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  1. I'd like to echo @U_mad_bro7778 sentiments, thank you SO much @Smzthyy for arranging the session and having the patience to corral 20 people without losing the plot ♥️ and also a big thanks to @XLR-8_ for playing the same level nearly twenty times and still having the good humour to make terrible puns 😉 you guys are cut from a different cloth ♥️
  2. It looks like i am too late for the session 😢 i'll keep checking here and hope there is another one available before the 28th ♥️
  3. I've only just finished the game and indeed yes, there were two or three moments of the framerate dropping. I think it's what I've heard people refer to as 'poor optimisation' on the developers end, and not necessarily our PS4's struggling to cope. 🤷‍♀️
  4. It's 4 players for home run and 8 for everything else 🙂