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  1. IIRC she uses it but rarely. I think you can disable certain skills to try and make others more common, too.
  2. They should be taken with a grain of salt, no doubt, but I disagree with the thought that they all pander to some general opinion.
  3. How can reviews try and stick to the general public opinion when they're written independently from one another and then published at the same time? If a bunch of reviews have a similar tone, that means many reviewers felt that way about the game. They aren't pandering to a general public opinion? A general opinion can't even exist before the reviews because no one except for the reviewers have played the game by the embargo time. Disagree with reviewers all you want, but if a ton of reviewers played the full game and feel that it was disappointing, it's not because of some general public opinion. It's because they were disappointed in it.
  4. That it is!
  5. To each their own, but I've always found Angry Joe to whine about any game that doesn't essentially play itself for him. It's been a while since I've watched him but IIRC he was always complaining about... just... having to play a game. I guess that's his namesake but still.
  6. Nice! Cool idea for a DLC.
  7. Hmm. Does your TV have some sort of gaming mode that may turn on when you enable HFR? That happens to mine sometimes on my LG TV and it's really annoying to deal with.
  8. I've not minded the way they've done it with first-party games lately. Adding a NG+ mode/stack months down the line is a neat incentive to replay the game, but the stack exists in its own DLC space rather than counting towards the platinum. I care more about platinums than 100%, so maybe that's why it doesn't bother me as much.
  9. I genuinely think this person is trolling lmao
  10. Yup! It's totally gonna happen
  11. I've played all of them to completion aside from Bloodborne (waiting for the patch) and I'd recommend Demon's Souls first, then the Souls trilogy before branching into the rest. Like others have said, at least get the Souls games in you as then you'll really be able to appreciate Elden Ring, Bloodborne, and Sekiro for what they're worth. I really love Nioh but it's much harder and more complex than the others. It's more of a 'game' in that there's hella loot management and other gamey mechanics like lots of cutscenes, movesets, and more of an arcade-like feel. Definitely one I'd recommend trying after seeing if you click with the Souls games, but I even know some fans of those that don't love Nioh.
  12. Absolutely agree. I’ve been using cards for cleanup and having them tell me what area each collectible is in is ideal. That way I can go to the main menu and jump between chapters as necessary.
  13. Oh I didn't realize they were in Part I too. I was looking for those settings after seeing them in Part II
  14. Noted! Will be picking this up over the next month or so.
  15. From my understanding it's entirely up to the games developers to do so. I think Sony made their first party teams add trophies but from there it's up to third party developers to appease our addiction.