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  1. I got the 15 weapon mods trophy after I logged in today. I only have about 7 mods. So I guess this is glitched in a good way now? I played with someone who had basically all the items in the game so maybe that is why.
  2. So I got both of the hard season 4 trophies last night (Sunday Driver was actually not bad at all surprisingly) and I used these two videos to help with the Yas Marina lap: The setup from this video was very good, car is stable if a wee bit stiff but it is definitely better than the default setup I liked this video for the racing line mostly
  3. For people having trouble with the steering using the Koenigsegg, try using a mix of parts from the showcase category. It is a bit driftier which helps with the understeer.
  4. I am one of those suckers who bought the Magnus Edition. Curse my love for the WH/40k universe.
  5. Nice, good job! I look forwarding to watching your video for some pointers.
  6. Are you going flat out to the line to get that 39.700? You can gain about half a second that way but I would only risk that on your last lap (if you're doing time trials). This dlc is no joke. I did attempt the 100 AI and got smoked. I'm just not used to the view I think.
  7. I attempted to play this game online last night, to work on some of the multiplayer trophies, and was greeted by an error message essentially stating that the servers were not available. I checked online and saw others have been having the same issue for a while now. What is strange to me is that people are still earning online trophies at a consistent rate. I wonder if the servers are still available in certain regions? Either way if you're thinking about taking the plunge into this game, you may want to skip it considering the state of the servers and virtually no response from the developer.
  8. I too was playing from an old save my first time through the career mode at the WRC level and did not get the trophy. The second time through I got it while following the path I outlined. Hopefully you get it sorted!
  9. You just backup your save, for the spot you want to roll back to, into the cloud. The game always makes a save after you complete a stage so you can quit out in the middle of a day during the campaign.
  10. Yes you can change them one time each to try and get one that is preferable. The save back up is your ultimate security though.
  11. All you have to do is make sure you only accept 1 rally event for short-term and 2 rally events for medium-term. You will get the trophy at the end of the Catalunya rally. This will require some save scumming. Just backup your save when you are one event from the challenge refresh (the refresh occurs after two "days" pass on your calendar. If you get into a situation where you are in a rally and the challenge will refresh once it completes, just exit the game on the very last stage and backup your save. The last stage is always a short one, at least I never had a long stage on the final stage of the third day.
  12. I barely used the Feltrite Cannon, although it is a powerful weapon, I just didn't really need it. I think I did get a skin after the credits rolled but I can't remember.
  13. From the Rage 2 website:
  14. I've put a little bit of time into this game. The biggest problem I've had concerning mp is that I almost always get booted after completing 60-75% of a level. The net code is pretty terrible. I've not tried to farm as StilRh suggested.