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  1. Hi everyone! I've been farming for this stupid rock for far too long. It's getting ridiculous... Can anyone please give it to me or the +5 weapon for this trophy. I'll give it back to you right away or can give you anything in exchange if needed. EU version, SL 238
  2. The best game of the decade. 150+ hrs of awesome main story and great substories + 2 decent DLC. Playing it right now for the second time and it has already took a month of my life and I have no regrets )) This is definitely a must buy game if you're a fan of RPGs.
  3. I think it just makes more sence to play prequel before a sequel ) And since there are a lot of characters from the original game you would feel strong story connection between Kiwami and Zero. So my point is to play Zero first )
  4. Ok guess I finally have this one figured out. The only substory I missed was Pay it forward. And right after I beat it all other substories start to pop out. I don't know about any other substories but this one turned out to be crucial for substories progress. Hope it'll be usefull for someone )
  5. You should just play the game and after you beat it you can try premium adventure to finish all the substories. But at least in my case there are some substories that didn't start even in premium adventure, so I guess I'll have to start the game again. But you'll have to do this anyway if you aiming for platinum.
  6. Well It didn't work... I finished 57 substories already and still no Florist and no sick kid. And no call to start substory 2. Actually I don't have substories at all on my map. I just don't get it...
  7. Hello guys. I have finished the game and now is playing Premium Adventure. And the problem is I can't find neither the Florist in his underground office, nor that sick kid from A Doctors Duty substory. I tried to find them at day and at night, with Haruka and without her. Substories just can't be started. Maybe somebody know what should I do to fix that?
  8. This game is similar to any open-city game. It reminded me of Watch dogs, Infamous SS, Prototype, Batman ofcourse. It's just all in one. Compared to Infamous I'd say Spider-man is better because of the fighting system from Batman )
  9. I'm a big fan of Arkham franchise and this was the first Spider-man game for me. I'm still playing it but it feels really boring for some reason. The city is great, animations and graphics are sweet but it feels like collection of separated missions. Arkham series was much more solid than this. So i'd say Arkham franchise is way better than this Spider-man game. It is still a pretty good game it just not a great game.
  10. Finished it about a week ago for the first time and it was a pretty cool game. Really liked new combat system, a lot more action now. Also there were some nice characters and good quests. Of course the game have some flaws like lack of locations, similar dungeons, but it still is a really nice game which I enjoyed very much.
  11. I'm a big fan of Doom III actually I've played first Doom back in the days but never liked it too much, and never tryed the second one because of it. But third Doom was awesome, I was really enjoing playing it for the first time. For me it was even better than overhyped HL2. I've completed Doom III for about 6 times or so and now want to play it once more And the new one is a really good game, I like it as well, but it's a different game from a previous one, more like first two games. Never the less it's great and it would be nice to see a sequel
  12. The game is pretty good. It definitely worth playing. There were some crushes but nothing too serious, so yes you should buy it
  13. Just finished the game and I pretty much hate it. Don't get me wrong it has really sweet Trico character, cool platformer elements and nice and dramatic final. But the controls are unbelievably terrible. I haven't spell so much f-words when I played Dark souls, but this game is something else. Its controls so frustrating you wouldn't believe it. Most of the problems starting when you need to control Trico, creature just won't do what you want him to do. He can just turn around and go back when you told him to jump or something. And don't forget really not cooperating camera, which you can't even control sometimes. It could be a great game, I was enjoing it in some moments, like the ending, but overall the horrible controls completely ruined it for me.
  14. Unity is not a bad game. It's pretty average comparing to the best game of the series AC2, but it's not that bad by itself. It has a lack of diversity in gameplay and mostly poor story, but it has great visuals, enomorous number of sidemissions and pretty cool and big free DLC. And ofcourse it has really polished parcur mechanics, wich I liked the most. So now with all that patches, DLC and pricecut, I guess it's pretty much worth buying, especially if you are a fan of the series.
  15. Just finished the main compaign. And this game is suck! It really trying to be the COD type of game but it fails. The story is generic, the villains is generic, main characters are generic and level design is perfectly generic. The whole game is generic, never played multiplayer though, but single is disappointing as hell.