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  1. UPDATE: Hi so I got a fix from Sony that worked. They told me to delete godfall from every godfall version that you have installed on your system. Delete all save files. So that there are no traces of godfall. Then go into the settings to restore licences, I don't remember where the setting is. This takes a few minutes. After you finished restoring licenses, go ahead and download godfall again. Now it gets weird. In the store it still says I did not purchase deluxe upgrade and I do not own it (but I do), so I start the game, choose new character, and now it let's me choose story instead of endless mode. And since I wasn't sure if fire and darkness was included, I beat the story and was able to access the dlc. But still in the store it says I do not own. Weird
  2. Since the game needs multiple playthroughs anyways, I would just go for it. Play the first run for the sake of the game and then start focusing on trophies after that.
  3. Bruh I am having the same fucking Problem. I played Godfall on PS5 when it became available for PS Plus and then I left it. Then about 1 week later I bought the deluxe Upgrade for 15€, and if I remember correctly, I bought in in the PS5 Store, because it would not let me buy it on the PS4 store or on the web store on PC. So now I downloaded the PS4 version on my ps4 and it says I need buy deluxe Upgrade again. And I within the account transactions I can see that I purchased the upgrade. I sent a support mail to sony but the first answer they gave me made me think. They did not read my problem, I even included pictures of proof of purchase. For context: the ps5 is at my Appartement and now I am at my parents house where j have the ps4. The way you described it, might be possible that I can play the deluxe Upgrade on the ps5, but I have not had a chance to test that yet. I will update as soon as I get an useful answer from Sony. I recommend that you write a support ticket as well. The deluxe Upgrade was definitely for both versions
  4. Can't help you, but I find the campaign also rather difficult and I upgraded health skill already. Campaign is more a 6 or 7 out of 10 in terms of difficulty. But I see now, that you powered through, gonna do the same
  5. Thanks for letting us know. Gonna go back to it
  6. Man that sucks. Probably a server issue. I hope it doesn't take forever to fix it
  7. I have been trying to check the faction war page for a few days now, but it cannot refresh. So I cannot even look at the faction was page, meaning, I also cannot switch factions. Anybody else having this problem?
  8. Try the following, Choose to play Conquest and then under map selection only choose "Arras", that is the one with the yellow fields. When you start at your base, pick the plane with the most bombs (4 bombs) and fly towards enemy base. Each base has 1 or 2 anti air guns or whatever they are called. Just fly towards the enemy base and drop the bombs on the stationary anti air guns. DO NOT bother to look for enemies, it does not matter. Sometimes some enemy will spawn and jump on the gun because they see the plane, by that time the bombs are dropped. It is actually super easy. I got it done within 2 matches. Now I uninstalled. This is a tip that is often given online. It works great. It is important that you just always drop the bombs, dont bother to look for enemies, someone will eventually be there. And also this is a fun map in general anyways Good Luck
  9. I use Raiden technique like everybody else. But I am giving up now. I am at 5k damage with 1:45h in Invasions. It seems though Invasions are back weekly so I will come back with the next Invasion. Good luck
  10. actually at this point I would close the game and maybe restart it. maybe it pop with the next hit. Keep us updated
  11. It is not damage that counts, only the amount of hits, some people got it around 6k damage, some at 10k. I think you are very close to your 1000hit if you have over 17k damage. Keep going. just a bit more
  12. man i really want this trophy, but i am only at 1k damage and shinnok with his stupid flamethrower is just unfair. I think i have to sit this one out and hope there will be another invasion evantually
  13. it is not damage that counts, but the number of hits. so to get the trophy you need to get 1000 hits on the invasion boss, not 1000 dmg
  14. so the japanese version has the option of english and japanese text? but only japanese audio?
  15. Alright, guess it was a little buggy for me. I will try again with randoms when I get the change. thanks