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  1. I've added you both!
  2. This community is not your only hope. You should reach out to a therapy specialist. There is nothing wrong with having an in-take and share your challenges in life. There are many, many people with similar complexities you seem to be facing, in all sorts of different subjects.
  3. #81 Grid Legends Difficulty: 2/10 on medium. I switched often between medium and hard. It depends on the track and cars how the AI behave. Sometimes they hit the apex perfectly, where in other tracks they seem to be glued to the braking pedal and break on full throttle turns. Also the game has the fun element where tires can blow up or cars can get terminally damaged... which happens every race. I often was sitting in second place, thinking about a nice tight race when all of a sudden the AI in first place crashed out in a very questionable way. There are maybe 1 or 2 races which were very difficult on hard because of the shitty car you'll have to use. I can recommend the game for anyone who wants to start a game and just go driving. Almost all tracks have closed borders and no traffic. Enjoyment: 7/10 I was looking for another nice racing game with good graphics, solid handling and not too much flashy stuff like NFS. This game got it, but don't expect anything like Driveclub or Gran Tursimo. There is a career mode with videos about some sort of story with racers and mechanics, I didn't follow the story but you'll just have to win all races. After the career mode you'll have to win x amount of races on 'rookie' level, then 'semi-pro' and win all on 'pro' level to finally unlock on 'gauntlet. Then, if you want to go for platinum you'll have to drive at least 80km with quite a few cars. This is a serious grind of just simple racing. I created a topic to check if there was another way to do this effectively, instead of go in blind and start any race to make a +1 on completed races and increase the amount of kilomteres driven. https://forum.psnprofiles.com/topic/136447-how-to-effectively-go-for-platinum/ Time: 50 hours, as effectively as possible after 20 hours in.
  4. I'm not playing the game anymore, only checking in for the crew. This boosting session will help you:https://psnprofiles.com/session/314787-need-for-speed-heat As a general tip for these races, go for a day race on the oval track. It's fairly short and usually other players will join.
  5. Start the game, do some racing, go to online, search for the crew and drop an invite.
  6. Thanks my dude! You're in! You're in
  7. I stumbled upon the same thing as well. You can buy the season pass to get Freedom Cry as DLC. It recently dropped in price twice: https://platprices.com/game/35695-assassins-creed-iv-season-pass?userregion=NL
  8. No need to mention a time, I've sent you an in-game invite. When you join the trophy will pop instantly. I've started with the crew on November 28. Since then the in-game request tab is full every day. Until today, I've processed at least 5 new joiners every other day. This means that we're currently looking at at least 150 players who got the trophy via my crew. GGs all and happy to continue!
  9. I've sent an ingame invite I've sent an ingame invite You're in!
  10. You must have missed a race and got it in your final attempt. I kept a short list of races, did the final one and it popped without any problems.
  11. - Switch tires for better drifting - Move the slider towards drifting instead of grip - Spam the 'boost' button on straight lines so that you get a small boost bonus. This way it doesn't break your streak.
  12. I'm still available with the AllForOneTrophy crew. If anything changes I'll drop a note here.
  13. @diabol_16 @samuri241 I've sent you a in-game invite.
  14. Couldn't see your request so I've sent you all an in-game invite.