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  1. I gave up...
  2. Prolly just a glitch I got too somewhwhere else in the game. I restarted checkpoint and all was ok...
  3. No, they are all obtainable. Not long ago I joined a team of 8 players to achieve all my remaining. It was easyer than I thought...
  4. Enslaved is a pearl in my collection. It plays like being in a movie!
  5. Hope tis is true... The Narrow Way [bronze] Traverse the path most treacherous The True Vagabond [silver] Inherit Pharros the Vagabond's equipment The King Beneath [silver] Defeat the Tiny King Sunken King's Crown [Gold] Acquire the Crown of the Sunken King
  6. I agree. For me the replay value after obtaining plat of DS1 was 600 hrs, DS2 10 hrs...
  7. Dynasty Warriors Next on the Vita... Try it solo...
  8. Vita Ad-hoc multiplayer trophies.
  9. In the worx...
  10. I vote 2 vote with A rank...
  11. Pls play my lvl i will play yours! Search: FlorisFreakshow
  12. 41 and Gaming on!
  13. Some games are hard, some games are grindy, some games give you a easy bonus...
  14. Thx! Well, i am strong enough now, so i will be doing extreem exclusively... I like thd testaments!