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  1. Wow, what a shame. After having so much fun and many hours in D1, I got the special edition of D2. I am now disappointed haha. Didn't even know they could do that, just remove content that was paid for.
  2. Oh wow. So even if you wanted to play the original D2 campaign again, you can't anymore after they remove the content?
  3. I can confirm this as well. Thanks!
  4. Apparently the servers for Killzone: Mercenary have been silently shut down. "I was actually on support chat with Sony when I saw this post. I asked the rep, and he checked internally and confirmed they were shut down"
  5. Dying Light The Enhanced Edition is part of the Playstation Hits lineup in the US so it's possible it could include The Following and all DLC but from the looks of the thumbnail, it looks to be the standard edition. Hopefully the former edition though to celebrate the upcoming Dying Light 2! They're still support the first game and all. Participated in a lot of events on PC recently. I've always wondered why the US got the Playstation Hits version whereas the EU didn't. Currently in the EU, it's on sale from €60 to €20 and the US: $20 to $14. Some price difference there! Fantastic lineup though if this is the case!
  6. 007 games! (Would platinum these games in a flash!) Nightfire Agent Under Fire Everything or Nothing The Getaway (Favourite PS2 game) Deadspace 1 & 2 (Haven't played the third) Wouldn't mind some collections from the PS3 making its way to PS5 Ratchet and Clank Sly Jak and Daxter.
  7. For anyone in the future with this issue, I had to result in using a my hotspot (mobile data). Not sure if it was the modem that caused this or having gigabit broadband.
  8. I know the game is old but does anyone know if there's an issue with the online servers? Any game I join, It's active for 2-3 minutes then I get a black screen and get booted to the main menu. I wasn't kicked by a player as there was no one else in the lobby. Thanks.
  9. Oh dude... Literally, the exact same situation happened to me as well! I started via chapter select to save everyone as Matt had died early on in my early blind playthrough and that last collectible that saves Josh screwed me over as I had already collected it but never knew I had to pick it up again (saved him previous playthrough)! Don't know why but I basically went back to 6 right away and did it again, nearly burnt out haha.
  10. You're welcome man. Playing music and podcasts will also make it manageable
  11. Hi Guys, After 8 years, 5 of which stuck on 98%, I finally achieved the platinum! It was a tough ride requiring patience and dedication, but I pulled through. *IMPORTANT - TIME SAVER!!* World tour wins count towards Online Friendly wins! Resulting in 100 Online Friendly wins rather than 250. A total of 500 wins will be needed. if you complete World Tour wins first. Throughout my grind, I've come up with these tips and may help the rest of you complete these wins more efficiently; It's definitely best to start now than later as the servers are dead/empty and will be able to find your boosting partner easily. Better than an announcement of a server shutdown with everyone then trying to achieve these wins simultaneously. A lot easier if you're boosting with yourself of course. Make regular saves as a safety precaution. Before commencing with the grind, I recommend using a counter (such as "Thing Counter" app for Android) for wins as the leaderboard won't be reliable due to possible disconnections. You have to finish the full game, cannot leave or disconnect. Leaving by a DNF will result in a win on the leaderboard but not towards a gold medal for Gold Medalist. Some mini time savers. All add up in the long run; When player one serves, player 2 should hit it on the volley to speed up the rally. High speed serves will save some time Both players should spam X to speed up mini cutscenes (not just player 1). I recommend beginning with the ranked matches as they require 250 wins (1 set), consisting of 3 games. When searching for a game, player 1 must search first. 5 seconds or so later - player 2 must search. If both players search at the same time, you will not find each other. Next, complete 150 World Tour wins. When searching for a game, player 1 must search first. 5 seconds or so later - player 2 must search. If both players search at the same time, you will not find each other. Once all tour events are completed, exit the world tour and create a new profile. If full, delete one of them, then create a new one. This will not reset wins. As mentioned above, World tour wins count towards Online Friendly wins, which will result in 100 Online Friendly wins rather than 250. These matches will complete a lot faster as you can set the match to 1 game and 1 set. Turning off autosave for these wins will result in faster loading times and it won't be saving after each match. Be sure to save regularly if you turn off autosave to avoid risks. Get all these wins finished first as you know what happens when servers shut down and considering this is a very old game. Hope this helps and stick with it if you're going to attempt it Peace.
  12. Ah sure, if that's the case, that's completely understandable. And if they were classified, I'm sure this would've been suggested ages ago! Thanks man. If only that was the case starting back in '08 haha.
  13. Hi there, I've recently been working on my percentage completion and wanted to first work on older games that contained online trophies to achieve them before their servers eventually shut down. Apologies if this feature somewhat exists but it got me thinking. Let's say you were in your trophy advisor, I think it would be nice to sort or show trophies that were online or offline only. Or even if you were investigating a single game, maybe an option to show only the online trophies for that game. Maybe it's not possible to add this feature as the trophies themselves wouldn't be categorized as Online or Offline? I know within the road map for a game, they'd specify the number of online trophies it contained but I'm just throwing it out there. Thanks!
  14. Aloy was one of them right? I believe that free one was US exclusive during one of the previous events? It doesn't have the sky background like the last one but it's the same avatar nonetheless. What was the other one; Joel?
  15. Not sure if 'Contender' works on the version we have. Could be a problem on my end though. Might be best to set up a game session