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  1. This is the only one I could find.
  2. This image has been making the rounds. The earliest known source says they saw someone post it on twitter, so could just be a mock-up.
  3. Massive Capcom Leaks Reveal Dragon's Dogma 2, Street Fighter 6, and Potentially More
  4. Celeste's on there.
  5. Trump has officially lost.
  6. A New Mass Effect Project Is In Development at BioWare with a 'Veteran Team' This will be "the next chapter from the Mass Effect universe."
  7. There's nothing wrong with the Fall Guys' Infallible trophy (as long games have to have trophies).
  8. Trophies were a mistake.
  9. Why indeed...
  10. There are new copies for sale on eBay, but they can be expensive. Used copies are cheaper, but I'm not sure if the disc allows you to download all the episodes without a code.
  11. We've gone from Steve Ditko's Peter Parker to John Romita's Peter Parker. 😁
  12. The heightened negativity is because people were used to the old model, that's the one people grew attached to. I'm not saying the new model is good, but if this had been the original model and the PS4 one been the new model, there'd still be a lot of complaining.
  14. It's a pretty cool theme, don't you think?