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  1. Love the profile pic
  2. A rarity leaderboard would be great there currently is one but it's littered with hackers
  3. Yep 100% glitched I am at 100% data on ps4 and ps5 versions of the game and no trophy hoping for a patch soon
  4. Yeah we got that menu and yeah it's necessary I'm thinking it's a supposed 26th song or 11th secret picture but honestly who knows it could legit be anything
  5. 1. Monster Hunter World 2. Persona 5 The Royal 3. Judgment 4. Kingdom Hearts 3 5. 13 Sentinels Aegis Rim 6. Yakuza 0 7. Final Fantasy vii remake 8. Yakuza Like A Dragon 9. Catherine Full Body 10. Nier Automata
  6. Ahh damn that sucks and yeah it 100% works I'm the guy from the other thread who explained how it works U can also check my profile as well so far have 2 autopped ones and I can make a video of me doing it from more proof of U want when I start the next stack after I finish 100% on the na one
  7. Yeah you will have to do that I'm currently doing that rn it's not so bad it still definitely better then doing all trophies from scratch
  8. Yeah only 1 person afaik but he doesn't have 100% on all yet I'm going for 100% on all rn but will probably take a break and play something else after this stack due to starting to get burnt out
  9. Yeah it's very weird I had to ask around abit to find a answer lol cos I Saw a few accounts with all stacks autopopped so I tried myself with the save didn't work then someone told me what I typed there pretty much and I was surprised to see it actually worked only downside is having to do a full replay for the Weiss trophy but still saves a whole lot of time since it only takes around 8-10 hours to beat the game skipping everything
  10. U actually still can autopop the stacks I have done it myself but U need PS4 copy for that region U are trying to stack as well so what U do is play however long U want it can be the first 30 seconds of the game and it will still work U upload that save to the second stack and it autopops all the trophies it doesn't pop based on save data it pops based on your PS4 trophy list since there is only one PS4 trophy list for every region it will work no matter how much U play on each
  11. Congrats on beating it but God damn even harder now I regret even putting it on my list lol U basically have to just spend a heap of money to beat it at this point hopefully in future they add a easier option to the last 3 floors of the abyss so I can actually get the trophy
  12. Europe Version North America Version
  13. I have a feeling it may be NA/EU/Mainland China/ then AS for the jp HK and kr versions of the game
  14. Holy shit insane tips thanks may give this another go this way I have like 115 done solo coop with 2 controllers but that was just using normal controls kinda have it a break cos it started to hurt my hands and it was getting so damn hard but these button maps may help me and also congrats on necrodancer insane achievement !!
  15. They should be all fixed the game got patched a day before it came out with the trophy fix update glad they did that cos they glitched all the time when I did other regions especially the all endings one was annoying af