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  1. No Do you pay cinemas extortionate prices for popcorn?
  2. I increased from 517 to 572 since the trophy system change
  3. my stick is much better than bacon
  4. not worth it as you have to constantly go back to games every time they bring out new dlc and also buy dlc that you might not be interested in to keep changing games back to 100%. You are also limiting yourself as many games no longer 100%able meaning you cannot start those games meaning less trophies available for u to attempt
  5. hey thanks for all the tips guys I also got stuck on 13 but done now thank you all
  6. I just gone all the way back to the beginning and am currently playing super stardust hd
  7. onion rings seen through leaded windows
  8. mine went from 43 to 517
  9. yeah, sounds like the ban is actually for kicking people and them getting upset and reporting it rather than the actual boosting, sounds like if server was locked or nobody was kicked would have been no bans
  10. Starting to really love this site, is it worth going premium?

    1. Show previous comments  8 more
    2. properchief


      very happy with premium 

    3. Atoya


      Ohh congrats dude, I remember you asked a long time ago, it’s very nice especially that you can update every minute.

    4. properchief


      yeah was just starting to use the site a lot more then so you advice and others helped me out 

  11. Ty all for your motivation and support

    1. properchief


      Proud to be a trophy Hunter and a premium member here