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  1. Just got the platinum and you actually don't need to find everything, you can easily buy some from the emporium. The game counts all rescources, so you even can buy anything in the emporium and it will counts towards the trophy. I was missing the dragon blood but instead I bought spindleweed and got the trophy. The only thing you have to keep in mind is not to buy more than one rescource at a time from the emporium. Basically you must buy one and exit the store, and then repeat if needed.
  2. For anyone who might be interested in buying this, there still might be a way to do so if you have already downloaded the demo version before. It should be in your library and if you'll intall it you can unlock full game from the main menu. You'll be redirected at some old psn page and will be able do press "buy" button. Don't know if it really gonna work, but the button is here for EU store at least )
  3. Have checked the list too and the game is still there. I even played it again and had some trophies ) EU store. Don't know if that's the case but there was some random positions in the list for the demo and the full game unlock. So basically I found the demo first and then way lower in the list I found the unlock.
  4. aaru's awakening is also available on ps4 Also you might be interested in this digital-only ps3 games list:
  5. Played it for 15 hrs for now but it works ok on ps4pro. Ofcourse it still is a buggy mess but at least it's working and there wasn't anything critical to this point. I was expecting something way worse so I'm actually fine with how it works right now. Maybe it's not perfect but on ps4pro It's playable for sure.
  6. I enjoyed this one even more than I thought I would. Was really patient and didn't start it until all the hype is gone and then I finally played it. And the depression is one of the keys for this game's success. It creates the right atmosphere and it just feels right to be depressed while playing this one. I'd say it should be even more dark and depressing and I thought that more of main characters will end up dead and obviously the ending should've been more grim but still the game turns out to be awesome. It's in my personal top-3 of that generation.
  7. I found it pretty hard if you playing offline solo. Blue graves can give a little help but still it is a tough game for a solo player. Might be a bit easier than the first one but really not that much.
  8. This race was a total bullshit in the original game and it still is in the remake. And they patched this race in the original so this is pretty ridiculous how they made it bad again in the remake.
  9. The game definitely is memorable but I got bored after like 20 hours and it wasn't even the middle of it. So I'd say it's one of those games ruined by open-world. If it were more local and more event packed along your numerous boring deliveries it would be great. But it is what it is - boring delivery simulator. Won't even try to get the platinum not worth it at all. Still the story and the lore are awesome.
  10. Love this one. Nice art/design, pretty good story, great controls and fun gameplay. Really a must try game especially through ea play.
  11. This game was so boring I even barely finished it. Average story, clumsy gameplay, poor gamedesign and overall really not fun game, like at all. Pretty much missing 5-6 hrs of my life, complete waste of time.
  12. Yep, the game is pretty nice, especially if you'll play it without any guides for a couple times. It's pretty short but still fun to try different answers and to face the consequences of your choises.
  13. Loved this game. One of the best new IP in ages. Looking forward to play dlc's, I got plat and still wanna play this game ) Map and navigation could be more informative that's for sure )
  14. Previous DLC actually did had trophies but unfortunately only on Steam.
  15. I'm not really a big fan of indie games. I have a history of quitting it after couple of hours because I got bored. And guess what I love this game ) Gameplay is great the music is awesome and the story is pretty nice. I was enjoing plaing it for the first time and after a couple years I returned to it and get the platinum and still loving it ) One of the best indie games of all times I'd say.