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  1. My ps3 came with Heavenly Sword and Folklore but the first game I played was Lego Star Wars the complete saga (still wish they had added trophies to Lego Star Wars).
  2. I have unhid the trophies for that game, sorry it took so long. As TheYuriG said I have multiple ps3's and 4 kids so forgive me but I can remember what happened in a game I played so long ago.
  3. I thought my dispute was only going to staff not the whole community. The games were flagged ages ago and it hasn't bothered me until the other day when I was unable to join or create any sessions.
  4. I don't care about leaderbords and only show games I am trying to boost. I also am only trying to dispute Overlord 2. I wrote a large pargraph explaning but when I clicked send It didn't include it for some reason.
  5. Playdude28 Overlord II I have 3 games flagged but am only disputing this one. The other games were my fault, someone offered to unlock them and I accepted. But I don't know why this games is flagged. I wouldn't normally care but it is stopping me from joining or creating sessions.
  6. There shouldn't be any leaderboards on this site anyway as boosting is cheating and if you cheat why should you be on leaderboards. I'd rather they ditched the leaderboards altogether and just used the site for boosting.
  7. Im trying to boost the online trophies for this but there are no players.
  8. Thanks, your absolutely correct, the description is wrong you have to deal damage to the other guys helmet not recieve damage. I landed a couple more hits and the trophy popped.
  9. I think this has glitched on me. Does anyone have a solution?
  10. I posted a session a few days ago but nobody has joined it yet. Thats why I thought I would ask on here. My session is still open & I will make another one when it ends if no one joins. Thanks for all the advice so far hopefully someone will be able to help.
  11. Lego star wars the complete saga
  12. Thanks, I'll give it a try. Do you have it?
  13. I am only after help, I do not want to download or copy anything from anybody. The compatibility pack that I have lets me play the DLC missions and earn trophies but only if I am playing with someone that has the DLC. Thankfully I downloaded the pack years ago (long before I got the game) as this is no longer available in the store, unfortunately it means I can’t do it solo and require the help of somebody that already has the DLC. I hope this answers any questions & that someone can help me with this request.
  14. I got the compatibility pack ages ago, long before I got the game. Im looking for someone that has the DLC so I can play those missions and earn the trophies. Can anyone help me please?
  15. Please play my level im nearly at 50 plays only need 13 more