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  1. I will definitely need to pick my games better if I do another contest. I picked some almost nothing but 100+ hour plats for this bracket. I'm thinking only alternating months to allow for more relaxed game choices. (really want to play some Atelier games this year)
  2. Finally made decent progress. Finished off Nier (PS3) and started cleaning up Chocobo Mystery Dungeon (not looking forward to the 500 floor dungeon) Rainbow Moon and SAO:HF are proceeding on the side and Monster Hunter will probably be my easiest one to finish off.
  3. Man my progress feels really slow. Though I guess that’s what I get for picking longish RPGs that have sat in the backlog forever
  4. Hello! I’d like to sign up. I think I counted 10 because of a couple doubles for me. Still a few in the backlog.
  5. I’m just finding this because I’m just starting to explore the forums. I’ve been looking at getting into these games so I’d love to sign up as a sort of 2021 challenge. I currently have 0 trophies in any of the games though I have a few in my libraries
  6. @Stedde quick question, what time zone are you doing the lockdowns? I understand midnight but that’s still a wide window with a global community
  7. This will be my first contest so I hope I make a good showing. Game 1: 0% - 20% Chocobo's Mystery Dungeon: Every Buddy! Game 2: 21% - 40% Nier Game 3: 41% - 60% Rainbow Moon Game 4: 61% - 80% Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment Game 5: 81% - 99% Monster Hunter World