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  1. Shredder was a hard trophy. Music thing is to fast 🙈
  2. Cant you the claw machine?
  3. I smashed a lot of things no trophy
  4. People that have played the game. How is it? Is it a hard platinum?
  5. Did you guys miss any side quest? Or do you se all side quest?
  6. I am like should i do the 3 houses i dont want to play first before my final house.
  7. As you know, you should use the Sessions to find other players for a game as requesting to boost is off-topic in non-boosting threads and new boosting threads are not allowed.

  8. Trophy activist and trash can and artist? How to you get that?
  9. Please use the Sessions to find other players for a game as new boosting threads are against the forum rules.

    1. DaivRules


      Please do not create new boosting threads

  10. How do people have this nobody have finished the game in 2 hours here.
  11. Somebody know how to get the trophies. The Almighty and miser you stole from a crow. I cant get trophy gossip i talked to my colleagues 10 times nothing 😥
  12. I am missing all broken items and wash items 😥 not sure what i am missing.
  13. Cant find all the items to clean or repair 🥺
  14. I think they made deathloop easiere with this update.
  15. I am Stuck on making ramen. Stupid cutting.