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  1. ohhhhhh 20 minutes before they start I thought he ment 20 minutes from his message 😭
  2. it wont let me join the tournament was I to late to join or has it not started accepting people yet?
  3. it says I need to filter 16 words Im pretty sure I have done them all and am missing 1 still powerpyx guide says it's casino that I'm missing but I have already filtered the casino word for the school story so idk if it's Glitched or not? Edit: Ended up just working once I opened the buzz researcher again lol
  4. yep it's definitely fixed download almost done for me now
  5. They Just tweeted (Probably saw my tweet since it's about time they addressed this) But glad they working on fix
  6. Nope sadly doesn't work game timer is stuck at 00:00:00 and won't let me download at all gonna be a waiting game now on Sony to fix......
  7. game launches in 9 minutes for me (bought on New Zealand PSN) hoping it works then 🤞
  8. afaik it's only the PS5 version that has the issue I got plat on ps4 version last week no issues also like one of the other guys said about the trophy tracking I think that is definitely the issue cos mine also said I hadn't beaten the 5th lord yet well after beating him deleted and uninstalled the game and everything started working like normal again story trophies popping (didn't get my missed 5th lord one back though 😭 will have to see if it pops in Ng+)
  9. same issue here had no issue with any of trophies on ps4 stack and I'm doing ps5 one now and story trophies are not popping......
  10. This isn't just one Platinum but I would have to say my entire Megaten Stack Collection 
  11. I have been waiting for like month I'm starting to get impatient lol I have sent them like 5 forms even did ingame feedback option as well nothing works this whole process is complete garbage they should have just made it where U can unlink it on the mihoyo account website
  12. Love the profile pic
  13. A rarity leaderboard would be great there currently is one but it's littered with hackers
  14. Yep 100% glitched I am at 100% data on ps4 and ps5 versions of the game and no trophy hoping for a patch soon