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    Gaming ( pretty much everything but sports, and most FPS's ), Anime, Cosplay, Been all around texas as Zack Fair ( Main ), Junpei, Yami-Yugi, And the Hero from Demon's Souls. more to come in conventions later in the year.

    Add me here, on the PSN, and now Tumblr! ( which you can see a link below and it is a work in progress but will have some great gaming informaion links and all soon.) Just made a Facebook, its kinda dead. i'm never goood at getting followers/friends/likes. lol

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  1. FFXIV, Free Company -The Travelers- over 70 members! i'm a lvl 50 Bard, Goldsmith, Carpenter, and Botanist now!

    1. KingBaku


      Free Company - Raging Hawk (4 Members) :P

  2. If you want to fine me i'm in Midgardsormr, Free Company -The Travelers- Just look up last name Silverwing. Level 50 Bard!
  3. On Midgardsormr? check out my Free Company -The Travelers-, a Rank 5 one with huge plans for the future. Just look for Austia Silverwing.

    1. NERVergoproxy


      :( no, on Adamantoise.
  4. Getting ready for FFXIV now!!

  5. Alright 11hrs left till early access FFXIV! whos goin to join the fun?

    1. streethawkfan


      Hopefully means by the time I wake up in the morning its all ready up and running..

    2. NERVergoproxy


      Unfortunately I got work and wont be home till 12PM sat. :(

      Looks like I am going to miss the 2AM Early Access!!! >< Server:Adamantoise here!!!

    3. DrakenSilverwing


      World still and will stay Midgardsormr! also once i make sure i have the name i want for my free company then i'll finalize a small guild website, link it with all my other accounts/websites and all and get things set up for the long run! i'm sure i'll get the name i want.

  6. Playin Dragon age origins to kill time till FFXIV! less then 24hrs to early access!

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    2. streethawkfan


      Drinks ready, Munchies ready, Phone turned off.... I am ready.

    3. KingBaku


      No idea yet, I was to research a bit about the most competitive servers.

      Maybe Leviathan or Midgardsormr.

    4. DrakenSilverwing


      anyways let me know you 2 if ya decide to hit up Midgardsormr and i'll find you. the early levels is very much a solo run tho but i can still help you with alot of knowledge of the lands as i'm lvl 20 archer and bout 10's with everything else. i have alot of great plans, and once i get the free company that i want started i have a website ready. i just need to make sure i get the name i want first. heh.

  7. Just trust me...
  8. 3102 is my new least favorite number!

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    2. DrakenSilverwing


      error 3102 in ffxiv. along with 20k+ other players. it locks you out of the game by thinking your still in the game and your even unable to make another character in the servers except jp ones also according to a tweet of theres they don't how to fix the problem yet.

    3. Dr_Mayus


      I still can't believe Square kept working on this game. After the initial game was a colossal failure I thought they would have just given up . Well hope it works out for you in the end :)

    4. DrakenSilverwing


      the game itself is great in so many ways, but the login errors and server errors are whats going to kill it, it seems. specially if they don't fix this very very soon..

  9. its alright. its understandable. but things could change from now till the true start. they might change there minds.. or i could. ya never know.
  10. aww. midgard and leviathan will have about the same amount of ppl according to some major surveys i've seen. i'm sticking to where i was last time. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1p595UaZIEZMMZZRmTejNlEU_8WD7udPkqHaw_Oqtrec/viewanalytics
  11. Are we ready!? Less hen an hour to go!
  12. FFXIV!! less then 1 hour! where will you be?

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    2. Matthew_Banfield


      I will be on a plane to Italy, gutted I'm missing this!

    3. DrakenSilverwing
    4. KingBaku


      Yeah it will be quite amazing but nothing to do, the wait will be worth it I guess :/

  13. watch it and be hyped!
  14. less then 12 hours for the ffxiv beta phase 4! i'm all set for a 72hour binge!