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  1. I finished organizing all the collectible guides into a single binder with divider tabs, just as I had done the first time around. It makes it easier to check stuff off as you proceed through the game. But in doing so, it gave me a fresh reminder of just how absurdly insane EPIC this quest really is.
  2. So I went ahead and added it to my cart and then QUICKLY hit "confirm purchase" before I had any chance to regain my senses.
  3. Previously, I said no to doing it all over again, but recently I started feeling like I want to journey to the ocean of stars again. Maybe I'm sick. I remember you were the last one standing. You crossed the finish line in the end and we were all cheering for you!
  4. #92 3.3 Unlock all Broken Age Trophies
  5. Just realized XCOM 2: War of the Chosen DLC is currently 40% off. If you were thinking about buying it at some point, now is the time.

  6. The current sale on the season pass makes this a little more tempting.
  7. #91 - Final Fantasy VII Gaia's Guardian Obtain all trophies One of my all time favorite Final Fantasy games (this and also Final Fantasy VIII). I even have the original strategy guide. Playing this on PS4 certainly brought back some great memories.
  8. #89 and #90 - Claire: Extended Cut Completionist Acquire all trophies.
  9. #88 - Game of Thrones Lord of Ironrath Completed Season 1 of Game of Thrones
  10. #87 - Mass Effect 2 N7 Elite Acquire all trophies
  11. I tried fixing my PS3 Fat 80GB after it YLoD several years ago. I ended up making it significantly worse. YouTube vids made it look relatively simple but I ended up melting the motherboard with the heat gun. Oops! I packed the system back in the original box thinking I would eventually buy replacement parts for it. Well of course I never did. It's been years now and I honestly don't care anymore. I'm probably gonna toss it out soon.
  12. First thing that came to mind when I saw the screenshot was Bomberman.
  13. #86 - Thief (Also my 28th Ultra Rare platinum trophy) Man of Steal The True Master Thief
  14. #85 - Tales of Symphonia (Also my 26th Ultra Rare platinum trophy) Symphonia Master You have obtained all trophies. You have mastered Symphonia! 4 playthroughs and 176 hours later, I finally have my first "Tales of" platinum trophy. I'm pretty happy about it. I enjoyed the story and characters quite a bit and I'm glad I finally had a chance to experience this game for myself. Now I just need to play some of the other "Tales of" games that are still in my backlog.
  15. I have always used ebay to sell my games. I was in GameStop just last week and decided to inquire about selling a couple of older PS3 games I currently have and sure enough, they offered me $1 cash or $2 store credit. Even after selling fees and shipping costs, ebay still puts more money in my pocket.