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    NOT my main account, I made this to just seek our gaming sessions.
    Crazy blue haired cat lady. Horror/RPG primary gamer, tattoos/piercings, nu-metal. A huge Kingdom Hearts & Life Is Strange fan.

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  1. Stores not closing!!!!! Get innn !

  2. Tried to multi task between games & I just don't like it, I prefer playing one game at a time. It makes me feel less rusty during the transition & it saves time by not risking going far into the game not prioritising skill.


    I'm in a huge rush to get 100 plats but not sure if I just want to play other games too... trophy hunting has it's downsides & it's honestly time management. I need a long break to reevaluate my gaming variety, right now I just feel like it's feeling like a 2nd unpaid job trying to invade my real life goals. 

    1. pot1414


      Same here.Playing more than one game at any given time makes me to mix up the controls and overall it subtracts from the enjoyment.It's also problematic if you are trying to follow a story.

  3. Not sure why but today I checked & I don't see the FOB missions tab on my idroid, I tried restarting but to no avail. Are the servers shut down?
  4. Plat 58 - Uncharted: Drake's Fortune (PS3). Another game I should have played and got years ago, this was somewhat irritating to do on Psnow.. good game. Definitely going to attempt the rest. 

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    2. ExplicitJAP


      Thanks alot guys. "Shoot to kill"

    3. MossyOakRcn42



    4. MaximumOverdrive


      Well done! 💯

  5. Was pretty sad about going back to work on 22nd, found out that my journey will increase too. So I found out how I can make use of my journeys by getting myself a psvita and still be able to trophy hunt some games. 

    1. enaysoft


      In the past I have platinumed about 14 games, played entirely by being on a train or waiting for the train at the station.

      Welcome to the club :)


      It's very weird to look back and think wow, those games I never played, not once inside my house, only outside.

    2. ExplicitJAP


      The only problem I was contemplating with was the games are surprisingly expensive. Oh well, I'll be getting RPG games & platting them on the go which should take a good amount of time. Thanks though, I hope I'll enjoy the new gaming/train journey vibes phase of life! 

  6. Plat 56: Dragonball Raging Blast 2. Another game that was deep in my backlog from 2014, no biggie only 7 years late lol. When I got this game I had alot of fun, the problem was my drive was corrupted in 2014 & therefore a plat was not my intentions since it took a long time to just get to where I was! Over the years I saw that I always wanted that plat out of most of the platinums out there since I loved DBZ as a kid & I still find this game the perfect DBZ game. Now after a countless battle of grinding & fishing for online partners, finally got it! It was very time consuming. Time to celebrate.

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    2. enaysoft


      Well done. I never managed to get platinum on the first Dragonball Raging Blast. Just so many tricky or long winded trophies.

    3. ExplicitJAP


      Raging Blast 2 is tediously long & grindy, if this was in 2014 I would have enjoyed this more when my standards were low considering it was my first Dragon Ball game on the current gen that I actually enjoyed. The biggest challenge was finding people to boost with. 

    4. ihadalifeb4this



  7. As you read, we probably all found this thread because we are all contemplating our purpose in trophy hunting, so I'll be concise & share this once & ONLY once since. Do I think trophy hunting is a waste of time, realistically yes, but ethically no. The satisfaction & joy I get out of trophies has helped me with my self esteem which has diverted me to a right path. Focusing on preliminary tasks, has given me more drive & I have implemented such tactical thinking in my work place/studies. I have done well in the last year & I want to credit my love for trophy hunting to give me that "accomplishing" ethic to achieve because without that goal for each little single trophy, I wouldn't have been fully committed. However there are some negatives since when I officially started in 2010. These negatives have impacted my judgement & controlled the way I see trophies: 1- The leaderboard system. If you're correlating your desire to rank up, then this is a pure waste of time. The leaderboards aren't sony verified, they're just third party produced (no offence developers), which means there's no telling the true ranks if someone willingly never signed up to be on the leaderboards (me for example). This makes the ordinary Joe & Karen go for numerous pay to win games to get a high leaderboard rank. Why spend your time doing this when deep in your heart you know this doesn't give you pride or a regarding sense of accomplishment? They do it because they're encouraged by the leaderboard. 2- Waiting for people to boost/co-op via game sessions, this is what made me want to quit trophy hunting more than once. People who can't co-operate adequately when trying to get trophies, even for one 5 minute trophy becomes 6 hour question mark. Gaming sessions have been a magnet for noobs to destroy your time & effort. The solution is to play less online required games that need co-op. 3- Being a completionist, like I already explained with the leaderboards & motive for playing cheap pay to plats. There are people who believe in being a completionist, I think is an absolutely stupid concept in trophy hunting, its a no brainer they are selective with their games. E.G I could have said no to my most proud plats because I knew they were hard and I couldn't plat them but I did go for them anyway. Completionists, you won't see them pick up a Devil May Cry game, GTA V or anything that will ruin their precious percentage. That's a waste of time, I believe in being true to your cabinet & respecting the lower percentages overall being a human who plays games. If you want to be a robot, don't bother trophy hunting 😉. This is a waste of times. 4- Lastly, another waste of time are games you don't enjoy. All my points link up one way or another, if you don't like a game and you're trying to get it done because of a completion rate solely... don't. Go for games you WANT to plat, games you're going to look back and be happy with your selection range. Its literally a virtual diary for you to recall, why waste it doing what you hate? That's all I need to say, it's a good thing trophy hunting but in my opinion what I listed is what makes it toxic for me. I won't have all the time in the world to get alot of plats.
  8. Here's a tip, how about not telling someone you want to boost and delay it for no particular reason for 2 days (whilst playing the same game for hours). People think I have time to sit around and boost when they feel ready, I've only got limited days off.

  9. How the hell am I meant to plat Dragon Ball Raging Blast 2 when nobody plays it anymore? 😂😂 Why did I have to leave games to plat on the last second. 

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    2. ExplicitJAP


      PlayStation trophies never work. This might eventually. 

    3. Bos10George


      Another trick I use is to check the "recent players"  and see who still needs MP.  Can't hurt to ask, and It has paid off more than once.

    4. ExplicitJAP


      You're a smart guy you know, I like you. 

  10. Plat 55: Ratchet & Clank. I wasn't going for easy plats but since this was free & it was a good profile booster, no reason not to.

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    2. MidnightDragon



    3. ihadalifeb4this



    4. zizimonster


      That's a great game. Very enjoyable to play.

  11. Plat 54: Samurai Jack


    This game was really difficult, I had 4x playthroughs, although the guide on this site gives it a 4 only. I'd give a good 6 for the lack of defence the game mechanics need more of, defending is a myth in this game & your health is due to deteriorate. You're also only guaranteed limited amount of recovery items, shall you suffer half way through a level then you're screwed. Great game to relive if you loved the show as a child, glad it's over with a beautiful *secret ending*.

  12. For anyone that has Samurai Jack (PS4), I'm 4 stages away from completing the game on Masters of Masters, it's extremely difficult not being max skilled so I want to replay some levels on beginner difficulty & boost my skills up to make it less of a hassle for me. My questions are: 1- If I replay some levels without finishing my remaining levels on beginner level to boost my skill, will that affect my Masters of Masters trophy? 2- I ran easily out of haggis too, can I go back and get a few and use that in my next playthrough? Considering stopping here till I get some advice, since I got two lucky breakthroughs in the last two bosses because there was a glitch I exploited by chance. The next level is going to be no joke, Scaramouche is going to need me fully maxed to beat him.
  13. I was struggling with a boss on Samuai Jack (Witch Hag) with with no healing items left on the level & somehow the boss got stuck in a glitch. So... I used kaiken & shuriken (throwing objects) to defeat the crap out of it. There is a God...

  14. The secret ending of MGSV TPP made me cry like baby. 😢😢😢😭

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    2. PostalDudeRus


      ok gottcha, my reaction was little bit different, I was like "ok, so what?" :D

      guess Im just callous person

    3. ExplicitJAP


      They did a number on me by making me raise the bond with Quiet so my feelings would be intact. At least they didn't screw me over from getting the platinum, now I need to redo most of them and get the tasks done...

    4. PostalDudeRus


      You can get her back if you playing with last patch. Just replay her [EXTREME] mission variation 7 times :)

      BTW, she was least likable character for me, during my 600-hours spend in MGS V, she behave like a ***** showing off her body and moaning while I'm on my iDroid in helicopter. But still, she is if fun to play in FOB mode tho.

  15. So I'm kinda sad that the trophy pop notification sound is different for PS5, it just doesn't sound good at all...

    1. kindajustin


      I kinda thought so too. Maybe I've just grown attached to that notification sound over the last few years, but that was one thing they really didn't need to change.