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  1. From my understanding it's entirely up to the games developers to do so. I think Sony made their first party teams add trophies but from there it's up to third party developers to appease our addiction.
  2. I get that but I don't think PS+ games should or are even meant to cater to people who have every subscription service lol. What benefit would Sony gain from doing that? Hardcore players are going to get most new exclusives day 1 anyways, and like it or not those types of players (me and you included) are in the massive minority. We're not who's being catered to here and I think that's okay.
  3. Y'all I get the complaints from a hardcore PS fan perspective but we gotta stop overexaggerating about wasted months. God of War has sold around 20 million copies but there are are around 117.2 million people with PS4s. That's a massive amount of people who have never touched the game and that can be enticed into buying the sequel after getting the first for free. There are also tons of kids and people who don't pay attention to the games industry at all who may try it and it could entice them into checking out other games and getting more into the hobby. Again, I get that it's annoying if you're a hardcore PS fan but we gotta think outside our bubble sometimes.
  4. I mean Spartacus will have PS3 games but you'll have to stream them. I've tried that with PSNow already and I'm not a fan of how it plays, so I got a PS3 a couple of months ago and I don't regret it at all! It's definitely a slooowww system but if you want to collect your games physical then getting a PS3 is a must imo.
  5. Congrats on getting a PS5! Enjoy!
  6. Should absolutely finish the Spider-Man platinum! One of the best trophy hunts on PS4 imo since the traversal is so so satisfying.
  7. Project Helios makes me think of Returnal lmao
  8. This Returnal update is next level. This game is so gooooood definitely one of my all time favorites.

    1. gamercris066
    2. Maxemole


      The definition :)

    3. gamercris066


      Nice, Good luck on the game 🍀.

  9. Already beat Algos' final phase, died some way into Phase 4. This DLC is awesome and wow I missed this game.
  10. Added my March total — the most expensive month for me this year so far. Don't think I'll buy anything else in March unless Weird West reviews well on the 31st.
  11. Hmm. They have said it's an endless mode, however. Is it possible to complete?
  12. New trophies! Yes!
  13. Platinum #36 - Horizon: Forbidden West

    Now to go balls deep into Elden Ring

  14. Do you have an older save you can load?
  15. Thanks for that I didn't realize there's a PS3 only wiki lmao that's perfect. Also, nice on the battle cars rec! I used to play Rocket League on a competitive team and would love to check out the prequel to it.