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  1. After going at it for 3 days, I finally got this trophy today with a time of 18.55.
  2. I completed a daily challenge yesterday and got the trophy no problem.
  3. BioShock: The Collection is a nice surprise. I've only played BioShock: Infinite on PS3 and thought it was an excellent game. I'm more than happy to play it again on PS4 this time (plus now I'll get to experience BioShock 1 and 2 as well).
  4. I’m happy about this change as I wasn’t really interested in PES anyway (soccer just isn't for me). However, I’ve had my eye on Detriot for awhile now, and Heavy Rain also being included makes it even better.
  5. I'm in the US and can confirm it worked for me. I have an active ps+ subscription and was able to take advantage of this deal from the PS store without needing to buy a physical card. Online deal $44.99 (came out to $48.70 with tax). Added another 12 months to my subscription.
  6. So I just started playing this game about 2 weeks ago and I must say, I'm absolutely hooked! Shame on me for not getting into it much earlier. Name: Heroic Cupcake I'm definitely getting the platinum with him. I loooove playing a Lalafell. Plus, his emotes make me smile. You can find me on Siren.
  7. #94 - Apotheon Omnipotence Unlock all other Trophies
  8. I picked up 3 or 4 games from the mid-year sale. This flash sale looks sort of meh in comparison. But that's alright since I really don't need to be buying more games right now.
  9. I finished organizing all the collectible guides into a single binder with divider tabs, just as I had done the first time around. It makes it easier to check stuff off as you proceed through the game. But in doing so, it gave me a fresh reminder of just how absurdly insane EPIC this quest really is.
  10. So I went ahead and added it to my cart and then QUICKLY hit "confirm purchase" before I had any chance to regain my senses.
  11. Previously, I said no to doing it all over again, but recently I started feeling like I want to journey to the ocean of stars again. Maybe I'm sick.
  12. #92 3.3 Unlock all Broken Age Trophies
  13. Just realized XCOM 2: War of the Chosen DLC is currently 40% off. If you were thinking about buying it at some point, now is the time.

  14. The current sale on the season pass makes this a little more tempting.
  15. #91 - Final Fantasy VII Gaia's Guardian Obtain all trophies One of my all time favorite Final Fantasy games (this and also Final Fantasy VIII). I even have the original strategy guide. Playing this on PS4 certainly brought back some great memories.