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  1. Another fantastic guide! Thanks 😊
  2. I’m having the same problem. I’ve gotten all NPC’s on two different characters and no trophy. I’m playing the PS4 version and own the PS3 version. I’m also having trouble with the Slimer trophy. The rainbow slime just doesn’t spawn for me. EDIT: I created a new world and went to kill all slimes again and trophy popped and after about 6 hours of playing and housing all npc’s, that trophy unlocked too. Platinum unlocked now!
  3. I managed to get mine on eBay just after launch for around £250 more than the RRP. Not an interesting story but glad I got one. It’s fantastic.
  4. Damn, I see. I’ll just stay away from their other games. Really isn’t worth the hassle.
  5. Hey, the email to contact Sabec is [email protected] Hopefully the more people who contact them, the more serious they might take it.
  6. Thanks for the email dude. I couldn’t find anything online. I’ve contacted them now about glitched/broken trophies on their games. Hopefully the more people who contact, the more serious they will take the issues.
  7. Even so. There is no videos/information on this game online and no way to contact Sabec (not like they would fix it anyway as all their games are broken).
  8. The highest round I’ve got to is 14. I sure do hope this 100% completion is possible as no one has done it yet.
  9. This isn’t my video and I take no credit for it but following this I’ve been close to the 5000 point requirement for the first place trophy. The highest score I’ve had is 4650. Hope this helps. EDIT: Just finished this game. Scored 6000+ following the route in the linked video.
  10. I can confirm update 3.00 allows you to play playground mode regardless of your friends list size. I have 800+ friends.
  11. Hi, I have no idea what that means. I plan on getting 100% in this game but even though the online mode works for me, the playground mode doesn’t.
  12. Whenever I try to start up Playground mode to try and earn the “everyone’s a critic” trophy I get this error message: Mango. Anyone know how to fix this?
  13. Hey all, add me @S97PG on PSN. I’m a trophy hunter looking to make new friends