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  1. I 100% completed BF3 and 4, went back and did the same for BFbc2, and I’m currently working on BF1 before I get started on V... I shelved Hardline because of the 10k trophies. I’ve always done the BF trophies on my own in public servers, the thought of boosting 40,000 kills takes all the fun out of it for me. I have played to completion and enjoyed all the campaigns (apart from Hardline as mentioned), and have no issues with 50/50 trophy splits. However, I turned to this series (starting with BF3) to replace my multiplayer experience as the servers began to die down on Killzone 2 and 3. For me at least, this series has always been about multiplayer game play, so if that’s where the trophies are based, I’m also completely fine with that.
  2. Glad you got this. I tried several times over the years to get this to work, including what you did but no luck for me. The method that eventually worked was to completely wipe everything relating to the game from my system, ensure my system was offline and unable to connect to the internet, and use a new user on the system. I think I must have downloaded the patch before disconnecting from the internet but I did so on the dummy profile to keep my account completely away from the attempt. After several hours on MyCareer I managed to get the trophy on the empty profile, I then logged back into the internet and signed the empty profile in using my PSN info and the platinum was sitting there. I didn’t get to see it pop, but I was just so happy to finally have it!
  3. I still have all my memory cards - just the one from ps1 and about 8 from ps2. Most of them are full with various save files from Champ Manager 06 and 07 😅 and one that has my Tiger Woods 05 save file on. TW05 basically started my trophy obsession before trophies were even a thing, trying to fill the trophy room on that was awesome, many happy memories from those cards.
  4. I was late to the PS3 party - I got one in around 2010/11. I got Killzone 2 for a preowned price of £4. I pre-ordered the special Hig edition of KZ3, I got the collectors edition pre-ordered of KZSF packaged with the PS4 at launch, I pre-ordered KZ Merc...yet where’s my KZ5? Kicked to the side and discarded. By this argument I should be refunded for the full priced ones, where as my KZ2 at £4 was a nice investment.
  5. Arsenal fan, I hope this failed power/cash grab finally pushes Silent Stan out of the club. After years of mismanagement and piss-poor investment, not a chance in Hell do we deserve to be rubbing shoulders with Europe’s elite. We’re barely top 10 in England, what gives us the right to say we are one of the best 12 in Europe? Embarrassing. As for having “big matches” - I remember growing up and being super excited on Tuesday and Wednesday nights to see teams like AC Milan with players like Seadorf, Kaka, Maldini; or Barcelona with Ronaldinho, or the Galacticos of Real Madrid. The idea of watching AC Milan v Real Madrid now is not enticing at all because the teams are no where near the same quality they used to be. The best players have got old, and the younger ones have not filled the boots. I’d like to ask all the Arsenal fans here - how many of the current team would get anywhere near to the Invincibles? Saka and ESR maybe in reserve, maybe Tierney too. I’m barely excited to watch us play at the weekend - I’m terrified how bad we are going to be this week! The thought of playing Europe’s big boys and getting pumped every week for a bit of extra dollar in the owners pocket? No thanks.
  6. Just to add a sub-question to this topic, does anyone know of any VR fishing games? I feel like they’d be perfect for VR but I haven’t come across any. Cheers!
  7. Not a lot, I’m not overly bothered about unfinished games. The only dlc I’m planning to buy is Sleeping Dogs, and if it’s still available Brink. I have 5 ps3 games that are platinum but not 100% - UC2 is unobtainable now. RDR I own the dlc. LBP I never want to play again in my life 😅 I’m also planning on Persona 4 Golden on the vita, after reading many recommendations on here, and Toy Story 2 ps1 classic for a bit of nostalgia. All other ps1/2 games that I want I own physical copies of still.
  8. Is there any updates on this? I can’t see anything online anywhere. I can play a solo game of garden warfare, and I can join a vanquish server fine. Gardens and Graveyards just seems to be a endless black loading screen (although I can hear people talking on the mic as if it’s connected to a game).
  9. Shinoda_2qx - First Glory
  10. For me personally, it’s not worth it, though in some ways I fall on both sides of the argument. My profile was locked out of 100% very early on with Fifa 09 and Fifa 10 both taking online trophies away before I ever really got to grips with trophies. By this point I had also played all the guitar hero games which I’ll openly admit that I’ll never have the skill to complete (and now they’ve lost online too). In a way that has been a blessing because I’ve never had to force myself to play a game I’m not enjoying to 100%, I can tell myself if I’m not enjoying it, leave it. I may come back to it one day. I tried on 3 separate occasions to complete InFamous, but I just really didn’t like it. Some games on my list have a time line of up to 9 years for completion because I’ve walked away several times and came back. At the same time, there has been some games that I’ve really enjoyed, but considered “tough” 100%s that I’ve played to completion and that has been very rewarding, giving me a sense of achievement. Games like Killzone 2, Battlefield BC 2, BF3 and BF4 I completed 100% with no boosting involved. But I did these games either whilst at university or working part time, I had much more free time to do this, as I’ve become more of an adult with responsibilities, I don’t get the time anymore. I think 2019 I only managed 4 platinums, my lowest in a long time and I wanted to rectify that and ended up getting over 60 last year to hit my target of 200 total. The downside is I found myself playing(and paying for) a lot of crap games that I didn’t really get the enjoyment out of. This year I’m trying to focus more on open games that will bring my overall completion rate up, I’m sitting marginally below 75% right now, I’m aiming to get to above 80% this year. I’ve only managed to get 1 platinum because of this though so far. What I would say here is that yes perhaps the completionist aspect does affect your ranking, because you spend more time on more awkward trophies, bringing your total trophy points potential down compared with stacking lots of crap games. I also agree with the argument that it’s possible (probable?) to lose interest in a good game before getting 100% and that can leave the wrong impression of an otherwise good game. I’m currently 2 trophies away from plants vs zombies, but as there is no in game counter on kills I have no idea how many kills I have left to complete, this is frustrating. I had the same issue when I did Warhammer with 40k kills. I also had a problem with nba 2k14, where a glitch kept me from an easy trophy to get a 0.02% rare plat for 6 years...that was very rewarding to finally do, but put me off all nba games since. Play games the way way you want, for me, I set targets each year, I’m comfortable knowing I’ll never be 100%, but if I wanted to, I could have a 100% year.
  11. I did make my 9000th trophy “It’s over 9000!” from the game Ruiner, just so it shows in my trophy cabinet. 😁 You can do it!
  12. I see you managed to get the platinum today, did the method above work or did you have to do it a different way? Congrats on the plat. 👍
  13. All your trophies are belong to me. Platinum for NBA 2K14 0.02% with 23 achievers. I have 2 other trophies with 20 achievers but the rarity is higher.
  14. When you click the title in the library you get a little pop up with a download button, I think it’s in blue. Click the download and it turns green. With all this still open, reboot your ps3, and wait a few moments. If still nothing try and open the memory card data on the ps3, and then wait another moment. Like I said it was finicky, and didn’t work first time every time. You can also try deactivating your ps3 first and then reactivating it. I have 2 ps3s, and the one I was trying it on wasn’t registered as my main one, so that could be the issue.
  15. I had the same issue with another game. To fix this you will need to use google chrome on your web browser and download the chrome extension PSDLE. Once you have done this, open the OLD ps store on chrome. (See the post below to find your region). Then run the PSDLE extension and you can search through your full library. Here you can initiate the download straight to your ps3 system. I found it a little finicky, you may need to reboot your system to get the download to start. Hope this helps!