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  1. Update: I was able to connect to Uncharted 2 again today. Hopefully this error is behind us now.
  2. Is anyone getting an error when trying to connect to Uncharted 2's multiplayer? I launch the game, go into multiplayer, starts to connect, then about 10 - 15 seconds later I get a error "Error connecting to Authentication Server". The only option is to click ok. I searched the internet and I can't seem to find any sort of fix or reason. - No issues with any other PS3 or PS4 multiplayer games, so I ruled out an ISP/router issue (I think). - Deleted Uncharted 2, deleted the Game Data Utility files and reinstalled, same error - Had the game since 2010, played it last month online with no issues, never seen this error before. - Single player works fine. - Shutdown PS3 and restarted it back up after a success reinstall, same error. Any thoughts?
  3. I think you nailed it on the head, Macsak88. There's a ton of value for what you get in COD games and I'm very surprised that other hardcore gamers don't really see that. Again, I think it's a tough sell to hardcore gamers that have written off the game series completely but you can't ignore the fact that the game has a substantial amount of content vs. the competition. It comes down to gamers hating because of the success. You see it all the time where forums are filled with hate messages about franchises that "sold out". Amazing.
  4. Absolutely awesome! Thanks for sharing the pics! You got to do something that there's a future in, so I'm with ya.
  5. Oh boy
  6. Worked for Playstation? That is awesome Dr.! I'm envious of a job like that. I'm assuming you left for financial reasons? Anyway, the post was a complement, I'm seriously envious of people that have time to play all the time, it's time I don't have unfortunately.
  7. No, I didn't get that trophy yet but that's the one I was referring to. I'm playing through the game really slow as I play it with my cousin that's not always available or our schedules don't match up often.
  8. Wow, impressive setup. I think someone needs a job
  9. Platinum, Magus
  10. I will definitely try and complete all of the games I have to 100% including the in-game rewards, with the exception of some that are just too time consuming or basically unrealistic to pursue. I will, however, attack games I really enjoy, like Uncharted 2. I'm still actively seeking the last two trophies to 100% that game. Even as recent as last weekend I setup a couple of gaming sessions to get the Crushing Co-op trophy. I'm very addicted to getting 100%, where its remotely possible. I'm still planning on going for the grinding Level 50 trophy for AC: Brotherhood, which I'm sure will be just short of a nightmare to get, even with boosting partners.
  11. Very passionate discussion, thanks to everyone that's participated! Strong opinions on both sides. A lot of the comments are pulling my initial argument out of topic. I constantly hear people say that a game that sells a lot is not necessarily a good game. My position, as I stated in the very first post on this thread, is that sales = financial success. Although I agree that sales = a good game, that's not what I'm saying in this topic. Let me know what you think. Again, I know most hardcore gamers on this site don't appreciate COD as a great game because "it's the same for every new title" or "it's the same formula over and over again". I would remind those so called hardcore gamers that this is the first game to appeal to mainstream, going to eSports on ESPN, and it's what keeps the financial wheel turning for the industry. It's games like this that spawn the games that they love, indie. Lots of indie games came from programmers or game producers that quit a big game company to start up their own creative vision, which is awesome. Keeping games fresh, interesting, and different is also a good attribute to have in the industry but your giants like COD keep the financial wheel turning.
  12. I think the moderator, Parker, nailed it on the head: - Same price as all the rest of the AAA games including its direct competitors - Franchise formula is the same but the games are totally different from each other; settings (MW series, BO series, Ghost, [email protected], and now Advanced Warfare). If you owned a company, you would not change the formula if millions and millions of people are buying the game on each iteration. No one continues to buy games they don't like, no one. It doesn't make logical sense. - Multiplayer 'feels the same' but doesn't look the same and has improved features year after year; balancing, perks available, characters, weapons, modes, etc. Go to BO1 multiplayer and then jump into Ghosts or MW2 and see the differences. - AssassinsShadow56 mentioned above that because he thinks its the same iteration year after year, it must be easy to make billions as a developer to 'copy and paste' year after year. Questions to consider: If it's so easy, why isn't every single developer doing the same easy steps as Activision? Why don't they all make billions of dollars if it's so easy? Why is there developers every year that close shop because they didn't have enough sales to keep their doors open? Heck, if it was that easy, and I was a developer that was artistic and really trying to put out a strong product as many do, I would just 'throw together' a FPS shooter like COD so that I don't have to close my doors so I can save up enough money to do what I'm passionate about again. Bottom line, it's not easy and putting together a game like COD year after year costs hundreds of millions of dollars. I'll say that again, hundreds of millions of dollars! I think for hardcore gamers that are not in the competitive environment, there's a certain reputation that they need, or feel they need, to uphold. I think that if they "liked" COD, they would not feel like they are true hardcore gamers and would be out with their close nit circle of friends if they felt anything different. I think a lot of them don't have any merit (some, however, do make logical points) as they hide behind their keyboard knowing that they don't have to face anyone in a real debate. I'm a very social person and would love an opportunity to talk to the folks that differ from my opinion to really understand where they're coming from. My guess, most would run from this as it's very easy to bash a company with no real merits.
  13. Thanks to everyone that continue to provide thought-provoking responses and a good debate on this sensitive topic. I keep hearing that my position is, if a franchise sells millions of copies each year that I think it's a "good" game. That's not what I'm trying to convey here. Here's the quote that I copied from my first post of the thread: "But my position is that financial success is directly tied to a successful series.....". Although I think COD is a great series with great games, that's not my position on this thread. My position I'm saying is that financial success is tied to a successful series. You don't have to agree that it's a "good game" but you have to recognize that millions of others year after year don't agree with that position, thus, it's a successful game/series. Also, I saw a comment above about how marketing has a lot to do with their success. 100% agree. Marketing has a big impact on games, COD is everywhere, but if a company turned out a truly bad game year after year, you could market that game with whatever budget you wanted and it would still have terrible sales. You must have a good product or most people won't buy it. Perfect example, Guitar Hero series. Was crazy popular in the beginning and heavily marketed throughout the lifecycle of the series, which was created by the same company (Activision) that publishes COD games, but the product just wasn't there after the umpteen iteration and no one bought it. I can remember a ton of marketing on that series, even in the last few iterations but sales won't come if the product is bad, period.
  14. YoChiink, why do you dislike COD games, what pushes you away from them?