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  1. Hi @Beyondthegrave07. The following games have been published and could be removed from the "Currently in Progress" list: CoD Infinite Warfare (7 down from the top) Atelier Sophie (This is next to Atelier Firis in the list, which has not yet been published) Kholat RE8 NieR Replicant ver...(two published now!) SaGa Frontier Remastered TG SaGa Frontier Remastered Misc. Guide Thank you for maintaining this list!
  2. Unfortunately, the link you provided doesn't mention anything about multiplayer coming to the Crysis Remastered Trilogy. It's definitely a recent trend for remastered games to omit the multiplayer. Remastered games like Hitman: Absolution, Uncharted 2 and 3, CoD MW2, Assassin's Creed III, and Bioshock 2 all had their multiplayer component omitted. There are, however, remasters that have retained multiplayer including The Last of Us, Burnout Paradise, Saints Row: The Third, and CoD MW1. My guess: Crysis Remastered Trilogy will NOT have multiplayer since it wasn't included in the announcement. Quote from article in attached link above: "The Crysis Remastered Trilogy features the single-player remasters of Crysis, Crysis 2, and Crysis 3, optimized in partnership with Saber Interactive for today's consoles and PC hardware."
  3. Good point. Not really much time to prepare, that's for sure. There was a good response made in the Server Shutdown and Delisting thread that I wanted to share that I think is relevant. This quote from @Lord_Bane999 was responding about a comment similar to yours above, about giving less than 24 hour notice. From @Lord_Bane999: Eh I think Shift 2 was the only one of the lot with a dedicated online community still anyways. But with how quickly it all was pulled I imagine the delistings could've been part of an expired license for either cars or companies represented in them. I hadn't thought about expiring licenses for cars or companies represented in games but I think that's a real possibility since it was so sudden and that it fell on the last day of the month. My guess, if this is correct, the licenses for the cars, music, and/or companies in the game may have had an expiration starting June 1. Speculation on my part, but it's possible. It was almost like they forgot about the communication until the last minute, although past delistings from EA certainly don't help justify this since communications on delistings/shutdowns for other games have been less than stellar at times.
  4. It's true Hot Pursuit (released in 2010) wasn't mentioned in their Twitter message about the NFS games still online beyond August 31 but checking the EA Online Services Update website, only the listed games (Undercover, Shift, Shift 2: Unleashed, The Run, and Carbon) were listed for shutdown on Aug. 31. I agree, though, Hot Pursuit would likely be a good candidate for server shutdown sooner rather than later since it's about 11 years old, NFS titles newer than it are shutting down sooner, and it has a PS4 remaster version. What I'm saying is, I don't think they missed it in the message and that NFS: HP is still online...for now. My guess is NFS: HP is popular enough to stay online at the moment, but encouraging NFS gamers to look at the newer titles instead.
  5. Another one is Destiny. Never owned Destiny on PS3 but I know you can do at least 4 players for some of the activities like Crucible (multiplayer mode), playing through the campaign, and even more players (6) when doing Raids. Destiny is a game that blurs the lines between single and multiplayer as it's a game where doing many single player activities will show other players doing their own single player activities. The game requires you connect online to play even when you're doing solo activities because the game world is always alive with real players all around you.
  6. NAILED IT! EA confirmed today during an investors call that the 2021 Battlefield will be coming to PS4/PS5, Xbox One/X/S, and PC.
  7. Over on the "Known Upcoming Server Shutdowns" forum, it was reported in April via a Ubisoft Master Shutdown List that Ghost Recon Future Soldier would shutdown their servers in 2021. There was no specific date other than "2021" listed, however, it did list it was going to shutdown the servers for PS3, among other platforms. In the forums within the past week or so, someone listed the same Ubisoft Master Shutdown List but this time GRFS was no longer on the list for server shutdown. Here's the link provided: Question: Is there any known confirmation that exists indicating from Ubisoft that GRFS is, or is not, shutting down on PS3? Based on the updated listed with GRFS omitted, it looks like the servers are NOT shutting down as originally planned but the game is so old now that I'm wondering if there's just an omission error in the master list or if they've actually decided to keep the already terrible servers going indefinitely for the game.
  8. I can see your point here: Jack Trenton, Shawn Layden, both charismatic leaders for Playstation prior to Jim Ryan and both propelled PS to a better position in the market in terms of quality games and return to market share after X360 took a lot of that away from the PS2 era. I think Jim Ryan gets a tougher rap sheet because he doesn't come off as likable. To me, he comes off direct and 'as-a-matter-of-fact' type attitude, maybe a little over confident. Not terrible qualities in a leader but again, my perception of the man and why he might not be liked as much as the previous PS division leaders. What I will defend Jim Ryan on is the current PS plan. He's definitely going all in on AAA, blockbuster games. No doubt about it. And that makes a lot of sense to me because he knows that's what brought PS the competitive edge during the PS4 era. I agree you don't want to put all of your eggs in one basket but if you're making a killing off of a specific type of product, doubling or tripling down on it in the next generation seems like a good idea. While he's doing that, he's also not shutting the door on smaller titles, or maybe more accurately, experimental titles. Examples include Destruction AllStars (not all of them will be home runs, this is one of them), Returnal (good reviews so far), Forespoken (Square Enix PS exclusive), and there's a couple of smaller developers receiving PS funding, like Firewalk Studios and Haven Entertainment that will likely be smaller titles, at least the initial offering. There's also a lot of smaller titles announced back in September 2020 during the PS5 presentation coming too. PS has not abandoned Indie games, look at how many new titles hit PSN weekly. The door is open for all games but there's definitely a huge push for the internal studios to put out quality, AAA games. You brought up PS Now. I personally think they've squandered PS Now. It's not available in many regions and overall they haven't done enough to compete with Microsoft and other subscription services available in the industry. PS Now has improved over the years: (1) stronger titles hitting the service, albeit temporarily, (2) reduced the price a few years ago by 50% which was a good move, (3) able to download PS4 titles. But, the value proposition isn't in-line with their competition and it's the reason we don't see PS Now numbers at the quarterly investor calls - they're embarrassed to show them. To compete, they need to find a way to add all or most of the PS3 games to the service. The PS brand games would be unique to the service and allow them to be more competitive in this space. Regarding the PS3/PS Vita stores closing down, I didn't like the short timeframe to close the stores nor how quickly it took Sony to determine they didn't need them anymore. Yes, they made the right decision to keep the stores open for now but I agree that they will eventually close. So will the PS4 store, so will the PS5 store. For me, it's doing it at the right time. There's always going to be critics even if they announced closure of the PS3/PS Vita stores in 2050 but they wouldn't get the backlash that they got this time around. Closure timing and giving players enough time to prepare for the closure is important and should be for Sony to demonstrate good will to their customers. A walk down memory lane: dominant PS2 era, terrible launch of PS3 (overpriced console, 1 year behind Xbox, lack of strong games at launch), PSN outage of 2011. All past mistakes for sure. I would disagree with the poor handling of the PS5 though. The PS5 had one of the strongest launches in history, sales wise as well as game wise. Spiderman: Miles Morales, Demon Souls, Sackboy and all of the 3rd party games. Not to mention, all of the PS4 backward compatible games you can play on PS5, most of them with some type of enhancement or game improvement even if the games weren't specifically enhanced for the PS5, including shorter load times, improved visuals, and better frame rates. Of course, this was on a title-by-title basis but the improvements were real and noticeable. If you go back 30 years of gaming history for any new console launch for any system, nearly none of them had an abundance of new 1st or 3rd party games to play. I thought the lineup was really good considering what most consoles launched with over the years. The issue, or perception of a console launch lineup that gives customers a bad taste is that these companies initially oversell their launch lineup. They set an expectation that more games will launch day one with the console and the reality is a bunch of them get pushed out. These examples include Gran Turismo, Destruction AllStars, maybe Returnal and I'm sure there's more I'm not thinking of. This causes customers to say the launch lineup was terrible because X,Y, and Z never launched as promised. If they never promised these titles, I think the perception would be much improved. In closing, I hope the PS5 lives up to the reputation it has: to deliver quality, AAA blockbuster titles throughout the lifecycle of the console while continuing to improve our overall PS5 gaming experience. I believe they will continue to deliver new experimental experiences in this generation and hopefully at a higher rate than ever before. I like that you know your stuff about PS, even if we can agree to disagree at times. Plus your, you know, flashy comments too.
  9. I'm currently going for the Platinum. This game is one of my favorite of all time. This game was created with high detail from the locations, to the tracks, to the car mechanics, and to the weather mechanics. The best part of DriveClub; it's fun to play.
  10. LOL. Based on your responses above and the overall amount of reputation and posts you have cumulated over the years on PSNP, it's clear to me that you have a lot of flash and no substance. Comments like the ones above bring nothing to the conversation but are designed to get an emotional response. Sure, we all post stuff to get a reaction from time to time but your posts sure do have a similar theme in that manner. Back on the topic, with the announcement that Playstation is partnering with Discord (highly improved service offering compared to what Playstation currently has) and the fact that he correctly reversed a big decision to close the PS Vita/PS3 stores, my question to you is: Why do you think Jim Ryan doesn't deserve some praise here? Keep in mind, I'm no Jim Ryan fanboy but, he does seem to be saying the right things and recently his actions are matching what he's saying (i.e. enhancing the PS experience). Oh, and by the way, Playstation had a record year in both revenue and profits, with a PS5 console losing money on every sale. This is on Jim Ryan's watch. Of course, there's that thing called the pandemic that helped Playstation and the entire industry but Playstation has been on an upward trajectory for many years now and there's no reason to think that good decisions he made/approved are paying off for the company, decisions that culminated over the past 2 years since he's been CEO of the PS division. I will be interested to see if you respond at all, and if you do, what type of an emotional attack I should expect to see.
  11. I'm not familiar with the connectivity on the other platforms that you're referring to but I get your context now, thanks for the clarification. Hopefully I was right that you're on the "inside".
  12. Weird it took so long. LOL. What timeframe were you expecting to see Discord integrated into the Playstation Network? A week ago we all thought Microsoft was purchasing Discord. You must be on the "inside".
  13. Thanks for responding. Your Quote: but i dont see how me paying $400 to play one game is to my advantage. there is plenty of other great games that came out that arent exclusives. and plenty of exclusives i have no interest in. My Response: As we all know, video games is a hobby, not a necessity. If you really want to play an exclusive game, you either need to know someone that has the game or buy the hardware to play it. Exclusives are an advantage to gamers because it drives competition. More competition = better quality games. If you buy an exclusive, there's a strong likelihood you will also purchase other things on that platform, such as accessories, other software purchases, subscriptions, and the dreaded micro transactions. It's fair to say you won't like or purchase all exclusives that come out, most people fall into that reality. However, most people also like some of the exclusives and that adds up to millions and millions of purchases for a quality AAA exclusive. Your Quote: i dont know how a game company is making more money by sticking to only one console. its not from game sales so it has to be the company throwing boatloads of money at them. they could make it for both platforms and have twice the sales and the user doesnt have to buy a whole new consoles for it. My Response: Two words: attach rate. When a customer purchases an exclusive game like The Last of Us Part II, they don't just purchase the game, they purchase an extra controller, they purchase Playstation Plus subscription, they purchase other interesting games on the Playstation store, etc. Of course, this doesn't apply to every customer but more times than not, a customer will purchase more products from that platform when they've invested in the expensive hardware. The reason you seen every platform have exclusives (Playstation, Xbox, Switch, Stadia, Apple Arcade, Steam, Epic Games Store) is because the attach rate of other items far exceed the sales of the game being purchased on other platforms. Every generation, there's more and more exclusives between platforms because that's a way for the company to get you into their ecosystem. Look at Epic Games Store: there was an article recently that confirmed they lost around $300 million dollars to exclusives and the company was ok with it. Why? Because in the long-term, they are creating new customers that will purchase future content on their store, not the competitions store. Here's the article: Concluding this, if game companies thought making a game and releasing it multi-platform was more profitable, they would do it. There's a reason every game company is not only selling exclusive games to their platform, they're also increasing them. Look at Xbox with all of their acquisitions in the past couple of years and how Sony is reinvesting in their 1st party software. It all equals more money in future content than releasing it multi-platform.
  14. Not sure what your point is? Yes, I've been on the site since 2012. Yes, "point taken" was when someone made a good point on my comment that was difficult to return a reply to. What's the difference if I had 4,000 posts or 2 posts, do I have wait to have the perfect number of posts to become active in a thread regarding how the CRT hands disputes? Better yet, how many posts should I have had before I commented on a dispute with the CRT? Regarding your last comment ("Makes me wonder how you guys handle day to day life if this is enough to have you all overly sensitive.") If you read my original post, you'll see I was defending the CRT. Maybe I should just criticize posts with no logical counter points in either direction like your post and wonder why the CRT's didn't step down a long time ago because they have to deal with crap like "point taken"?
  15. I get your position on this. I don't have evidence either to counter this argument or agree with it. Sounds like you've put some time into this topic so I'll listen and make my own conclusions. Good conversation.