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  1. That's crap, the same thing happened in my run with Olive Branch gig, I got the call and the mission, but the car didn't spawn and I couldn't complete it. The only solution was to load an old save before triggering that gig.
  2. You can leave Squad Battle matches and it counts toward the trophy. Just make a few passes before leaving.
  3. To trigger that gig you must: 1) be Street Cred Level 35 or more and 2) have finished "Ghost Town" mission. Have you completed them?
  4. Yes, I did everything I could think of. I guess the only solution is to reinstalling the game and starting from 0, but I'll take a break before doing that.
  5. I can't complete Gig: Olive Branch in Westbook because the car doesn't spawn in the garage after talking with Sergei, I've tried reloading my saves and old saves and nothing seems to work. This quest is preventing me for getting "Little Tokyo" trophy. Anyone knows what can I do? I'm playing on PS4.
  6. Just need "No loose ends" trophy for plat. I am gonna try 1.09 version method. I will let you know if I get it. Edit: Works perfectly! 0 crashes.
  7. Yes, Human Fall Flat on January 3rd Difficulty: 3/10 Now I'm going for 100% completion
  8. Will be playing, feel free to add me ID: GireyDer