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  1. Such a fantastic game. If anyone is looking for 2-3 hours of total chill and relax, go for it. It's rather short, the plat is super easy and you get PS4&PS5 versions with purchase. I couldn't recommend it enough.
  2. Definitely looking forward to this one! So, there's no official release date, right? Besides info on LimitedRun?
  3. Of course you will not get banned. I am also curious what is the thought process that made you think that it's even a possibility? 🤔 Not trying to be rude, genuinely curious, because I would never think to connect console repair to making other account. Like... If someone from your family wanted to play on that ps5 with different account, would you think they would get banned? They just repaired your console, this shouldn't affect anything 🤷‍♀️
  4. Well I absolutely adore having physical copies, but also buy digital sometimes when stuff is on sale. It's not clutter to me 🤷‍♀️ I have games, figures and tons of art tools and I have it all in 10m² room. Do I go out of my way to get physical? No. Do I get physical when there is a possibility? Yeah. With digital I can't lend/borrow a game to/from a friend. With digital everything is tied to my account, something happens to my account and I'm fucked. With physical at least I am sure as long as they are on my shelf that they are stuck there forever, no worries about licences, dead storefronts, worries about hackers etc. Putting a disc into console is not that hard, literally takes 10 seconds to take it out of the box and put inside. But my and other peoples preference for having physical does not invalidate other peoples choice of digital, it's all down to preference. I wonder if it has anything to do that I grew up pretty poor (still am sometimes struggling financially) so what games I do have I like to kinda see on the shelf? Does that makes sense? It makes you feel like you spent money on something "real". Stupid take, but I sometimes wonder if that has a point in this
  5. In Europe I just bought disc from local retailer, just google around, you'll find it physical
  6. Just to butt in. Trophies do pop in for online coop. They did not pop for split screen coop. Played 200h+ with my boyfriend and he has only few trophies thay popped when he was away, not when we were playing on couch
  7. Procession to Calvary! Small indie game that is maybe 1,5-2 hours long. It has very Monty Python-esque humor, definitely not for everyone, but me and everyone around me found it hilarious, it was created entirely with old paintings. It does make fun of religion though, so that put off some more uptight people though. On the trophy hunter side- platinums is 1/10 difficulty, overall fantastic little game by a single dev
  8. This. People really sleep on netrunning. It's super satisfying to just obliterate 20 enemies with legendary quickhacks without anyone noticing you were even there. Made 4 playthroughs, pure netrunner, sniper/blades, light guns and now netrunner/blades build. Netrunner definitely worked best for me.
  9. Just a tip for people- investing in crafting greatly helps you with many trophies. With money exploits patched out crafting is the best way to make money, and it's not even an exploit, just a proper way to make money. Don't sell weapons you loot, turn them into crafting materials and stock up. Unlock ability to craft legendary equipment. Now just look around your crafting screen what are your most expensive items you can make. Craft them and sell them. This allows you to work towards few trophies- crafting 3 legendary items, autojock to buy all cars, 10 out of 10 to reach max level in one of the talents and you also get needed money for some expensive tech from ripper docs. My way of doing it was market next to jig jig street, there is a vendor there that sells crafting materials and there is a ripper doc that has around 25k+ cash. I got some parts from disassembling guns and outfits, bought some parts from the vendor, craft most expensive items (it was netrunner outfit for me at first, worth over 2800 eddies, later I got a gun worth 3k). Sell few items back to the vendor, go to the ripper, sell her another pile of items, wait 24-36hours for their stock and money to refill, rinse and repeat. If I got bored and tired of buying the parts for crafting I just went to do some side gigs, ncpd scanners or buy few cars. Then come back with fresh materials etc. There is no need to do it in one big go. Also there is no need to do all of this from the start, I would even recommend doing it as late in a game as possible, simply because you will have unlocked better crafting recipes by then. Also, by unlocking some perks you can get better parts for disassebling the guns and clothes, you can even get a perk that gives you a chance to create items for free (which is basically free money). Trust crafting. Believe in crafting. Crafting will guide you
  10. Has anything in the game ever explained how Zeniths are flying in the air? Or are we just supposed to believe they are DragonBall/Marvel superheroes flying around with no explanation? Also Zeniths are a caricature with quotes "squash that bug" or how fun it will be to kill people. These characters are so super shallow...
  11. Get it only if you like alot of freedom in the games. As much as I know Elden Ring is fantastic masterpiece, it stands for everything I hate about games. Like every gripe I ever had with a game put together into one big pile. But I am aware it's me, and I am happy people have loved it so much so far. I played some time yesterday roaming around for an hour I think. My first reaction was awful. The game is convoluted, inventory screen seems like looking at MS Excel spreadsheet with all the numbers, quite alot of the mechanics are not explained, and you have to figure them by yourself. The game starts with short cutscene, gives you pat on the ass and says "Now go, lol". And my first instinct was "But... Where do I go? What do I do? Why am I doing anything? What are my motivations? What is going on?". Without any story, questlines, dialogue etc I have zero motivation to go forward, because I have no idea what my goal is. And I do not need handholding, but there should be middle ground between Ubisoft infestation of markers and quests and having zero of context. I have zero connection to my character because it's basically nonexistent, you could have been just floating weapon. Again, not trying to start a war with ER fans, that game is fantastic and dream come true for many of you. It's just not my dream. All I am saying that to love ER you have to love gameplay, freedom and lore much more than story, characters and dialogue in games. If you are one of those players that is looking for freedom in their open world games it will be absolutely perfect for you. Just wanted to butt in with alternative look at the game, don't eat me guys
  12. First one had much more engaging story though. More compelling villains and threat too. The first game also had better pacing, as an outcast both the player and Aloy were being slowly introduced to the whole world, everything was being slowly unveiled. I know by being a sequel it has to have some base and you can't start from zero, but I feel like the sequel throws too many NPCs at you and then throws them away immediately. First we hear about embassy and how important it is for one Carja dude to come back home. thrown away in seconds. Regalla barely appears in the game. Besides your team I feel like there is too many NPCs that are just thrown there for one forgettable quest, instead of maybe doing longer questlines for one person or the other to make them more memorable. After the years I still remember fondly doing hunts for Talanah from the first game, I finished FW last week and I am starting to forget everything.
  13. Just play the game as you want but keep in mind how many points you have to have for some trophies 🤷‍♀️ I have maxed out my intelligence, because I am playing as a netrunner, and now I am clearing out the map and putting leftover points towards the body attribute. Don't hinder your enjoyment from the game guys. You are level 18, which means you will get 32 points besides that (you get one point each time you level up), so does it really matter if you have those 17 points unspent from the start or you will do it at the tail end? You just need those points after reaching highest street cred, this also kinda makes not much sense to hold onto those unspent points in the first parts of the game
  14. I love story focused games, they are mainly what I play. I preordered Forbidden West, I was super excited for it, I took my time platinuming it, didn't rush a thing, and to be honest I don't mind the cutscenes, I quite like them, the voice acting is superb. But I really bounced off the story, it was really mediocre with few sudden unreasonable plot holes and baffling twists. I was talking with my boyfriend about Horizon today and surprisingly we had the same impressions: most of the side content is utterly forgetable, I cannot remember most of the sidequest NPCs, even some of the main characters are super shallow. The art direction is superb, the designs of tribes are mindblowing, definitely contender for the best art direction in 2022, but goddamn, when you talk with 20th Tenakth with the same face paint they all start to blend together, I couldn't tell who was who, the only quite prominent differences are in main characters. My comment is chaotic because I have such hard time putting in words how I feel about this game. I want to love it, it has everything I love in gaming, rich world, tons of side content, heavily story focused, rpg mechanics but somehow it lacks that x factor for me. But I understand how it can be 10/10 game for many others
  15. Performance patch and native port are two different things. The twitter post clearly says about next gen upgrades to PS5. Days Gone, TLOU2 or Ratchet and Clank, Vampyr and many other games had just framerate unlock PATCHES on their PS4 versions. So yes, they don't count IMO, it's very clear difference between next gen upgrade and last gen patch. You ask if they don't count as PS5 versions, yeah they don't count, when you start those on PS5 it clearly shows PS4 icon next to the game.