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  1. Message me on discord because I am unable to send messages on PSN. BlueJays19Rocks#4506
  2. Thanks when are you available to help?
  3. Can you help me with these trophies?
  4. The bomber trophy isn't unlocking for me. I thought if I got some more kills with the dual portion torpedoes it would unlock but it didn't.
  5. I'm having trouble getting the step down trophy I'm doing exactly what the trophy requires me to do yet it's not popping. Can somebody please help me?
  6. I think that game is called hand simulator.
  7. Thanks I didn't know it worked like that.
  8. Level 14 (32%) before the update Level 247 (26%) after the update
  9. I just got the trophy but if you need help getting the stocked trophy I will help you
  10. I'll probably be able to do it on Friday at around 4:00 p.m. EST.
  11. Okay I'll let you know when I can do it PSN: BlueJays19Rocks
  12. Is there anybody that can help me get the "Stocked" trophy by trading back and forth with me until I unlock it?
  13. Do the wins have to be online and do all cars count towards this trophy?
  14. I guess I got lucky because I only needed 47 km on one set of wheels.
  15. I've managed to get a grand total of zero wins
  16. The team games shouldn't be mandatory I think there should be a option in the main menu where you can disable them.