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  1. It's been awhile guys. Seems like the arsenal has gone mia. I know it's been a busy summer so hopefully that's what's going on with him. I finished borderlands 2 story and almost done with far cry 5. Remnant from the ashes tho has taken that spot of game time that I have. I had it on nightmare and just couldn't beat the first boss. So I restarted on hard and now it's perfect. All I know is I'm gonna beat all the games I bought before I buy more. I really want to play re8 and a few others so bad. Gotta finish this pyramid tho! And hopefully cyberpunk is not bad on my base PS4 when I get to it. Hope all is well!
  2. I love borderlands. All of them. Three has such good gunplay it's hard to put down. Well they all have good gunplay. But I always thought it was about the build and guns not one or the other. Anyways, Im super stoked for elder ring and this game.
  3. It's been awhile for me. Borderlands Is one of my favorite series and it's hard to stop playing. I beat borderlands 2 but none of the dlc since I did new game plus and the dlc are level 50 probably instead of 30 like in the first playthrough. Anyways, I'm about to stop faith in far cry 5, then one more to get all bunker keys...I need to start playing sleeping dogs again cause it's been downloaded since I bought it but haven't played it for a while. Idk if I wanna plat borderlands 2 but it would be cool to plat all four games. It's been busy for me too so I havent been playing much. Probably is what's going on with arsenal. I am playing many other games tho not on the list. Subnautica, soma, remnant, and I'm playing binding of Isaac during some point in the day. I'm so close to the plat for binding of Isaac, and the 100%. Just need to unlock the forgotten and start getting his unlocks. Keeper is Halfway done, mega satan and delirium and Issac are done so really only hush and boss rush are what's gonna be hard. I'll update again much sooner and have an updated list. Hope everyone is staying cool! Getting fucking hot up in here. 100 degree heat already where I'm at.
  4. Haha wow, those items actually are not that hard to get compared to getting all hard marks for the lost, forgotten, and the keeper. It's crazy you haven't gotten those items by the time you finished all lost marks on hard. I guess after birth makes it much easier to get them. Batterys for sure with Lilith equals easy meat and bandage boy/girl. I've never seen afterbirth or afterbirth plus on sale Bro. It's not that expensive especially for how much content you get.
  5. Damn, it was nice giving updates for boi along with you. Helped me keep pushing. But I love boi so it ain't hard to not want to play it. I finally beat isaac with the lost and almost beat satan. That last satan phase never was hard but those flying worms that blow up are the worst. Also I finally unlocked the keeper by donating 1000 coins in greed or greedier. Greedier is greed but hard mode and another boss phase. I finally know the last phase so it seriously looks like I'm going to be able to 100% boi someday. The plat is getting closer everyday! Hopefully you come back to boi quicker than you are thinking!
  6. Since I didn't start boi for the plat I had so much fun and loved learning the intricacies of the game. Only until months later after getting good at the game did I think about getting the plat. But when I did it hurt my enjoyment of the game. So now it's just about having the best run I can make with what I get. Don't rush it. Do a run on hard and then one on greed. Then take a break for a hour or two. Makes it much more fun than trying to grind run after run. My goal is to plat the game by repentances release on ps4. Hopefully you can too!
  7. Now that you got to mega satan, I can expand on ultra hard. Ultra hard is beating mega satan with only 3 hearts or whatever amount of health ups you get. But there are zero red/soul heart pick ups. And the baddies are extra tough. Champions are everywhere. Anyways, the guy saying it's easier to get the lost with the expansions is kind of right. There is a item called missing poster, it's those kind of items that are on your bottom left when you pick it up. Well you die with that and bam you turn into the lost and unlock it. The problem is the item rarely shows itself. If you look at my trophy for the lost you can see how long it took from when I started the game. Like a year. It's crazy. But have fun with the lost. Also just play on hard since you have too anyways to get full completion.
  8. Oh man, I seriously got to the very end on the ultra hard challenge last night! With the perfect items too. the space bar item that gives you health and bloody recharge. While I was playing I also got balls of steel twice! But those two items on ultra hard are a godsend. I cried. I was sad. Was so close to getting to second stage. It was when 4 champion sins are there. So fucking close Be glad you don't got the afterbirth and afterbirth+ challenges.
  9. Nope I'm done with far cry 4. I need to finish these last remaining games.
  10. So I beat far cry 4s story. Kind of ended suddenly. Like you choose to kill or not kill pagan and it goes to credits instant after you choose to shoot him. Do you got to finish every little thing to get the true ending or something? Anyways, on to borderlands 2 and far cry 5.
  11. The game is just too good. Even when your stats suck, you push through as far as you can or win. Makes the win mean more than when you fly through the game. It seems edmund saw people fly through the game too much, so repentance is super fucking hard I've heard. Messed with all the items and some amazing items are nerfed which when you hear which ones, will make you to insane. I'm still excited to see how repentance plays. Can't wait for Q3 when it's supposed to come to ps4/ps5. Anyways, I thought I was at 600 coins donated in greed but I guess it was 500. NOW I'm at 600 coins...I'm so close to holy mantle!
  12. Finally got ten platinum trophies over the course of 6 years. I loved the borderland series and when I started the first one again, it brought back many memories. Took me a while to get to level fifty but I only play a couple hours a day, so can't complain. On to borderlands 2!
  13. It says I have 5 points. Ive finished 5 games and platted two of them. So I should have 9 points. Level one Ac3 done Level two Tomb raider definitive ed. Done Prototype 2 done Level 3 Far cry 4 Sleeping dogs Arkham knight done Level 4 Far cry 5 Far cry new dawn Borderlands done Borderlands 2 Level 5 Gta 3 Gta vc No man's sky Ac:o Cp 2077
  14. So I just got the plat for borderlands which is my tenth plat! I'm also at the end of far cry 4 so I should have that done in a few days. Sleeping dogs and borderlands 2 are next for me. Will update more when I start them. Idk how you guys plat every game lol. I thought this was supposed to be laid back lol.
  15. I'm going round and round with many games atm. Borderlands goty, far cry 4, binding of isaac, greedfall, batman arkham asylum, fnaf sister location, resident evil 5, rachet and clank, control plat/finish dlc, concrete genie, goat simulator, and assassin's creed 4. A few I don't play as much, but I'm almost at the end of many of the games, so after I delete those games finished I'll do the same with the rest til I can just start one game and continue to stay with one game from then on.