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  1. MGS3, it’s a lot of fun, and fairly easy to plat.
  2. @ZombHunter13 Horizon Zero Dawn, I haven't had chance to play it yet.
  3. I have I think 19, I did have more but a couple have been edged out. Res ORC is teetering on 5.01% currently Medal of Honor was easy apart from the Firestarter trophy. Took me a few weeks to get a 45 killstreak and get that done. (Easy plat if you decide to boost though). RDR was easy, but you'll probably have to boost the online trophies now. The Sims 3 was easy but boring/semi-long. LBP is fairly easy, but you'll need some help with the hearts and so on. BF3 was easy, took me a while to get the 6 heli kills but once I got used to flying it was easy. DLC took me a long time to do though. (Probably easy if you boost?) MOH Frontline was pretty easy but need patience for the Hard playthrough. Easy to get frustrated. PES 10, 11, 13 were all simple (currently working on PES 14 too) - not sure if the online is still available though, so may be unplattable now? Killzone 2 was such a fun game I platted that twice back in the day. Would be difficult to do legit now due to low player count. (Probably boostable) Campaign is tough. Fifa 15 ps3 was pretty easy. You'll need 2 or 3 buddies to do the online trophies. Fifa 15 ps4 was also pretty easy, but you'll need patience, luck, and help for the scoring from the ground trophy. Crysis 2 was pretty fun and mostly easy, I had trouble with the multi kill online where you gotta kill like 5 guys in 5 seconds, but probably boostable. Sniper Ghost Warrior - fun and mostly easy. Online was a bit of a grind but there's not a great deal to do. Probably boostable. Starhawk, you can do this pretty easily and quickly if you work with a friend. Singstar - just buy a couple of cheap Singstar ps2 discs from ebay and get the friends round and do this for fun over a few weeks once or twice a week. Easy! Games on my Ultra Rare list I wouldn't recommend as easy - Fifa 16 ps4 (unless you're really good at football games) - the Online Draft mode is very stressful. You will want to smash your Ps4, controller, TV, and everything else Kane and Lynch 2 - very glitchy, buggy, online is tough. Needs to be boosted, and no reliable method to boost - the game will only start when the host clicks ready, and if the host is a random who might be afk than you have no chance. No way to start a new lobby either. AVOID. Army of 2 The 40th Day. Same as K+L. Very buggy and glitchy, online will have to be boosted, very long grind, tough to co-ordinate between a group. Also one trophy is now dead unless you already unlocked it before the website went down years ago. Hope this helps! Enjoy
  4. In hindsight I would have gone with Army of Two: the 40th Day, unlike most generic platinum trophy titles, I really like this one. "Better than Gold". Alas, it will have to make do in my trophy cabinet instead. I'm getting close to 100 so I will have to decide on this soon too!
  5. Great idea. I'll try with ones that I loaded up and started, but got nowhere with so I can work on my overall percentage at the same time. 1. Darksiders PS3 (2%) 2. Lego Harry Potter: Years 5-7 Vita (5%) 3. Guacamelee Vita (8%) 4. Never Alone PS4 (16%) 5. inFAMOUS PS3 (23%) 6. Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition PS4 (24%) - depending if I can get my co-op partner to play again or not.
  6. Hi, Bit of background info - I completed the requirements for this trophy during my original MyCAREER. However, trophy did not unlock. Other trophies were buggy and didn't unlock on first attempt, so I decided to come back to it later. I think I did this 2 or 3 times in my original MyCAREER. I then went back with a new save after finishing all other trophies, tried again, and again no luck. I continued on to the second attempt and still nothing. I then looked around on internet, and also asked other people who had the plat (this was like 2 years ago). I found suggestions for deleting the game data, and trying again OFFLINE. So I did this, still nothing. I deleted everything with the game on the system, and tried again offline, but still nothing. I left the game, pretty much in disgust, not knowing whether to cry or throw my controller at the tv. After about a year I went back and tried again, because I worked friggin hard on this platinum, and being glitched out by what should be an easy trophy is killing me! But still, no trophy. I then contacted 2k for help, they said that they don't have anything to do with trophies(?????!) and that I need to contact Sony. So I contacted Sony, who told me it was not their issue, and 2k has to help, they also said to get back in touch if 2k do not help. So, back to 2k, who said they feel for me, but can't refund me (which makes me think they don't even understand what I was saying??). I passed that back to Sony who said again it's not their problem. So I'm just stuck in limbo now, nobody is willing to help with the trophy, and seemingly nothing is working. It takes many hours to attempt this trophy, as you have to play over 60 games in your career to reach the first point in which you can attempt it. Does anybody have any suggestions on possible fixes? PLEASE! As an added note, the game disc and console were both bought in the UK on launch day. Not sure if that matters? (and also, you have to patch the game to attempt the trophy, as you can't go past the All Star break without the patch). Thanks for any help!
  7. 2K games did a really good job beating EA on NBA - with one HUGE but...the micro-transactions. They really take the biscuit with exploiting extra cash out of their customers. PES hasn't cut it in maybe 9 years, but who knows - maybe the real life FIFA scandal will shake things up in the game industry, we can hope? It baffles me why their sports games have such shockingly bad support, when Battlefield has great and sustained support. Maybe they should ship all of their titles to DICE and shut down all other departments at EA Games!
  8. I had a problem with FUT last year, not going into too much detail, but basically I selected a pack to open and the game glitched and instead opened a silver pack. This happened 3 times. I used the share feature to record what had happened, and immediately contacted EA. Like you, I got the Indian customer services - but via webchat, I don't have the patience for phone calls with EA. I got passed around the same departments as you, each time having to explain my situation. I was promised before going, that filling in a missing items form they presented me with, would ensure I receive my coins back. I pointed out to each person I spoke to that I have video proof of what happened. So, I left it with them. About a week later, I got an email from them saying my case had been reviewed, and proven that NO glitch had occurred, and there was no evidence of any wrongdoing. I replied, again pointing out that I had video proof via the share feature, and this needs to be reviewed. Then, I forgot about it, SEVEN MONTHS later, I got an email from them saying my case was being closed again, there was no evidence, and if I complain again, my account will be shut down. I screenshot all the back and forth's and forwarded them on to Sony, explained the situation, pointed out I had evidence, I was being treated like sh!t, and a reply after 7 months was more insulting that being plain ignored. They called me the next day, asked me to upload the video onto Youtube and reply to the email with a link, while they escalate a complaint against EA. I did, and they called back the next day, went through my purchase history with me, and gave me some refunds via the PS Store. They also promised to give EA a bollocking. I don't know if they did, but they were far more helpful that EA will ever be. Live and learn - always go to the overheads!
  9. Hey, Have you got any tips on the disprove the legend trophy please?? This glitched on me and stopped me getting the platinum. So I deleted all save data/game data, did it again, and it glitched again. This is killing me being so close and then having it glitch out on me. This trophy isnt even hard compared to the rest any advise would be appreciated! Cheers,
  10. Has a God Complex - like most United fans
  11. 4 years work, at least 2 of them full time hours or more, plus downloaded content/PSplus subs and other costs...maybe £50-80,000 would be a fair sum. Money can't buy all of my many memories though - the rage from Army of Two the 40th day plat, nailing an 8 person grenade kill on Blood Gracht, reaching seed 1 on NBA 2k14...nope I couldn't let go of that.
  12. It's pretty much an expensive paperweight 95% of the time...
  13. I think Dead Space 2 was a better game, but I got more enjoyment out of Dead Space 3 for the co-op aspect. To put it another way, Resident Evil 4 is a much better game than Resident Evil 5, but I got much more playability and enjoyment out of the co-op aspect on Res 5. There's no point buying a game (or not buying one) based on someone else's opinion. Buy the game that better suits your own enjoyment. If you like Dead Space 1 as much as you say, then 2 is probably a better choice for you than 3. OR you could just buy both?!
  14. I'm still pissed that my trophy for 400 songs completed glitched me out of the platinum on ps3 version, so Singstar can forget getting any money from me this generation!
  15. I managed to get to top seed on 2k14, and I have just 11 cards left to complete the collection...and I've had this game since day 1. Safe to say, I'm not putting myself through another year of agony. Great game, easily one of the best sports titles around, but if I do play, it won't be for trophies this year, sadly.