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  1. I’ve played and platinumed Killzone, Killzone 2, Killzone 3, Killzone 3 Multiplayer, Killzone Mercenary, and Killzone Shadow Fall. The only game I’ve not 100% completed (DLC) is SF. As a die hard fan of the series, the game just doesn’t stack up against the previous ones. I’ve completed them all legit with no boosting, as someone mentioned earlier KZ would actively drop bans in the earlier days for boosting. Overall the single player isn’t as good, and doesn’t really follow any of the previous story (Rico and Sev). The online is far too limited compared with 2 and 3. To be fair 3 was a little watered down to 2, and then it’s been watered down more. As someone mentioned everyone seems to think 2 was the pinnacle, and that was definitely true for me. 32 player games rather than 24, with large open maps. SF feels more like a close quarters combat game, where guns like the shotgun are overpowered. Deployable spawn points were important to tactically take control of the map, but also avoid being base camped. While you can do this in SF, because the maps are so closed in you just spawn and die more often than not if you are not controlling the map. I didn’t like the reduction in classes, or the redistribution of skills for each class either. Sniper was my favourite, and in one game on Kz2 I racked up an 88-1 kill-death playing as sniper. The marksman class on SF was more about camping choke points in the map where the whole team would have to come down the same alley or through the same door. In Kz2, the maps were big and open, and you could freely snipe. Kz2 did have some close quarters combat maps though, like Tharsis Depot. Playing Engineer with either boost or air support on that map was fun as hell! Again that was kinda removed with the redistribution of classes. One of my other big disappointments was the chat system. 2 was fun, you could squad chat but also chat to people in close proximity, and since there was an 8 second bleed out on most kills, you could run over and t-bag someone with a few words of taunt. I mean, I get why they had to remove that, I died many a time t-bagging someone (worth it!), but I guess it opens up lines of abuse. They did away with the cross team chat in 3, but there was still communication. In SF, I hardly remember a team communicating at all, at least while I played. The games were silent, it felt like you were playing botzone, and that really killed the enjoyment for me. Each to their own though, I just wish for a remaster of 2, with online, as I’m sure many do.
  2. Resident Evil 5 and Dead Space 3 were both very enjoyable co-op games.
  3. Vanquish, I’ve got a couple of the challenges left to beat, which I’m 100% sure I can do as I was shit hot on it back in the day. Alas, I let my best friend take a borrow of it 8 years ago, and now I lack the motivation to ask for it back.
  4. When I platinumed the remaster of Killzone I had a massive bag of rum truffles, that I ate as I played. Now when I have one I think of that game. I also had a few warnings/psn temp bans for vulgar language in my early days on online shooters, so I got into the habit of having a tub of Joseph Dobson lolly’s on hand, whenever I got annoyed and wanted to shout expletives down the mic, I’d whap a lolly in my gob to keep me quiet. Not had a ban since 😅
  5. Killzone trilogy with a complete merged online experience of KZ2 and KZ3 please and thank you.
  6. I got the VR not long ago, the mega game bundle with Res 7, Skyrim, PS Worlds, Everybody’s Golf, and Astro Bot. I enjoyed EG and platted it, fairly easy plat when you figure out tornado cups count 😅 Skyrim I got about 15 minutes in and had to turn off sadly. It’s very blurred, and gives me really bad motion sickness. Though, the same thing happened on one of the PS World games, and it turned out I was having a hypoglycaemic attack, so I may go back and re-try Skyrim in case it was that. PS Worlds was the first thing I played, and it was a great intro into VR. When the menu loads, you’re just in awe of it. I played the shark mission first and that was great fun and really well made. But, I wouldn’t pay more than 15-20 for it, I don’t know what the current price point is. Not tried the others yet, but I have got an aim controller and been playing Bravo Team. Fun shooting game, but quite short. Easy plat if you go for it. I have Far Point from ps+ which is aim controller too, but not tried yet. I saw Creed on sale for £8 recently, but it’s back at £20 for now, so I’ll wait til it’s back on sale. As for slasher type games, I picked up Sairento for that reason but haven’t yet tried it. Picked it up quite cheap pre-owned. I’d recommend looking that up as it seems to be exactly what you’re looking for.
  7. This ^ it took me 5 years to platinum nba 2k14 because of a stupid (not even rare) trophy that glitched out on me several times. It was soul destroying. I’ve not played an nba game since, but I’m tempted by this one.
  8. I did this trophy a couple of days ago, I just flew a helicopter directly north until I couldn’t see any white bits on the mini map and then jumped out. As soon as I dived I saw the shark spawned. I then tried to let it kill me on the surface but he wasn’t interested. After diving again he killed me right away. Hope this helps.
  9. I’m pretty sure the trophies count in rented servers. Though I do think you need 4 players to play (could be wrong, but I think so). If you need players to help though, send me a request, I’m happy to work on them trophies. I did BFBC2, BF3, BF4 100% with no boosting, but then this game killed me off with those silly trophies 😅
  10. I think Tiger Woods 2005 started my trophy obsession. I spent forever trying to fill the trophy room 100% on that game. What a game! Also, as someone who platted NBA 2K14, I agree, it’s nice to see a trophy list that doesn’t look impossible. 😅
  11. Shawn Lee’s Ping Pong Orchestra - Kiss the Sky, from Tales from the Borderlands. One of the few songs that stuck with me after a game.
  12. Killzone 2. If this got a full remaster with online for the PS5, then I’d be sold on it. I did plat it twice originally using an alternate account, I’d happily do it a third time. Rewarding and enjoyable, very satisfying to see the platinum pop at the end of the Elite playthrough.
  13. Singstar is my second rarest (after NBA 2k14) and was cake, if you can stand to sing or hum along to do way diddy 400 plus* times. 0.48 rarity. *the trophy for 400 songs glitches out on me and didn’t unlock until around 600. I had nightmares about that song for months.
  14. The proxy you used still works, got it first attempt. Took 3 mins for first trophy and a further 7 mins for second. Cheers 😁
  15. MGS3, it’s a lot of fun, and fairly easy to plat.