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  1. Yeah reaper is only post game and you have to complete all painful past, painful past + and all requests which have you fight a persona that you will be able to fuse once you beat the request for example the one with Seth and metatron all the requests like that then you will unlock the reaper request
  2. Trust me the 3 ways I mentioned before are the fastest there isn't any other fastest way to max the bond as much as it sucks to grind it, It's basically what you will have to do sadly
  3. Best place to farm them is in the final jail just get the security level in the 90s and go up and down the jail and U will find them very fast Edit: I just saw your trophy list and U have the 10 treasure demons trophy already don't farm them for bond best way to do this is to repeat the request Angel of Contracts Descends in the final jail post game over and over or continue merciless playthrough cos that is by far fastest way to increase it another fast way is in Osaka just click the Billiken Statue leaver area and go back in repeat for another fast way
  4. I'm kinda glad doing all persona stacks was enough I don't need more lol
  5. So damn hyped for this I absolutely loved the Japanese/Asia versions when I played them was so fun can't wait to hear the english dub
  6. Yeah I did all it ended up popping after I replayed a stage for some reason lol
  7. Hello I did did full chain/beat all songs on beginner and standard yet the trophy for beat all songs on those difficultys won't pop?
  8. Ahh ok that's all good could I be added to the take your heart rank instead please
  9. Hey I got a question will this ever get a all stack section as I am 6 platniums away from every persona stack?