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  1. You have my attention.
  2. Bluepoint acquisition has been officially confirmed. Some additional info. The Demon's Souls remake has sold 1.4 million copies to date. BluePoint's next project will be an original game, not a remake/remaster. Sony's not done with acquisitions. My guess, Ember Lab (Kena) is one of the studios Sony's interested in buying.
  3. Dude, get a grip. Hoping Jim Ryan dies because of PS+ games is demented.
  4. For some people, getting these games as October's PS+ lineup is the spooky part. 👿
  5. The official announcement. Another month, another PS+ leak. Hell Let Loose, Mortal Kombat X, PGA TOUR 2K21 The same guy has leaked PS+ lineups before, specifically the months of July and September, so chances are that this is accurate. Now it's time for everyone to say how this lineup is awful and they hope it isn't real. It's like Sony is purposely leaking their lineups so that people have gone through their disappointment phase before the actual announcement. 😂
  6. So there are a couple of things that point towards this being fake. This is the second time this supposed leak originated from 4chan. It was posted maybe a week ago with the same name but different cover art. It was quickly deduced to be fake when it turned out the cover art was made up of fan art and the Nemesis model from Dead by Daylight. The cover art is different this time and looks more convincing, but the name that details remain the same. Capcom's TGS show is on the 30th, not the 28th. The VA's tweet is unlikely to have anything to with TGS. It could be true, but seems really unlikely. Only a few days till we know for sure.
  7. Just don't let David Cage anywhere near it. Quantic Dream is a talented studio, but Cage is holding them back.
  8. Accidently leaked by Sony ahead of the official announcement. In a now-deleted tweet, PlayStation revealed Destroy All Humans 2: Reprobed is coming to PS5. Official announcement
  9. That's just another anti-SJW (racist, misogynist, transphobe, all around bigot) riling people up into unproductive outrage. It's what they do. The guy thought it was hilarious that an ousted Wookiepedia admin briefly took over the site's twitter account and deleted all the tweets celebrating Pride month. Someone like that is obliviously going to have a problem with a openly bisexual women writing anything Star Wars, especially when she dunks on people like him. Sam Maggs was a writer on the Spider-Man DLC Turf Wars, as well as on Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart. You can look to her actual video game work to see how she is as a writer, to get an idea what the inclusion of her in the development of the KOTOR remake means for its writing. Or you can your cue from the guy that tweets about "SJWs" taking over nerd hobbies, and whines about LGBTQ characters in Star Wars. It seems I have to also add that she was not a writer on Mass Effect: Andromeda. The game isn't listed on her writing credits and she isn't credited as a writer on the game. This lie that she was a writer on Andromeda, was cooked up by Gamergaters, because they love making up things to get mad about. She was a writer on Anthem, and so was a writer that worked on the original Knights of the Old Repblic, but the writers weren't the problem with that game. When people whine about her involvement in the remake, what their whining about is that there might be more LGBTQ characters in the game. Other than that, they can't actually explain how she's going to "ruin" the remake.
  10. So you're hypersensitive to the inclusion of women and black people? Can't think of an other reason why you would post that image from 4chan.
  11. Oh no, there's a woman in the trailer and she isn't white. It's the end of gaming as we know it.
  12. Not exactly a surprise, but we got our first look at the PS showcase.
  13. Peter and Miles co-starring in the sequel to Spider-Man. Spider-Man 2 Will Be Darker Than Insomniac's Last Two Spidey Games
  14. Just announced at the showcase. Made by Insomniac Games. Takes place in the same Universe as Insomniac's Spider-Man.