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  1. Imagine playing games for fun after a hard day and not to get frustrated playing same part over and over. Sweaty tryharding so much more fun. At least I get points on my official GamerCard™ Damn, I couldn't, that's too hard of a concept. Games played and trophies collected purely for fun? Huh, that's absurd.
  2. I have messaged one person that had issues with it, but managed to get the plat later. I hope you don't mind me sharing it here dude! He said to me that he fast traveled to the village and back to the mountain temple, ran back to the boss arena and then proceeded to do whole thing with manual save before meditation etc etc. It seems like stepping into that boss arena before going up the stairs is crucial somehow? When I did it on the first try, when I loaded the manual save file it put me in the middle of boss arena, and that made it work. Everyone else that had issues with it mentioned that their save files load next to fast travel teleport or somewhere up ahead. Long story short: leave the area for a sec, step deep into the boss arena, so there is thick fog around you, and after that run up the stairs. If anyone tries this, please let me know if this worked. Edit: nevermind, guys before me posted great video tutorials, please ignore my theorizing
  3. Obvious villains? Terrible cutscenes? Are you talking about the same game? If you don't mind the spoilers just look up final boss and then tell me it looks like a kids game. You said you didn't play it yet but proceed to argue what the game is and is not. I'm not gonna argue with you, sure, if you are so set on categorizing what is and is not kids game, go off man
  4. I did it exactly as the Powerpyx guide said. Defeated the final boss, ran up to the meditation spot. Made manual save here. Proceeded to meditate and finish the game. Start new game on master mode. As soon as first L1 prompt appeared I pressed it and clicked to load my manual save file. It put me in the boss arena after defeating it, not right before the meditation spot, so I ran to the top of the stairs, meditated and it worked
  5. Yes, I added the edit. 1.003 version. I am in Poland. Popped no problem
  6. The exploit worked like a charm for me. Started new save file on master mode, right after first prompt to press L1 I loaded manual save file from the end of the game, boom, trophy popped Edit: also, I am in Poland on 1.003
  7. Definitely not for kids. The game has some heavy themes of death, the whole plot point is spirits not being able to move on to afterlife. You shouldn't judge the book by its cover, the Pixar aesthethic doesn't immediately mean it's for children.
  8. That damn trophy for 5th chapter seems to be the problem for many people. My boyfriend had the same issue with it.
  9. This. I am going fucking mad. I only need to finish ONE recipe on cookstar mode for platinum. Poke bowl. But during cutting minigame the game doesn't register fast cuts which results in weird pauses, which results in me not being able to make this recipe with 100% rating. I always end up with one chop needed for green onions. One chop left and timer runs out. I am about to throw that disk out of the window. Or will end up breaking dualsense because of number of tries I did. Who would think that the most frustrating game I have ever played would be damn cooking mama.
  10. So I finished PS4 version, the trophy for Haven Historian popped no problem, despite my previous worries. But I encountered different problem, trophy for finishing chapter 5 popped, platinum popped, even got clip of that thanks to PS5 automatically doing it. But it doesn't show up on my list- it still is at 98%. To be honest Life is Strange wasn't on my list of games that I expected to have problems with trophies. Anyway, am I fucked, or can I do anything about this Schrodingers platinum? Edit: restarting console got it fixed.
  11. Thank you, I will just try to finish it anyway, maybe it's just visual glitch
  12. The PS preorder states only PS4 version, is there confirmation about PS5 ver? Also, was there any info if they have any plans for physical run? I love my discs and I put off buying it in hopes for physical release
  13. I platinumed PS5 version no problem, now going through PS4 version, but I realized that at the end of each chapter I don't see percentage of other peoples choices. I am most definitely online, and percentages were shown on PS5 version. Powerpyx guide said that you need to be online at least when collecting last collectible for trophy to unlock. Should I miss one collectible on purpose and wait a bit to not risk trophy not popping, or PS4 ver just has display issues with choice percentages and I should play normally?
  14. I had EXACTLY the same experience. LiS 2 is on my list of the worst games ever, I'd rather gauge my eyes with dull spoon. I couldn't force myself to finish it. Just watched biggest cutscenes online to see if got better later. It didn't. I seriously loved True Colors. 9/10 for me. Also why did almost none of you romance Ryan, my man deserves better.
  15. I always liked first Life is Strange and Before the Storm, it had this charm about it, even if the petty teen drama parts were a bit too much for me. I went into this game with the same mindset "Ah, I will like it, but as a simple game". But damn it impressed me so much. The story, music, tone, how mature the writing and handling of some topics were, the amazing acting, how lively and full of life animations were. It's not perfect game, it is pretty slow, so if you are not into Telltale type of interactive stories it might be not good choice. Long story short, if you like story based games and first LiS put you off because of tumblr-teen vibe, try this one. It's much more mature, especially when it gets on sale, because for many people (including me, I got it as a gift) the full price is too much.