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    NOT my main account, I made this to just seek our gaming sessions.
    Crazy blue haired cat lady. Horror/RPG primary gamer, tattoos/piercings, nu-metal. A huge Kingdom Hearts & Life Is Strange fan.

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  1. It's scary that they could sacrifice that sort of expenditure in their current condition, plenty of our clientèle comes from COD, I personally still don't see that many people alternating between consoles but if they persist to by Ubisoft and other developers, this will be troublesome. I think Sony needs to up their game with securing these alleged Sony Exclusives. Crash Bandicoot is the face of our brand..
  2. Hi guys, I'm asking a question that's probably been published on forums 1000x but how do you guys manage a balance between trophy hunting and your personal life? I'm not asking how do you find time but simply how do you create that balance so it's not an irregularity. My issue is I've been wanting to get back to stuff I love, trophy hunting is part of it but it's not meant to be huge on my priority list but I'm prioritizing it massively. I see myself spending an entire Sunday on a game just to grind it so I can get a platinum earlier because I'm inpatient, now this is a problem because I then neglect all my other hobbies to priortise trophy hunting. Now I'm at a weird place with trophy hunting where I have all these huge targets, I randomly decided in my head to shoot myself a target to plat GTA IV AND V, these are mammoth goals in itself but I'm pressured by doing it E.G Im worried servers will close for GTA IV anytime. I just feel like I'm pressuring myself like it's a second job now... it's becoming a weird constant obsession. What's your advice? 

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    2. Xionzenn


      @eigen-space Most of my old work isn't on my Instagram other than a few throwback. I've read on the benefits of keto but I'm already way too slim to try something like that, most of my retention just goes to my face so I have a regimen in place to sort that out, there's other personal variables that inflict with my health. Ketosis has more benefits than weight loss  which I know but I can't facilitate myself on that diet, congratulations on it working for you. 

      @Jeanoltt I like it as a personal hobby and not a career, having your own choice in what work you do is better than being vulnerable to any opportunity you can get. Right now I probably wouldn't have similar options but privately I'm thinking of doing my own content rather than do another walk in to another agency.

    3. LC-Fraggers


      @Xionzenn I was in exactly your position a good ten or so years ago when I had an Xbox 360. When I got it, I didn't care about grabbing every achievement and started a bunch of horrible games to 100% like Quake IV and Gears of War. Once I got obsessed with achievements, I was stressing so bad about how I was going to find the time to grind down these shitty achievement lists that I'd started when all of a sudden they closed the servers for FIFA 07 and so, just like that, I could never have a 100% completed profile ever again. 

      It was freeing, honestly. Not at first, like... it really pissed me off. 😅 But eventually, it felt like I could give myself permission to stop throwing myself at these crazy grinds and start using the limited time I had with gaming to play stuff I wanted to. I wouldn't tell you how to feel about stuff but maybe if GTA IV does close its doors, you'll at least have had that choice made for you and it might force a perspective shift.

    4. Xionzenn


      @LC-Fraggers That's similar to my outlook, I think me talking about it has helped me to go back to not prioritising completes. It got bad for a second where even my layout should be chronological and it's no way to game and trophy hunt. I have one person on my friends list and he did all resident evil games in order, all metal gears and kingdom hearts in order of release and its so OTT... just kinda makes the whole ordeal OCD centralised. I'm playing Devil May Cry right now relaxed, as for GTA IV.. its a big question mark. Fifa plats are rough, I've platted Fifa 21 and there were a few buggy online trophies. You'd never see any completionists get those. 

  3. Has anyone found a fix yet that doesn't include going on your PS4?
  4. I can't delete my 0% trophy list on my PS5, is this a bug? Even after I've restarted it just stays..what's the deal

    1. DaivRules


      Seems to be a recent issue: 


    2. enaysoft


      Hopefully it's not another "feature" that the PS5 was and was fine on the PS4.

  5. I can't find the standalone version of GTA: Vice City on the PS store... ? Did they remove it? I don't want to play the trilogy remastered version...

    1. Dreggit


      The original trilogy was delisted from the PSN store

    2. Xionzenn


      Wow, that's terrible! Should have purchased it when I had the chance. Oh well, guess that's one game that's disregarded on my list.

  6. Has GTA IV servers shut down? I'm seeing plenty of people boost now, but sources say they discontinued it from December 16th? 

    1. DaivRules


      I thought GTA V shut down on PS3 and nothing was happening with IV. 

    2. Xionzenn


      O.o yikes... well that makes complete sense. That's perfect, thanks... I had a blonde moment lol.

  7. I've had psvita for an entire year and spent £300 and still yet to use it and plat a single game. What am I doing!
  8. So I just started playing Devil May Cry 1 today, I'm already dying on normal difficulty very early on in the game. I'm worried I won't survive to get this plat now.. xD. 

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    2. Copanele


      Yep, saves are there to save your item/orb progress. However if you reload you are sent back at the start of the mission.

    3. Xionzenn


      No I mean, it tells you how many times you save. Like 11 times per save file etc. Like does it matter or can I go ham? 

    4. Copanele


      AH I know what you mean. Nope I have no idea what's with the counter, I just went ham xD 

  9. I haven't said this yet, but Happy New Year to the PSN trophy hunting community. I'm thankful to be part of this community and there seems to be more positive influences here that motivate me, thank you to everyone that congratulate me everytime I achieve my latest plat. I think this helped me out loads with my mental health, so I'm appreciative of everyone here that makes this community fun.

    1. Baranov_925


      I haven't said this yet, but Happy New Year to you as well.

  10. Your subconscious mind should really be lenient on choosing certain games you'd want to play, maybe look at walkthroughs on Youtube to get a taster to the game's experience to see if it meets your expectations. I can relate to this but this is mainly because I've forced myself to play games, maybe because A) I want the platinum more than I care for the gaming experience. B- Maybe you don't enjoy the game as you thought and you need to change. Maybe you might need a break from the trophy hunting scene, the main cons of trophy hunting in this community especially is plenty focus on completion rate which prohibits them going for great games if in doubt due to the difficulty of a trophy. In my experience, the best games and the most fun games are the ones that are deemed hard in the community, if we just stick to games we know in our hearts we can plat or 100% we don't have much motivation for the game as a whole unless it's a sheer desire to play it from the beginning.
  11. Plat 70: GTA San Andreas (PS4). Had this sitting on my backlog since 2020, but did a random roulette to make me choose my next plat and it was this game.  It did not disappoint, every mission was unique to the last. However the flying missions were a pain, this game doesn't forgive any slight errors as there's no checkpoint, you'd have to restart the entire mission. Modern gen gaming has spoilt my style of gaming, I was complaining about the clunky controls a lot with this game. Some trophies felt like a chore, some were fun but overall it was a good game story wise. Took me about a week and a half to finish. Here lies my first GTA plat and my 2nd rockstar plat. *cues Ice Cube*. 


    Enjoyment: 7.8/10

    Difficulty: 4.5/10 

  12. If you were truly affected, you'd have considered yourself still as a legimate gamer by heart and continue trophy hunting but by the looks of it you quit completely which supports that you infact were never a legitimate gamer.
  13. I plat Fifa 21, it was doable for me but its something most trophy hunters would never attempt bc its online central. If you can't play the game then there's no chance of you getting the plat, but if you put in work then surely you should be able to. I say test yourself and put in the effort bc once I got the plat for Fifa 21 I felt super proud as its an incredibly rare plat to have. The completionists would never touch such a platinum. The best plats you get are the ones you never expected to plat!
  14. Not sure, I have no intention of retiring from trophy hunting. At first I thought about retiring once I get 30 more plats but in the back of my head I know I won't lol. I feel like I'll persist but my problem is unlike some fortunate people that have time. I have to work a full time job that costs me 12 hours of the day x5 a week. Grinding it out twice a week is insufficient for my progress and other goals that I have. I'm not a multitasking kind of person, I wanted to go back to focusing on my modelling and enhance my career. Trophy hunting takes alot of my time, time that is valuable in my 20's, I'm trying hard to find the bare minimum but it's not going to work out for me. It's only a matter of time for me I guess.
  15. I can't for the life of me get these last two online trophies, I'm gonna need to reevaluate and really take time off to train my technique and improve on the game via A.I's on the hardest difficulty. This is really stress inducing. This is probably the last online competitive trophy I'll bother getting.