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  1. #63 Call of Duty: WWII (ultra rare, 1,53%) Enjoyment: 8/10. Trophy wise, the game can be seperated in 3 elements: campaign, multiplayer and zombies. The campaign has a nice mix of cutscenes, crazy chaos and stealthing trough enemy camps. It feels like the regular COD recipe. Finishing the game on veteran difficulty isn't hard, but some of the trophies are almost impossible to achieve on this difficulty, so multiple playtroughs per mission are required. As far as the multiplayer goes, I almost only played the War mode, which is by far the best mode in COD I've every played. Playing as a 'Commando' it was just plain fun. I never had the feeling being in a salty lobby due to how the mode is set up, K/D is not registered which filters out the sweats. It's an objective based mode. Finally I only touched the zombies mode to get the plat. I can understand how this is a popular mode, running around slaying zombies and completing the easter eggs with a group of friends. Difficulty: 6/10. This is where the ultra rare percentage comes in: the zombies easter eggs are very, very difficult for an unexperienced zombies player like me. I got lucky meeting a level 1000 dude via the boosting sessions, who was able to finish the easter eggs in a duo game with me, while I was just hopping around killing zombies every now and then. "I play this mode for fun". There are a few challenging campaign trophies as well but nothing too difficult with some trial and error. Plat time: approx. 70 hours, total game time 300+.
  2. Keep the weeks in mind which are required and after that go to the same hud on where you select the new position. The triangle button option will appear to change the postion. I took an winger from RA to LA, estimated change time was 6 weeks so I simulated for 7 and the option was there. I didnt get any mail or messages either.
  3. I've very much enjoyed this game and while checking out Rebel Galaxy Outlaw video's on youtube I stumbled upon an easy cheese method to get the 20 pirate lord kills. It can be a real pain (and grind) to get the pirate lords spawned. If you want to speed things up, try the following: Before starting the fight, have a look at your stats and see how many pirate lords you've already killed. When you're fighting a pirate lord, the red lines on the screen will indicate when you've succesfully killed it (faction xx reduces by xx for example). When the kill pops on screen, directly press start to pauze the game, check your stats if you have a +1 pirate lord kill and click 'exit to title'. The game is now saved, but not at the exact moment when you hit start, this is where the cheesing comes in. If you reload the game via the menu you'll notice that the game creates the save a second or 2 before the actual moment when you hit start and clicked 'exit to title'. Now reload the game, you'll be back in the fight with the pirate lord and most likely you'll only have to give it a shot to kill it. Repeat the pauze action, check if you have a +1 and if so rinse and repeat until you get 20 for the trophy. Please give the game some time to process the saves when loading back into the menu. I advice to not try to speedrun the save and reload actions as this might cause some trouble.
  4. You don't need to do it all in one go without dying. Just hold them all up and try to loose low wanted levels.
  5. Most likely. Have it cleaned and apply new thermal paste.
  6. For racers, Gravel is a bargain. It has nice graphics, fine mechanics and a straight-forward trophy list.
  7. #61 Assasins Creed Rogue Remastered Enjoyment: 8/10. I loved AC Black Flag and stumbled upon this remastered version. I can recommend the game to anyone who enjoyed Black Flag and wants to play in a similar setting. The 3 different locations (City, rivers and ocean) work great, the environments are beautiful and the sailing and sea wars are one of the best in gaming. The game got mentioned a couple of times in this topic, but the grind isn't that bad with all the quick travel locations. Defintely not comparable to the 9000 chests in AC Unity. The game leaves a lot of room for exploring while doing the missions, so solely focussing on the mission objectives can lead to a pretty long grind when you completed the story. Difficulty: 3/10. It would have been a 2/10 if the final legendary ship fight wasn't that hard. The game has cheats available (thank you god mode) so this should not stop the show. For any AC player it's all straight-forward: go here, sync there, chase and kill this guy while staying unnoticed. The 100% synchronization on all missions can be a challenge but definitely doable. Plat time: 30 hours
  8. Accumulate indeed. I did it in multiple sessions, no problem, popped mid-game. Try to get it with 1 gun so that you're able to track the kills via the camo challenges.
  9. Love to see AC Rogue being mentioned... I'm currently playing it 😁 Need for Speed Payback has a trophy for collecting all casino chips (which doesn't serve any purpose). Some of these chips are mid-air placed which can only be reached via a very specific jump and with the correct speed and angle. Sometimes it takes dozens of retries.
  10. #60 Need for Speed: Rivals Enjoyment: 7/10. I'm a fan of the NFS series and this one is in line with all the others. A fun racer which can be challenging at times. It runs good on PS5, no hickups or framedrops. Difficulty: 4/10. Pretty challenging game. You play either as a cop or a racer with 60 levels to complete. The game adjusts the difficulty to the car you choose, which can just make the difference between easy and hard. It wouldn't be an NFS series if there isn't a random car spawning directly in front of you or heavy rubber banding. The most challenging part is the final race of the Racer playlist, it covers the entire outskirts of the map and lasts around 10-12 minutes. Plat time: 25 hours
  11. #57: Super Street: The Game Difficulty: 2/10. There is an option to change the difficulty, but still there is really strong rubberbanding and the AI makes silly mistakes. The AI crashes a lot, like not braking before tight turns. Also the game has a 'takedown' feature so the AI tries to ram you and others, crashing themselves out a lot. I do not recommend to play this game if you want to go ahead against a solid AI competitor. Enjoyment: 6/10. Overall pretty fun and quick racing game with clear trophies. The online part is dead so a boosting group is required, but it only takes 3 races to get the trophies. Plat time: 10 hours #58: Dirt 5 Difficulty: 3/10. The AI is pretty solid on higher difficulties. The way the cars handle can make a big difference per race. Overall not too difficult, some races are challenging on medium difficulty and can feel a bit unfair, but nothing too worrying. Enjoyment: 8/10. Great overall straight forward arcade racer. I really liked the hill climb races, it worked really well and offers a nice different challenge. The online part is very alive and offers some fun different game elements which aren't in the singeplayer mode. Plat time: 25 hours #59: Maquette Difficulty: -. Used a full guide for this one, not into puzzle games. Enjoyment: 5/10. Not my type of game, but had it in the PS5 backlog so tried it out. The puzzle element feels good and I can see how people who enjoy these type of games can really enjoy it. Plat time: 4 hours
  12. I would recommend the singleplayer first to get the learn the mechanics. Then jump on wolfpack for the level 55 grind and while playing find some partners to get the other mp trophies.
  13. What you can try is to get on a bike server and ask the host to set up the 'all players in lobby meet in Wildcats' stadium' challenge if you have 8 players in the lobby. If you're alone then it may be useful to just wait until other players join. I've noticed that it could quickly fill up. Have you tried the boosting groups of the EU version? Via https://psnprofiles.com/sessions/7364-burnout-paradise I did the 'Ride 10 miles on a bike in an 8 player lobby' with 2 Koreans while I'm from the EU so I don't think this is region locked.
  14. Just got the trophy yesterday, game was fully updated with the latest patch. Gymkhana in career mode, little over 30k points and it popped. No troubles here.
  15. Apart from a good amount of time and a dedicated heist group, you'll be fine. The discord will be your source to settle this. Rockstar updates the playlists every week so keep this in mind about any possible activities you can't do for numero uno trophy.