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  1. Forgive me as I do not remember exactly the layout of the schedule but I recall just making 15 challenges by the end by following what I outlined. Sometimes you will get unlucky and get challenges that take too long or are annoying (like only being allowed to use soft tires for an entire event so you're unable to drive properly by the end). That is why I recommend backing up your save after each time you complete a challenge in the recommended way. This will allow you to fall back on your save if you get challenges that are not favorable. It should work out by the end of the season as long as you don't finish your 15th challenge after it stops offering challenges.
  2. It'll be MK11 XL edition. They did the same thing with Injustice 2 and MK X.
  3. So this isn't coming to consoles tomorrow? Bummer.
  4. Ahhh i had a feeling it might be something like that. Thanks for the info! I got it done. Did the Assault class multiplayer run by myself.. it was really hairy at the end, my chest armor was orange and my arm was yellow! I used the mace, it worked beautifully. I also used perks to improve my defenses.
  5. How did you deal with the explody boys with the assault marine? Also, did you do the assists trophy in regular mp or is there a way to solo?
  6. I just spent the last couple hours trying to get under 7 minutes for the Pedal to the Metal trophy. The best I could do was a 7'14". I think it is doable but it will take absolute mastery of the entire stage.
  7. Do adventure mode and keep trying until you get Singe. His slow speed makes him an easy target. I think you can get hit by the adds and still achieve the trophy. Use a long range weapon and buffs to maximize your damage and reduce the amount of time you are fighting.
  8. I saw there was a patch today but, because of your summary, I will take this opportunity to wait a bit.
  9. It was a reply from their account on twitter so who knows. Codemasters wasn't really known for doing DLC trophies but they have been steadily adding them to Dirt Rally 2.0. They were late adding them on Dirt Rally 2.0 as a comparison. I wouldn't be surprised if they do add them.
  10. I saw a reply on Twitter from the @grid account that said they are planning on adding DLC trophies for each season.
  11. I got the 15 weapon mods trophy after I logged in today. I only have about 7 mods. So I guess this is glitched in a good way now? I played with someone who had basically all the items in the game so maybe that is why.
  12. So I got both of the hard season 4 trophies last night (Sunday Driver was actually not bad at all surprisingly) and I used these two videos to help with the Yas Marina lap: The setup from this video was very good, car is stable if a wee bit stiff but it is definitely better than the default setup I liked this video for the racing line mostly
  13. For people having trouble with the steering using the Koenigsegg, try using a mix of parts from the showcase category. It is a bit driftier which helps with the understeer.
  14. I am one of those suckers who bought the Magnus Edition. Curse my love for the WH/40k universe.
  15. Nice, good job! I look forwarding to watching your video for some pointers.