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  1. It's really easy just use lucky cat and eternal flame, lucky cat at start then get a 30 combo then use eternal flame, boom you have all the points you need. Also you don't have to beat the level with the score to get the trophy, you do however have to get the score THEN beat the level. High score gets recorded even if you lose, trophy check is after you beat it but it checks highscore not current score
  2. This is my endgame setup Passive Breach, Void, Crash and Bounce Active Void -> Sparks, Crash Tap -> Load, Get Sparks -> Purge Mask -> Get, Mask Transistor vs Transistor fights are extremely easy with this setup, Void twice (sparks makes it do double), Tap, Tap, Tap (usually dead on the second tap) then Mask and wait. I got 15k damage in practice using this set up I used mask/get to get them all together waited for mask to replenish started my turn Void, Void, Mask, Tap, Tap, Tap in normal battle it's just a matter of using mask to get them all in the same place and then spamming void and tap.
  3. Happened to me, if you use the code for the alt character the trophies are locked you have to close the game and start it up again and since you already have all the followers you need to get the coins in all the levels again since I couldn't find a way to force the recheck.