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  1. I just had a glitch where the game shows I have all collectibles for an area but the tracking shows that I am missing one. I collected the last document and then died right after. I think that is what causes it. Reloading the game fixes the issue.
  2. I'm going to wait to do the new game+ for when PS5 comes out. It'll be a totally different experience!
  3. Both of the glitched DLC trophies show 0.1% on PSN. I am assuming it is a trophy hacker? I didn't even know you can hack trophies on PS4.
  4. Big oof on that front.. I'm glad I pounced on this opportunity!
  5. I am not home to check at the moment but there are two areas where you have challenges for the Dark Omens dlc. You have Dark Omens and then Weaves, I'm pretty sure. You want to check under Weaves. There are a bunch of challenges that reward a chest for every 5 weaves you finish. The one you want to track is for completing 80 weaves. The glitch did work for me, I did it last Wednesday/Thursday.
  6. You can check your progress in the challenge book.
  7. Codemasters was having issues with the leaderboards.
  8. Damn that is quite a glitch... better get grinding!
  9. Same here. i've completed 35 races and over two-thirds of my laps were "clean laps". This one might be bugged. Update: I just got this trophy. I believe you need to complete races without getting any type of warning or making contact with another player. You can't even slightly bump into them. Also, I read that only ranked lobbies count.
  10. Can't wait for that Grail Knight to become available on console. He looks like a real power house!
  11. "...Flatout" from Dirt Rally 2.0. You have to beat 40 scenarios on very hard difficulty. It took me almost three weeks of playing every day but I was so relieved when it was done.
  12. Forgive me as I do not remember exactly the layout of the schedule but I recall just making 15 challenges by the end by following what I outlined. Sometimes you will get unlucky and get challenges that take too long or are annoying (like only being allowed to use soft tires for an entire event so you're unable to drive properly by the end). That is why I recommend backing up your save after each time you complete a challenge in the recommended way. This will allow you to fall back on your save if you get challenges that are not favorable. It should work out by the end of the season as long as you don't finish your 15th challenge after it stops offering challenges.
  13. It'll be MK11 XL edition. They did the same thing with Injustice 2 and MK X.
  14. So this isn't coming to consoles tomorrow? Bummer.
  15. Ahhh i had a feeling it might be something like that. Thanks for the info! I got it done. Did the Assault class multiplayer run by myself.. it was really hairy at the end, my chest armor was orange and my arm was yellow! I used the mace, it worked beautifully. I also used perks to improve my defenses.