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  1. Agreed Persona isn't "SMT" it never was SMT they only used the moniker to gain more popularity since nocturnes popularity in the west it's a spinoff/subseries of the Megami Tensei series so yeah either remove it, call it MegaTen or have it as Persona and SMT Series Also I asked awhile ago if it's possible to get the english names on all of the persona lists because some of the stacks already had them but then you guys just straight up removed the english off of the Chinese and Japanese lists that had it?
  2. This is what I have been able to find that isn't on the post I can safely say this is almost all of them once U add these Https:// (vita stack of game above)城堡风暴城堡风暴 (vita stack of game above)讨鬼传-极黑衣剑士-失落之歌虚拟现实乐园方块猫嘉年华三国战纪
  3. This is probably more or so just a nitpick but I was wondering if it's possible to get the english names on all the lists for the Persona games?
  4. I Platinumed every Persona Stack
  5. Definitely a 10/10 Difficulty for sure score attack and challenges are no joke in this game for someone who isn't good at fighting games myself as well also I do have a trophy guide for this game in the works so hopefully gonna be published on the site soon
  6. 1. Persona 4 Arena 2. Persona 5 The Royal 3. Persona 5 4. Shin Megami Tensei Nocturne HD Remaster 5. Catherine 6. Final Fantasy 7 Remake
  7. Welp I really hope they don't do Mainland China Persona stacks getting a Korean Account was already hell as it is. 😭
  8. Likes racing games and Dragon Quest Edit: Ignore top part accidentally quoted wrong person cos thread automatically loaded to page before lol Fan of Star Ocean as well as having alot of variety
  9. Earning the Platinum trophy on every single Persona, SMT and Catherine stack
  10. For me it would have to be when I did every Persona, SMT and Catherine stack after I did all english persona stacks I wanted more and I just kept buying and doing them and before you know it I was hooked lol
  11. Hoping we get the raidou devil summoner games as remasters as well as digital devil saga 1 and 2 some day and can't forget about the Persona 3 remaster/or remake But my most wanted remaster or remake of all time would most definitely be the Persona 2 Duology plz Atlus I beg that you remake these 🙏
  13. Nah sadly this game isn't cross buy but I recommend U get PS4 version anyway so U can get PS4 list of p4d which is only buyable through the collection
  14. Has alot of harder plats (I'm jealous of that fall guys plat I'm never gonna get infailble 😭)
  15. Hey the best and fastest way to get the treasure demons fast is to go to tree of Knowledge and get your security level into high 80s or high 90s and just go up and down the jail and U will find them very frequently. Hope this helps! Edit: They spawn faster based on the security level and since that dungeon is very short to traverse it's the fastest place to get them also make sure U have a persona with curse attack
  16. Yeah you will have to beat the reaper on every playthrough to do another new game plus and you can lower the Difficulty on a new run after beating him on Ng+ beware U will need very good builds for reaper on merciless cos he spawns mini bosses in his fight
  17. Yeah reaper is only post game and you have to complete all painful past, painful past + and all requests which have you fight a persona that you will be able to fuse once you beat the request for example the one with Seth and metatron all the requests like that then you will unlock the reaper request
  18. Trust me the 3 ways I mentioned before are the fastest there isn't any other fastest way to max the bond as much as it sucks to grind it, It's basically what you will have to do sadly
  19. Best place to farm them is in the final jail just get the security level in the 90s and go up and down the jail and U will find them very fast Edit: I just saw your trophy list and U have the 10 treasure demons trophy already don't farm them for bond best way to do this is to repeat the request Angel of Contracts Descends in the final jail post game over and over or continue merciless playthrough cos that is by far fastest way to increase it another fast way is in Osaka just click the Billiken Statue leaver area and go back in repeat for another fast way
  20. I'm kinda glad doing all persona stacks was enough I don't need more lol