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  1. the reason i buy ps3 is GTA IV only for ps4 it was destiny and i dont own other console but Xbox360: gears of war xboxone: sunset overdrive wii u: mario games ps vita: hyderdimention
  2. well i got the same thing last 5 year, someone ask for my id information so he can do a glicth in PlayStation store to give me 100$ unfortunately i give him the information and he change the pass in a sec but thx god my account was empty no money no games nothing at all just 5 plat and i msg him back and he give me the account and he say sorry and my account dont worth to be stolen LOL thx god he give it to me back cuz its the same that i use today i got the lesson anyway
  3. bully 2 i hope next rockstar game will be red dead 2 no doubt i hope after bully 2 will be Max Payne 4