to check out the game looks awesome, was just wondering whether the Dlc hadn't become available for purchase yet or something, glad they included it for free!
  7. Just wondering, seen as this is a monthly pe plus game, did or do the DLC's come with the game for free because when I see in the store, it's only packs of cosmetics, no dlc available to buy, so just wondering?
  8. I hit level 25 today but didn't get any trophy, I got it in a Co op game so I don't know if that matters or anything, but do I have to get to 26 to maybe see if it counts?
  9. You can earn all pvp trophies in a private match, just need yourself for some trophies, like capturing flags in Salvage you can do on your own but you'll need at least one other person to get like, the kill/s trophies.
  10. Thanks mate this really helps, was worried about being banned!
  11. To answer this simply, Yes. This game is still possible to 100% the servers are still up and running and when I comes to raids I recommend finding a good a willing fireteam on the sessions section of this website, plus all the multilayer (PVP) Trophies can all be done in private game making it easier for you and your mates to get what you want then and there. The game is actually surprisingly very active since last year so there won't be a problem with waiting for ages when trying to find people. Not much has changed since D2 came out but I hope this helps if you are going to the Plat/100%. The only bad thing is, if you haven't gotten some Dlc's you'll have to pay full price, they never reduced the price and there won't be any sales on them but other than that, you're good to go! ๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜
  12. Has it been patched for everyone yet or are they still working on it, I would really like to earn this if it isn't patched yet!
  13. So when do you think they'll patch this? I mean wรคre they even going to, I hope they don't anytime soon anyway!
  14. Good to know i'll get them done tomorrow!
  15. I think servers might be down, every time I try to start any expedition or mission, the loading screen goes up 3/4 ways then restarts and gets stuck at 1/5 of the ways. I have waited for it to just start for 30 mins, 2 times and it has never started, is anyone having the same issue, and if it can be fixed, please tell me! Thanks.