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  1. I still have a non-vibrating ps3 controller in its original packaging sat on my shelf, i bought it as a backup, and they ended up releasing the vibrating ps3 dualshock before i opened it.
  2. The UK / Europe store is where the problem is occurring due to the original dlc and online passes being delisted and not showing as available in game, not the US store. Thanks for testing though.
  3. For the physical disc it still asks for the pass even though the codes in the box no longer work and the online pass is no longer in the store.
  4. Still can't access multiplayer as it asks for a code and when i enter the code on the manual (bought new, not second hand) it doesn't like it and the option to purchase a new one doesn't work Edit: only thing i can think is that the "unlock multiplayer mode" download only works for the digital game, and so physical copy owners like myself are sool.
  5. Update: I located, downloaded and installed all of the dlc from my download list but it hasn't made any difference. Factions is still unplayable as it requires and looks for a download that does not exist on the UK store.
  6. I have the physical disc version of the game, bought all dlc years ago and have the same messages.
  7. Hope the new game mode is good for xp because this weekends 2x xp was still painfully slow.
  8. If you are getting a lot of crashes check to see if you have speech to text activated in options. I was getting a ton of crashes but since changing this option to off i haven't had any crashes at all.
  9. Heavy Rain is currently showing as unavailable to buy in the Days of Play sale. The reason given is that I already own beyond two souls from PS+. Not that i own the bundle (which i don't), just that i own beyond two souls. Has anyone noticed this type of problem before?
  10. The main problem i have is with the glitched trophies (8 in space hulk ascension to mention just one example) that make certain games impossible to 100%. There should be a system in place so that sony can remove unattainable trophies from trophy lists or enforce mandatory trophy fixes from games designers so that broken and glitched games have to be fixed.
  11. Good to see Borderlands back online, now if only Bulletstorm was resurrected I might think about starting it.
  12. STREET FIGHTER X TEKKEN (Vita) Magnanimity Give 5 character color gifts. Colour gifts are sent using Near, so no Near no trophy, no trophy no Platinum. Kirijama
  13. I for one would like to know what impact this will have on the various trophies that require the Near application to obtain. Also I can't be the only one who has used Near to find local players for adhoc trophies am I?