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  1. You can interchange/remap L1 and square in the controls menu it'll be odd at first but once you get the hang of it you'll wreck almost anything. This setting will also be useful in tackling dmc 5 as Nero.
  2. Don't lock on to blitz and agnus and keep them off screen remember to always keep moving and keep charging lvl 3 handgun should be enough The same applies in bloody palace. Save your Grenades so when the blitz grabs you you can escape
  3. If my scrublord self with a trash profile can do it i'm sure you can also do it, this is probably the hardest game I have played to get the plat. The feelings you have for the game are the exact same thing I felt in the 1st week of playing. You just have to focus on one goal/trophy at a time and don't stress out yourself in the bigger picture yet just take it slow and steady. The trophy list is very intimidating at first and the real challenge for this game is beating the bloody palace with Trish (got it after 1 week of daily grinding, it was hard and time consuming I was about to literally give up). If things get hard and you feel angry/frustrated put the game down and relax play another game (in my case I played AC Odyssey to get rid of the BS feeling I have) or do real life activities to refresh your mind. You can do it man!