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  1. I wonder, I uploaded my non platinum save, since I didn't achieve it on ps4 version, but none of the trophies popped when I loaded the save. Does this work only with the platinumed game?
  2. That clip of Sam jumping into a box was pure gold. Kinda happy I listened to rumors and put off buying ps4 version, will be able to experience superior version now
  3. I played this game ages ago on PS4 and everything worked fine. PS5 is playable, but some of the puzzles/minigames are not loading properly When I had to rearrange the letters on neon sign into word Aladdin, around 4 of the letters were invisible, I could grab them, but seems like playing it on PS5 game has some issues with displaying overlay images? Same goes for symbols on Medowski's desk, the symbols didn't load at all. I had to look up a guide to know which buttons to press, because they were blank for me. I tried to reinstall the game, but it still is the same. I am not far into it, and so far I could go by using a guide on puzzles, but wanted to give people heads up.
  4. It's funny how both of the sides claim the true Battlefield fans play only multi/only solo. I'm not a fps type girl, so I don't have strong opinions. But isn't it weird to argument "last campaigns were shit, glad they cut it off" instead of "last campaigns were shit, they should make good one for once"?
  5. I would reccomend eneba. I have always bought there and you get codes instantly and without problem
  6. Agree, they have many flaws. But on the other hand I never considered "too easy" a flaw. Maybe it's just me, I don't like hard games. And DS games were just fun to pick up after a rough day, play for hour of two and chill. Also, by no means I shit on other peoples choices, everyone has their own tastes and I respect that. But I truly wonder how many of those S tiers are rose tinted glasses because people played those games as children and have such huge nostalgia for them. The same way how my cousins daughter plays paw patrol games and thinks they are the best thing on this planet
  7. Why do people hate Zeldas for DS? God I spent so many hours with them. While "masterpiece" of BotW couldn't get me hooked at all. Spirit Tracks for life
  8. I wanted to get it as well, many shops have it for preorder in EU with date being 22 June 2021
  9. You really didn't catch it being a joke?
  10. Thank you, worked like a charm, it did crash the game first two times, but worked perfectly third time, thanks!
  11. Mine popped after getting peace between Geth and Quarians, I had well over 7k points, and I wonder if that point is the earliest when it can pop? I talked to Hackett after every mission
  12. Didn't work for me either, I had to shoot one to hijack. That makes me wonder if that's a bug, or they just changed the requirements
  13. Thanks for explaining. Maybe that'd why I barely remember them, I never was a fan of GTA formula.
  14. Hey, I will say it. I loved Sheva. I have a soft spot for her, I always picked playing Sheva during coop sessions with my BF, loved using her bow and arrow
  15. What? Where did you get that info from? I don't recall any info from leakers or Capcom hack mentioning that Village was meant to be Rev 3. It doesn't make ANY sense, with first person perspective, settings and supposedly Rebecca being the protagonist of Rev 3