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  1. You make some good points that I agree with: Always looking forward to GTA VI news, new single player content would be awesome, even some additional titles outside of GTA. Where you lose me is arguing that like FIFA or Super Mario or CoD, no matter how bad the game is, people will buy it. I agree there's always someone that would buy the game for the namesake but tens of millions of people would not be doing the same if the games were bad. I can see you saying it's burnout, I'm sick of the same updated title year after year, or even say you don't like the formula, but to say FIFA, Super Mario, CoD or GTA games are shit tells me that you're upset with the decisions that they've made after those titles were launched. If you didn't care, my guess is you probably wouldn't have even come to this thread, let alone post in it. Your opinion is yours but I find it fascinating the tone of the post is usually a very angry one over a more softer tone of disappointment, if any at all. I'm guessing there's some history there that you're mad about and I feel like it comes out as "the games are shit". I'm not even a FIFA fan and haven't bought the last several CoD games either.
  2. Serious question, what publisher do you like? Rockstar created GTA and it's been a classic series since GTA III on PS2. I mean, GTA V will have a PS3, PS4, and soon PS5 version. That shows how good their product is. People are willing to purchase the same game three times and they continue to make billions (billions with "B") of dollars a year on a 9 year old game. Insane. People don't continue to pay money for games they don't like. Anyway, you're entitled to your opinion, curious who you hold in a high regard and why.
  3. Based on the emails that user are getting from Playstation regarding this update, there's no way to bypass this as it's mentioned specifically in the email that you won't be able to purchase Z rated games starting October 27 in Japan. No other regions have games impacted, just the way you purchase them going forward. Regarding DLC, yes you can continue to purchase after this is implemented. From the OP: Due to this change, you will no longer be able to purchase the main part of the game that is "only for 18 years old and over" (CERO Z). Downloadable content for these games will continue to be available for purchase. In addition, purchased content will continue to be available for download. Unfortunately, CERO Z rated games will no longer be purchasable starting October 27. From the OP: Due to this change, you will no longer be able to purchase the main part of the game that is "only for 18 years old and over" (CERO Z). Downloadable content for these games will continue to be available for purchase. In addition, purchased content will continue to be available for download.
  4. Correct. Most of this thread is aware this affects everyone globally. However, the one difference between the Japanese region and the rest of the global regions is that in Japan, starting Oct. 27, you will no longer be able to access CERO Z rating games on PS3 or Vita because they won't have a way to verify age restricted content that are considered CERO (Z) rated games. Essentially, in the US, the only thing that's changing is that you can no longer use a credit or debit card to buy digital content for PS3 or Vita. You need a Playstation gift card, or add money to your Playstation wallet from a credit/debit card through your desktop, mobile, PS4 or PS5 consoles.
  5. According to VGC (Video Games Chronicle, see link below), you need to use your store wallet to make digital purchases on PS3 or Vita starting October 27. This is a global initiative, affecting all regions including the U.S. This means: To buy digital content for your PS3 console or PS Vita system, you must first add sufficient funds to your wallet on PlayStation Store. You can add funds by redeeming a PlayStation Store gift card, using a credit or debit card, PayPal, or other available payment methods via a desktop computer, mobile device, a PS4 console or a PS5 console. PlayStation Store gift cards, product vouchers and subscription vouchers will still work on both PS3 and Vita. Impacted customers on this change: In Japan, purchasing age-restricted games on PS3 and Vita will no longer be possible after the update as buying products with a CERO Z rating on digital platforms requires a credit card to verify the customer’s age. Bottom line, can't purchase games via credit or debit cards or Paypal on the PS3 or Vita starting October 27. This is a global initiative. The only big, new issue for those that are impacted is that you can no longer be able to purchase games in Japan that have a CERO Z rating (starting October 27) because there's no longer a way to verify age. Verification looks to be localized on our PS3's, not on our accounts, which is why you can continue using a credit/debit card and Paypal to purchase CERO Z rating content for your PS4 and PS5 games in the same affected region. Unless new information is released, all other regions can continue to purchase any available digital content on PS3 following the new methods above starting October 27. Source:
  6. It's a slippery slope for me. On one hand, I don't have any issues with someone playing a game for a ton of hours (and well past the point of the Platinum) as long as they're having fun with the game. On the other, if there's an intent to troll or mess with new players intentionally to ruin their game, that's a totally different issue. I'm going to be a new player jumping into Hardware Rivals to try and get as many trophies as I can before the shutdown later this year. Luckily, my completion percentage is garbage and if I don't get the Platinum, oh well. I try and be a completionist but with a family and two young girls, I just don't have the time to go out and chase down some of the most challenging trophies for all the games I play. Sure, I'll find a game I really like and spend years on a single or final trophy (i.e., Battlefront 2015, Uncharted 2 (PS3)), but by and large, I'll do the best I can and move on. @POEman553, if you could DM me the list of players to avoid that you collected, that would be very helpful. Thank you for putting that together for community members like me, appreciate it.
  7. Hey @NCSFan001,


    Wanted to reach out and say Thank You for all the guides you've authored for PSNP.  I've found your guides very helpful and I know you've contributed a ton.


    Selfishly, your guides have setup a high standard for DLC content that I was hoping some day you would write the all of the DLC for COD: Infinite Warfare.  It certainly shows you put your heart and soul into these guides and I know you're one of the rare members that completed Infinite Warfare 100%.  I realize this ask is a long shot, so I've set my expectations accordingly.


    Anyway, thanks again for all your contributions to PSNP.  A lot of community members don't show appreciation but I know talking with many of them through boosting sessions and general chats that by and large the community really appreciates what you and the rest of the authors do for the site.


    Thanks and best of luck on whatever you do next.



    1. NCSFan001


      Thanks!  Though I think a couple of the DLCs already have guides and its been too long since I've done them

  8. Hey @TheVarietyBlend,


    I enjoyed reading through your Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2 guide!  Thank you for taking the time and effort to author this guide.  


    I know through comments you made on the Guide Writers Discord that you planned to continue to author the DLC for Marvel Super Heroes 2.  Hopefully you'll continue to find the time and determination to complete the rest of the DLC guides.  They were super helpful to me and I know many others that don't send messages appreciated it, too.


    Take care, wish the best for you in whatever is next in your life!



    1. TheVarietyBlend


      Thanks mate. I really appreciate the well wishes.


      I feel bad that I haven't had the drive to write as much as of late. I've been busy with some personal things, and there are unfortunately only so many hours in the day. When I first sat down to write the guide for a Lego game that came out a couple years ago, I really didn't think it was going to garner any attention. However your comments along with others have definitely made me smile and take pride in the work I've done.


      Hopefully when things settle down I'll be able to round out the rest of those DLC guides. Thank you again for your kind words.

  9. Great news! Continue the assault of amazing games Playstation!
  10. You bet, you're welcome to private message me anytime.
  11. Comment: Firing of jim ryan it's not just for ps plus games, look all the things he says in interviews and you will understand. Response: Gaming is my favorite hobby and following gaming news and the industry is something I do on a regular basis (that can also be considered unfortunate but it's the truth). I have read many articles about Jim Ryan, I know a lot of what he has said and what he has done (and not done). My opinion, he's not as charismatic and doesn't connected with his audience as well as other top executives I've seen but it's clear he understands the industry, his competition, and extremely knowledgeable about Playstation and what it takes to be successful. I don't hate Microsoft or Xbox and I really like Phil Spencer. Phil forces Playstation to be better, IMO. But, you can't compare the lineup that Xbox has and will have (from what we know today) to what Playstation has and will have in the future. There's no comparison. Content is everything for a video game console. Sure, you can argue the UX, the Store, even Game Pass (which I think is a great value for consumers), but it always comes down to who has the better games. Playstation has the games. You don't have to be a fanboy to see this. Comment: You can have many consoles not just playstation man, and future exclusives umm are going to be the same , i don't see different genres, i love playstation but i'm not a fanboy lol i can complain Response: Future exclusives are going to be the same? You don't see different genres? Serious question: what game company do you think is producing better results than Playstation? Look at the line-up here: Spider-man: Miles Morales, Demon Souls, Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart, Returnal, Ghost of Tsushima, TLOU II, Gran Turismo 7, Wolverine, Horizon Forbidden West, God of War: Ragnarok. None of these are the same type of game. Yes, you can complain but I don't follow your complaint. You say you love Playstation but I'm not seeing the love my friend
  12. Good grief, this comment seems to be a bit of an overreaction. You hope Jim Ryan gets fired? Because you got months of bad games? I don't think the CEO of Playstation division should be fired because you don't like the current month of games. Out of all the games we get within a year, usually a couple of games pay for the service, even at full price. You're getting a minimum of 36 games a year, most people will find something they like. I own PGA and I don't have any interest in the others, and it's been this way for several months for me. But you think Microsoft is so much better? Go get game pass and see what you're missing. You'll definitely be missing all of the exclusive Playstation games like God of War, Spiderman, Horizon, TLOU II, and Ghost of Tsushima, to name a few of the most current. And there's a lot more coming soon, too.
  13. I dropped a comment on the Ubisoft forum (with the link provided above, thank you!) about multiplayer not connecting. Hopefully it'll get resolved soon. I think it will since the game is still fairly popular and there's a strong history in the Far Cry franchise to keep the servers going for a long period of time. I believe even Far Cry 2's servers are still up, albeit they're likely a bit glitchy and have issues due to a lack of regular maintenance. I do suspect this will be corrected, especially as more people report it.
  14. No problem @Beyondthegrave07. Glad I can help in a small capacity. I'm also very busy so I do what I can, when I can. Thanks again for all your support!