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  1. Thanks @HuntingFever! I'm currently playing Resogun right now to try and clean up the DLC but I wanted to add to @HuntingFever's accurate post: This only effects the first DLC pack (1 of 4). You can still obtain the Platinum, but not 100% if you don't already have the two trophies listed above Only impacts the ship editor, you can still play online
  3. I was out to lunch the other day and there was a GameStop next door. I haven't been in a GameStop since before the pandemic. Anyway, they had a shipment of 25 PS5's the day before and were down to two available. I was talking to the employee for 5-10 minutes and in that time two other customers came in and bought the last two. My point is, it's now a day or two before they are selling out of PS5 stock so if you really want one, you can get one fairly easy if you tried, and you don't have to resort to scalping. I got mine in February 2021 and I had to follow the PS5 Twitter restock link to have any chance at getting one. I checked Ebay this week and most scalpers are down under $700 so you know stock availability is improving. Even with the 12% price hike in several countries, I just don't think it's going to deter most people that still have a desire to pick up the system. I'm sure it will for some but my guess is, the holiday season will continue to be super busy. BTW, this GameStop advised that they continuously have Xbox Series X/S in stock and rarely run out of those anymore. It's been like that since the spring for this location. Not crapping on Xbox, but the demand for these consoles are different.
  4. The reason the US is not seeing an increase in price is because the US dollar is stronger than those other currencies that are seeing a price increase. So you're seeing Sony correct the market segment prices so they don't lose a ton of money keeping it at the same price. Every company, even Megacorporations, need to hit their budgets or they will have severe consequences. Revenue ≠ profit and companies need profit to survive (grow business, keep up with competition, provide new offerings, open new operations, enter new markets, the list can go on for awhile). For example, Sony made $79.84 billion dollars in revenue in 2020. The profit they made after expenses (revenue - expenses) was $5.356 billion dollars in 2020. Yes, $5 billion is a lot of money but you can see that they had $74.5 billion in expenses (investments, payroll, operations to run the business, on and on). They need a huge profit just to keep pace with the likes of Microsoft, Tencent, Steam, and Epic.
  5. No consumers like costs to increase, and our Mods statement above is accurate. Everything is going up in price, including computer components. Some specific component costs might have gone down over time but you have to factor in the entire production process that is affected by rising costs not just a few components. There's no way Sony wanted to raise prices because this generation is much closer in competition than the previous one. PR on this looks bad and they know it but as another poster said so well, this is Sony's most profitable market and they can't afford to lose money in their flagship division. I understand players upset with this decision and I understand posts that indicate this frustration, saying things like they won't buy it now or that they'll stick with the PS4 until the price drops. Those types of posts make sense to me because their personal situation is affected by the increase. The posts, however, that pretend to know something about how a business is run, or better yet, how a large corporation is run with thousands and thousands of investors and billions of dollars in expenses every year, are uneducated responses that they piggybacked off of something they Googled or a knee-jerk reaction to their disappointment/disagreement. I agreed with @majob, @AJ_-_808, @diskdocx, @Crispy_Oglop and any other poster I missed that correctly described the current global market.
  6. Done with the game as in I'm not planning to go after the multiplayer trophies. I found in the past the GRFS servers are inconsistent with connectivity and trashy with matchmaking.
  7. I see what you're saying as many of the online trophies last achievers were on July 18. I do see some people, however, have gotten multiplayer trophies beyond July 18. Do you think connecting with one of the last achievers beyond the July 18 would be best? As I mentioned, I'm done with the game. I saw some people in this thread advise they haven't connected since July 18 so I jumped on to test the connection and it was successful. I might've been lucky, or maybe the NA region/EST timezone is not affected as much as other regions.
  8. Unfortunately, I have no such proof, although I'm not sure what I would gain to lie about it. I don't have a capture card for my PS3, I suppose I could take a pic from my phone but I don't know what good it would do. I believe you that you can't connect. There were times in the past that I couldn't connect to GRFS either. Keep trying or give up, it's up to you. I was able to connect but if I stayed connected I could've been dropped 5 minutes later, or have difficulty connecting with others, or maybe I stay connected for the duration of my gaming time. Personally, I'm not going to attempt to get the remainder of the GRFS trophies because the servers are trash and I don't want to spend unnecessary time getting them because the connection is unstable. Whatever you decide, I do wish you good luck on future connections before the official shutdown.
  9. Correct. The servers are trash but I was able to connect to them earlier today.
  10. Thanks for the clarification. Understood. It's tough to determine through text if someone is joking or not. I didn't want any confusion. Sounds like some regions/time zones are having difficulty connecting. It's my understanding that the GRFS servers have been awful for many years now and that it's difficult to connect at times, or matchmake properly. As of today, I was able to test and connect to the servers (EST timezone) but I realize connectivity is inconsistent and I may not be able to connect properly every time.
  11. To avoid any confusion, the information I have is that Ghost Recon: Future Soldier is shutting down servers September 1, 2022. Here's the link showing the shutdown date: If you have any sources that show otherwise, please post. Thank you!
  12. I personally had all kind of issues with trophies in the NA region. To be fair, I popped nearly all of the trophies before the patch update came on July 12, so maybe if I played the game over again it wouldn't be so buggy with the latest patch.
  13. Yes, the NA region has been fixed. The Platinum is obtainable, even though the game is still very buggy.
  14. It's been confirmed that the NA region has been updated on July 12, 2022 with the latest patch that the EU region currently has. Even though the game is still very buggy, all of the trophies obtainable now. Warning: some of the trophies require a second save file, at least that's what I had to do to capture several trophies that wouldn't pop with a single save file. I did get the Platinum in July 2022.
  15. I also had difficulty with several of these trophies popping. The way I got "To Infinity and Beyond" was to complete all 10 kilometers of fly time in one sitting. Every time I saved, it reset my fly time in the stats. Flying 10 kilometers is not terrible and I completed it in a reasonable timeframe. I worked toward other trophies but instead of fast traveling to my destination, I flew to the location. When you fill up your Beetro (I think that's what it's called, the blue, lightening icon), that will allow your bee to fly faster and cover more ground quicker as well. I got the Platinum for this game in July 2022.