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  1. Amazing job! Can't wait for the next poll!
  2. It's a no hit run brah. Lol. Pretty crazy but you can just run straight to the bosses pretty quickly. But still. I got hit at least once every boss. Except the first one which isn't really a boss but has a boss health bar. But I still got hit by him I just meant later he became easy.
  3. Level one Assassin's creed 3 remastered Level two Tomb raider definitive ed Prototype 2 Level three Far cry 4 Sleeping dogs definite Ed. Pathologic 2 swap for arkham knight plat and all story dlc Level four Far cry new dawn Far cry 5 Borderlands Borderlands 2 Level five Gta 3 Gta vice city No man's sky Assassin's creed origins Cyberpunk 2077
  4. I think it's on sale too. For sure worth the money but depending how good you are, it's a short game. So take that in consideration. I'm clearing lots of backlog and new games I want to play but I started the no shell run until the first boss. It would be awesome if they added some dlc!
  5. Playing it right now. Platinumed it on another account 8 or 9 years ago, so when I saw both games on sale I jumped on it. Still in the beginning but the guy above is right. It's dumbed down in a lot of areas. The parkour is gone. Mercer used to move with the environment and it was so fun too. I'm like wtf happened to the best parts of prototype. Oh and the ai. So fucking stupid. You jump on a roof and your clear. In the first you had to make sure to find a crevice or if you had time to get farther away then pretty much anywhere haha. But they were on your ass. Much more intense game. Obviously. This games hard mode is seriously easier than the first games medium but not by much but still... biggest shame is no prototype 3 yet
  6. Binding of isaac rebirth. It's one of my favorite games ever. So much replayability and it's just so goddamn good. I think it's 10$ or maybe 15$.
  7. Wow mgs4 sounds traumatic to go for the plat. I'm clearing lots of backlog and games I want to play but I will finish my nightmare dragon age playthrough another day for that shiny plat. I have many games close to platinum but I've always never wanted to hate playing a game so I wait til the game sounds fun to play again and try to get any remaining trophies. Issac is the only game that will never get boring for me. Anyways...glad to see you've made progress. Shouldn't be long!
  8. So I'm almost done with prototype but I've played it before so I remember what happens. But I want to swap a game out I'm pretty sure. Pathologic 2 is the game. I got batman arkham series with all dlc. Arkham knight was my very first ps4 game I played. Haven't played since. But I wanna swap pathologic for arkham knight and the goal for it will be to platinum it's as well as finish all dlc. Not all trophies but to just beat the one off stories and 4 new bad guys. Anyways, Ive already started prototype 2 a little but also far cry 4. I like moving around a lot haha. Should finish prototype 2 quickly tho cause the story is much more interesting. The graphics are much much better too. Gameplay tho is not as deep but still as fun! Will update soon
  9. March 31st! But is that for pc only? If so, mega sad face
  10. It seems this game was meant to be played the way where you get the good ending where you travel the world with Elizabeth. I was level 29 at the end and I didn't even do all the side missions. It's funny because I was gonna do all the side missions before the last battle but for some reason I read the journal. I seriously did it without thinking. I Was used to just opening the letters up real quick to get the hints. I guess in the end it doesn't matter because I had to do another playthrough to get all weapons and shit. So many are blocked behind killing people. It's crazy. Anyways...Im glad I bought playstation plus for October so I could play this game. Finally bought another month so finished 30 min ago. Very interesting take on the vampire lore.
  11. I would of gotten the plat but for some reason I didn't get the shock and awe trophy. And the cat collectible which I can easily do. But I guess I gotta play the game again to beat shocker again? I turned it in so maybe when the whole package goes on sale I'll play it again on new game plus to see if my theory on unlocking shock and awe will work.
  12. Hell yeah. I played it on xbox 360 back when it first came out. I see that the shadow of the tomb raider definitive ed is on sale for 15$. Finally can play the dlc and beat the game again on the hardest difficulty. I saw the first two batman games for 9.99 too. Luckily the sale goes on for another 17 days so there is enough time! Anyways, prototype has so much to do that i should just beat the campaign and come back for the other activities later. Probably would have been almost done with prototype 2 if so. You should keep a eye on them cause the sale I got them on dropped the price to 5$ or 7$.
  13. So I just finished tomb raider definitive ed. Did everything except multiplayer. Well two trophies I missed in the single player but they are bronze so whatever. Now to finish prototype so I can play prototype 2. Also I downloaded far cry 4 so that's ready when it ready haha. Time to hit this ape rove cart and be a badass in prototype. Also the next post will be #666! Hell yeah! 😈
  14. I got 3! That's 3 times as many as last year too! But i have many games close to a plat so 2021 will probably where they come to fruition. What matters to me though is the feelings and experience of the game. And if a plat makes me play a game too much where it starts to get stale then the plat just isn't for me. The three were sinking city, borderlands 3, and ghost of tsushima.
  15. Binding of isaac depends on how well you can play with the different tear effects and many little things that help out in the long run. It's an amazing game. But damn is beating the whole game without getting hit is fucking hard. And you gotta do it like 4 times with that character. I seriously had my heart break today. I was so close and had a strong ass run, but one mistake was made...and I died :(. It still hurts...but I learned to never make that mistake again. It's so fun to watch tho. Watch sinvicta who has a 1006 streak now. It's crazy