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  1. alright i just figured out how to do it first equip twin hearts then summon the game genie by spinning around in a circle on the world map then go to king dice win one of the boss battles without losing a HP then after that win one of the hearts from his minigame and the trophy is yours
  2. how do you even get 9 hearts for the trophy i haven't played the game in like 2 years so i honestly forgot you even could lol
  3. nah i tried that even bought stuff from the store again reinstalled the game nothing lol whats weird is on psn is it shows people earning the trophies
  4. same deal here i even did some of the stuff again and it didnt pop might be glitched
  5. it's called Persona 5 Royal Remastered so I doubt it probably similar to judgment remastered and will be priced at $30
  6. Officially confirmed by P-Studio another thing to add for any physical colectors like myself "Persona 4 Golden and Persona 3 Portable will only be available digitally."
  7. they are probably getting one just atlus overlooking it this was a leaked press release email anyway was supposed to come out later today it's coming to xb1 makes no sense for it not to come to ps4
  8. this is so true I have been a hardcore atlus fan for years and everything they do there is always something that makes me wonder why tf are you doing this lmaooooo
  9. Been awhile since my last update but i recently finished both Yakuza 0 and Yakuza Kiwami recently had them sitting at 40% or so for years but it was great to finally go back and 100% the both of them i didnt find them to difficult the only things in 0 i really found annoying was the JCC tournaments they were really really annoying with the rng BS, with mahjong i didnt have to much trouble since i learnt the minigame when i did judgment last year the only annoying thing with that was the full straight took me around a hour to complete. as for kiwami the car chase on legend was defiantly the most annoying it wasnt even really the chase itself its the fact you cant even save at all in the whole chapter so if you die you gotta fight through all of the snake flower triad waves again.... which takes like 5- 10 minutes. As for my next game ima be starting the caligula effect on vita soon i did the remake earlier this year was amazing but the vita one is alot worse i have seen a save bug that has a chance to delete your whole save file when you save gonna be using psplus ALOT for that.
  10. Catherine not sub 1% but i do not care the game is good Persona 4 Arena Mugen Souls
  11. just because a game is hard does not make a trophy list hard there is a difference between a hard game and a hard trophy list