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  1. #85 - Tales of Symphonia (Also my 26th Ultra Rare platinum trophy) Symphonia Master You have obtained all trophies. You have mastered Symphonia! 4 playthroughs and 176 hours later, I finally have my first "Tales of" platinum trophy. I'm pretty happy about it. I enjoyed the story and characters quite a bit and I'm glad I finally had a chance to experience this game for myself. Now I just need to play some of the other "Tales of" games that are still in my backlog.
  2. I have always used ebay to sell my games. I was in GameStop just last week and decided to inquire about selling a couple of older PS3 games I currently have and sure enough, they offered me $1 cash or $2 store credit. Even after selling fees and shipping costs, ebay still puts more money in my pocket.
  3. #84 - Color Guardians Legendary Win all trophies in the game! Another ps+ freebie done! Honestly, I didn't enjoy this game at all and I'm really glad it's over. It was a combination of boring and frustrating. Games like this one which require me to "think fast" I really don't find much fun in playing. The levels progressively got harder but overall the game felt very repetitive. Even the boss fights were all exactly the same. I wouldn't recommend.
  4. #83 - LittleBigPlanet Karting (Also my 25th Ultra Rare platinum trophy) 100% Complete Earn all the LittleBigPlanet Karting trophies to unlock this platinum trophy 2.72 Ultra Rare
  5. Same and done! Although I'd be interested in seeing the improved graphics, I have zero interest in setting aside another 600 hours to this game twice! Still awesome for anyone that has not yet experienced this game.
  6. I started playing this game just 2 days ago and have already gotten all of the online trophies (except Crowd Pleaser) using the free online pass + a used physical copy of the game. I'm located in NA and have experienced very few problems connecting to the servers.
  7. #82 - Monster Jam: Battlegrounds Monster Jam Elite Obtained all trophies.
  8. #81 - Crysis 3 Platinum Earn all available trophies for Crysis 3 2.89% Ultra Rare
  9. #79 - God of War: Ascension Champion of the Gods Unlock all Trophies
  10. #77 and #78 - Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time Mask and Stripes Forever Collect every bronze, silver, and gold trophy. Another ps+ freebie that has been in my backlog for quite some time. I actually played through this game twice and earned both platinum trophies legit without using cross-save. Not surprising, my second playthrough was way faster since I already knew what trophies I needed to watch out for and where to find all the sly masks and treasures. Overall, I enjoyed this game very much and was never bored. This was the first Sly Cooper game I've played and I highly recommend it to others.
  11. I enjoyed reading your thoughts on the subject and agree with you that (at least for me, anyway) trophies have certainly changed the way I play and enjoy games. Much like you, I too find myself looking over a trophy list before playing anything new to at least make sure nothing is unobtainable. I don't have Breath of the Wild just yet, but the way you describe it, it sounds very refreshing.
  12. #76 - Code: Realize ~Guardian of Rebirth~ C: R Master Obtain all trophies
  13. I keep my Vita stored in a protective case when I'm not using it. There's no internal fan that can draw in dust so no worries about that, but dirt and oil from your hands will build up around the buttons over time. Just clean it regularly with a soft cloth and you should be fine.
  14. I love Sims games and have always played them on PC. I haven't played Sims 4 yet but if it comes to PS4, I'll probably get it.
  15. Legit cleaning happens like maybe once every 6 months or so; I mean like actually using a vacuum and cleaning wipes at a car wash location. Most of the time though, I just grab stuff by hand whenever I'm pumping gas and there's a trash can close by. I'll admit though, fast food receipts and junk mail do occasionally pile up due to laziness.