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  1. I find one thing super weird- playing with crossplay on I got often in top 3, but with crossplay off I did much worse, which I expected, because I am dogshit at multiplayer games. Also I hate how much I enjoy this dumb little game, even when I don't place high, for some reason it's really fun. Probably because rounds are super short, so you're not getting tired of it
  2. Again. No, not correct. You are putting words into my mouth and interpreting it however you want. I replied to a guy that was overly dramatic and saying that removing Krauser means remake is RUINED. Ruined, of course, the village, castle, mines, labs, absolutely everything that is not Krauser will be absolutely RUINED. I didn't say he shouldn't care if Krauser gets cut, I said he is side character that could be easily cut without compromising quality of the other parts It's modernized version of RE4, stuff will be cut, added, changed, that's obvious to anyone with half a brain. That's how Capcom made their previous remakes. From all the characters story wise Krauser is the the most useless, he is there out of nowhere, appears halfway through the game just as a big AHA it was him who kidnapped Ashley. If you remove Krauser, Ashley could be kidnapped by absolutely anyone with the same effect. Gameplay wise? He could be replaced by any other boss. In mercenaries he could be replaced by Luis. Ada could fight off any other boss. You are set to believe I am determined to say Krauser SHOULD be cut from the game. I never said that. I think he SHOULD be in the game. But I think it's mature to expect Capcom will make changes and whining like a spoiled child that everything will collapse on itself because of that one thing is absurd. My whole comment was in response to absurd dramatization of rUiNinG rEsIdEnT eViL, but you are for some reason reading it like I WANT the cuts 🙄 I really cannot write it clearer so you understand.
  3. Jeeesus, it's like this:
  4. Oh jeez, reading skills are hard, right? I didn't say he can't CARE about the remake. I rebutted him writing "RE4 is ruined". Which it isn't. Let's say RE4 is absolute dogshit, how does that ruin the original? It baffles me how bad remake can ruin the original game? You can be disappointed with the RE4 remake, of course you can, but saying that games that came before it are suddenly worse because of it? Where is the logic in that? If the rumors that were mentioned in this thread are true then Krauser will be replaced by new boss fight Spoiler rumor: But as mentioned above, those leaks might be BS because apparently Krauser is mentioned in the intro. It's a REMAKE. Not 1:1 remaster. REMAKE. Which means some stuff will be cut. And you know what? Stuff will be added in its place. Just look at RE2 remake, it is FAR from 1:1 representation of the original, and it's widely regarded as an amazing game. Also you are putting words in my mouth, your comment implies that I just said to just rip chunks of the game out and it will be fine. I did not say that, neither I even think that. I responded to overly dramatic comment about oh no "ruining" resident evil. Which is absolutely absurd, let's say the rumors are true and island and Krauser are cut and instead we get extended labs, does the cut content completely invalidate all other sections of the game? Do you understand what I mean now? My comment was as rebbutal to people who think about this game in absolute extremes. "if it doesn't have X then the whole game is dogshit and noone should play it" while the healthy way would be "This, this and this were super nice parts of the game, but I miss that they cut X, I prefer the pacing of the original"
  5. It's the same game but vastly expanded. It has whole new semester, overworked confidant links, new areas to hang out, new phantom thief, new dungeons, additional content in Mementos, and a tooon of QOL improvements. It's the same situation as Persona 4 & Persona 4 Golden. I think picking Royal over base P5 is no brainer, it adds so much on top of an already brillian game. PS4 Royal to PS5 Royal tho is not worth it. It's the same game but with bundled in DLC and 60fps. I got it because I have total brain rot that left me mentally not capable to resist anything Persona, but for normal healthy humans I'd say stick with Persona Royal PS4 version. Damn I want the new collector's edition but it's too pricey for me 😭
  6. It was more a jab at people stuck in the past that refuse to aknowledge that classics were important, they influenced whole industry, they are masterpieces, but the medium of video games goes forward. RE reddit is full of people whining about tank controls and fixed camera angles, and they argue that clunkiness caused more fear and tension. I genuinely think nostalgia is one of the worst things on this planet, people refuse to understand that for example some of the old horror games were scary or exciting to them is because they were children, or it was one of their first experiences of gaming horror ever. Which means those games stand up in their minds, and everything that comes as they grew up and became bitter adults will never have the same "something new and amazing" effect, it's often them and not the game. Sorry, it was a rant, not really directed towards you lol. IDK, it REALLY grinds my gears when people are like this, and I am 31, I remember games from that era, so it's not an issue of me being a new player and not appreciating the originals Look, I adore RE4, it's one of my favorite games ever (together with SH2 they are my favorite horror games ever). But 1. it's a remake. it's modernized for a new audience, there are millions of new gamers that never played original RE4, and you know what? As much as it's a masterpiece of its time and still holds up today, it will need reworks. You are afraid they will ruin it? How? Will the remake delete the original off your console or make physical disk implode? Will it erase any of your memories of the original game? Did RE3 Remake destroy RE3? i think original Cds with the game are still fine, everyone is more than welcome to play it. Also, you are so mad because of Krauser? Literally the most useless character in the whole game? He appears out of nowhere, like players are supposed to have some sort of emotional reaction to him betraying Leon, spews out one of the worst dialogue in the whole franchise that sounds like written by 12 year old boy. And his whole schtick being big burly macho guy? You are angry at cutting of THAT?
  7. Aren't you a ray of sunshine? Backlash for cutting the most generic character from game with tons of great characters? The same leaks said merchant has spanish accent, mentioned that Salazar was cut. Other leaks said Leon will have dodge button like in RE3. Leaks of Village said Ethan would die halfway through the game. You want a game without any changes go play RE4 original. God I love this franchise but fans are so damn toxic
  8. I can't believe anyone else besides me is looking forwards to Re:Verse lol. I can't explain it, but I know that game is really bad, but I really liked it during beta. Sort of like watching trashy TV, you know it's bad but on some days you want brainless entertainment
  9. So, I got the plat, and I must say it looked much worse than it actually was. I think my total time hovers around 32-35 hours max. maybe even less. Weirdly the last trophies were not farming 1k of each resource but 75 quests. Grind doesn't take that long if you focus on the first area, agreed. If anyone is going for the plat, prioritize upgrading your tools so it's faster to break rocks/chop down trees etc. Pretty chill game overall, yes, way too grindy and honestly pretty shallow. But it's far from being bad, it very obviously is VERY indie
  10. I see that you now popped all those trophies, did it take alot of time? I am kinda dreading the grind
  11. Just heads up, the game is very glitchy. I had NPCs get stuck, game throwing me out of bounds when fast traveling, cutscenes not playing (had to forcefully skip cutsences to proceed). Had quests bug out (had to reload the game) and some other minor stuff. The fast travel glitch was the worst, I believe it happens when there is an event in the place you are fast traveling to. To fix it you have to fast travel again to your house or outside of town. I am much more forgiving knowing how it's small indie game, and I know it's super hard to check for everything when you don't have big company behind you. But thought I'd give the head ups for people with lower tolerance for such things. I believe with few patches it will be really nice cute chill game
  12. Witcher 3 is my favorite game ever. I have went out of my way to get two avalaible platinums. I have finished this game over 15 times, 4 times on DM Aerondight is not useless during Deathmarch. I was running a signs build+aerondight and breezed through the game. I think only Ciri boss battles gave me any issues, and maybe Caranthir. With NG+ you start with additional mutagens, I had an armor that automatically casted Quen whenever I entered the battle. Of course that armor has become too low level after some time, but it was perfect for the start of the Deathmarch to get into the flow of things. I got the best steel swords as I went but kept Aerondight as my main silver one for the whole playthrough, even with lower base stants to all other swords it raises the attack with each hit and deals massive damage. I really recommend to try it. But you can try potions build. I have never tried it myself, but I heard it basically breaks the game and makes dm a breeze
  13. Just play on NG+ and use Aerondight. That sword makes most enemies obsolete
  14. Maybe it will help someone: You DO need two new DLC spirits for that trophy, all the guides should be updated with this info. Now I have a problem with collections, did all recipes and all other collections and didn't pop either of those trophies, I tried to look around if there was anything new added to the DLC, but found nothing. [EDIT} for anyone looking for the same answers I had: You do need all spirits including DLC ones for both ecstatic trophy and the "bring all spirits to everdoor" Trophy for all recipes didn't pop after registering them all. I made cheese again from yoghurt and it popped. Previously I got the cheese by leaving the milk in the cellar for too long (wanted to make yoghurt). So it may be that you need to directly make cheese for it to register.
  15. I was struggling for few minutes with the rhythm game, what helped me is to turn off the sound and just go off the visual. I agree with everyone here, you have to press the honk earlier than you think, I think devs should fix it, because I am 100% sure some of my presses were definitely on top of the bar but it didn't register